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Thursday,May 5th

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At the station, Mike answers Chloe's questions. No - Angelo doesn't know Kevin's whereabouts. Yes, CPS took Lucy (right from Vikki's arms). BECAUSE - SHE claimed Billy illegally adopted her. It's not important that Chloe never wanted that to happen. Blustering in, Phyllis and Daniel barely get a word out before the DA says he's sorry - if it's about the Abbott baby, nothin' he can do.

At home, Vikki wrings her hands and mopes - then grabs her purse to accompany Billy to the DA's office.

In the closet, Kevin resumes his 'let me out' spiel when he hears Jana return. Gun in hand, Jana opens the door - you're safe. Pulling him out, she has a surprise.

Flyer in hand, Ashley chats to Nikki about this whole Kevin business. Well - Kay's behind it (and she's a good judge of character). Nikki (thankful that the girls are home safe n sound) is delighted to hear that Delia will be Ashley's flower girl. And as Ashley heads off to discuss it with Billy, Nikki gets a call from Vikki. What!? I'll be right there!

Looking for Cane (at the cemetery - where else) Lily must realize what a stupid storyline she's stuck in - I'm completely losing my mind. Looking for me? Cane appears (instantly replacing Lily's concerned look with a peaceful smile).

Seeing Cane, Lily's relieved (she didn't send the flowers to herself). Perhaps she should confide in someone she can trust Devon? Daniel?). But if he and Lily can't understand it, how will THEY? Talk to me, Cane encourages with a kiss.

Handcuffed to a chair, Kevin doesn't understand why he's being punished - but has learned his lesson anyway. A forced kiss leaving him coated in lipstick, Kevin can't love this scary Jana. Having helped him through the Clint nightmare, how can she possibly think locking him in a closet will bring them back to where they were?? Jana admits it was Amber who saved him (Bonnie to his Clyde). They were willing to die together. Hey - that's what she and Kevin need; intensity! He needs to commit a crime - something 'really big'. How about robbing a bank (Kevin's really good at that and Jana's spent all HER money on his presents). Kevin was terrible at robbing banks - he got shot! Suddenly furious, Jana shouts - SHE'S the one in charge! Oh no - now she's sorry - it's not your fault, she purrs - she hasn't been strong enough to push him over the edge (but is now).

Back at the station, Mike gets nowhere with the DA (even though he roomed with the family court Judge in law school). The Abbott family will have to go to court - like everyone else. Bio Dad Daniel's insistence that he wants Lucy with the Abbott's doesn't help matters either. The DA washing his hands of the matter, Phyllis tries to calm Daniel down - you'll get your child back. Billy and Vikki's child, he corrects. This is your fault, Vikki arrives (with Billy) to accuse Chloe - we lost our baby because of YOU!

Chloe swears to God - she didn't know they'd do this. Now you're gonna take Delia away from Billy? a livid Vikki continues (after losing Reed and Lucy!?) Chloe repeats her apologies - but - Billy shoulda listened (about Jana). You've made plenty of mistakes, Vikki seethes (as Nikki arrives). You're a vindictive little hypocrite! And when Billy tries to send Vikki home with Nikki, Vikki lashes out at the way he's 'handled' things thus far. After Vikki huffs out (Nikki on her heels), Billy leads Chloe off for a chat (leaving Rafe to arrive with good news - the Judge is an old friend of his father's - Daniel's DNA test is all set up).

The Ashby's now discuss the babies; Matty about to walk - Charlie likes to throw things. Lily looks dumbstruck when Cane wants to see them.

Back at dreary daycare, Kevin's in agreement - as long as Jana doesn't let him get caught. No worries - she's read enough crime books to protect him. And look - she made a clown mask (for herself). Kevin (the lucky boy) gets to wear this (out comes the Chipmunk head).

Lily needs to think about bringing the twins (to see Dad at his grave). Cane's gotta go now ~kiss~ but he'll see her soon. Watching Lily leave, Cane hides behind a tree - pulls out a cell phone and punches buttons.

In an interrogation room, Chloe already feels bad enough (without Billy tearing into her). Billy doesn't care HOW Chloe feels - his only worry is his daughter (who doesn't even have her blankie). And when Chloe retaliates, Billy (through clenched teeth) claims he only threatened full custody to make Chloe realize that hanging out with gangsters isn't good parenting. Downplaying the kidnapping (cause the girls came back the same day), Billy doesn't agree it's thanks to Kevin (who could be the one calling the shots). Fine - Chloe shouldn't have done this and that. Billy may be a bad husband - but he's a GOOD father. Tearing up, Chloe doesn't trust his judgment (Jana's a headcase). Bringing up Kevin's mental instability, Billy shoulda taken Delia when Chloe first hooked up with that stupid little freak.

Bring back memories? Jana got the chipmunk head online. Try it on - that's why the Ouija Board was spelling out 'nuts'. Yeah - that's it. Put it on - or it's the closet. Get if off me! Kevin shoves it away. If none of this will get Jana 'anywhere', she knows one thing that'll break him. Sorry, but you've left me no choice.

Now home, Nikki wraps her head around Billy's 'adoption' of Sheila Carter's granddaughter. She's my baby girl! Vikki worries she won't get her back. Ridiculous! Nikki's sure everyone will confirm what a wonderful mother Vikki is. Showing up, Ashley's welcomed in (Nikki thinking her the perfect person to talk to Vikki right now).

At CL's, Phyllis, Daniel and the attorney's anxiously await the DNA results. Rafe assures that Lucy's in a loving foster home. Not HER home, Daniel barks as he marches onto the patio. Hmm - looks like his parental instincts are kicking in, Phyllis continues to theorize after Rafe exits (making Mike realize that she's changed her mind on giving Lucy up).

Now updated, Ashley never imagined Billy'd do something like this. Asked to advise, Ashley reassures that Vikki's situation's temporary, because Daniel wants them to have Lucy (though Vikki worries about the court's decision). Ashley got through losing Faith - found happiness again. Nick's been great about letting her see Faith. And Ashley must content content herself with knowing that she's happy. Don't give up.

Back at CL's, Mike's lecture to Phyllis is cut off when Billy arrives. Hearing Daniel's already done the DNA test, Billy hopes everything can soon continue as planned; he and Vikki raising Lucy. Billy now thanks Phyllis - no one will love Lucy more than they do. That was never Phyllis' concern. Billy gone, Mike gives Phyllis the look.

Clip clopping onto the patio, whatever Lily's about to say is cut off when Daniel drops the bomb that CPS took Lucy. Everything's going to hell.

About to enter the patio, Chloe gets a call from Jana. Kevin!? He's right here. The old daycare by the train station! he shouts in the background. Get that? Jana clarifies - the abandoned preschool. Call the police! Kevin orders. No - come alone (if Chloe wants to see Kevin alive again) Jana aims the gun. What are you DOING? Leave her out of this, Kevin wails. This is gonna be good, Jana whispers ominously.

Now seated, Daniel admits Lucy being taken away was hard on him too. So much for not getting attached. Lily understands his connection. Daniel maintains that the Abbott's are Lucy's parents - CPS shouldn't have taken her. Lily agrees - but assured that Daniel's OK, has to go. Phyllis then joins Daniel (who looks glum as he takes her hand).

Vikki talks about how adorable her sweet little baby is. Hold onto those memories - write it down, Ashley suggests. Billy home, Ashley gives him a hug - then follows Nikki to the kitchen so he can kiss Vikki's ass. Unimpressed with the brownies, Vikki thinks he needs to stay somewhere else tonight.

Kevin tries to reason with Jana (who won't put the gun she's aiming down). If Chloe brings the police, Jana will shoot Kevin, then herself. Everything's about Chloe, Chloe Chloe! That's why Jana must get rid of her. They THEY can go back to the way things were. As Chloe arrives: Kevin!! he kicks the gun from Jana's hand. Grab the gun! he shouts (still handcuffed to the chair) - as Chloe and a screeching Jana wrestle on the ground.

Back at the cemetery, Lily has a twin in each arm. I thought there'd be a surprise for you - guess not. He said he'd be waiting, she looks uncertain.

What happens to Lucy will soon be up to you, Phyllis irritates Daniel by saying. She's not fighting with him - but FOR him. If he gets custody of Lucy, taking care of her 24/7 could change Daniel's perspective - he may change his mind on giving her to the Abbott's (which she'll fully support).

Arriving at the Abbott's, Mike's told (by Ashley and Nikki) that now's not the right time to talk to Vikki (who's in the dining room - telling Billy to go) He follows Vikki to the living room - I can't lose you right now (after losing two daughters). Please! Fine - Billy promises to fix this (and slams out the front door). Mike follows - to 'make sure he's OK' (leaving Ashley to hug Vikki - while Nikki places the expected call to Victor - Vikki needs you).

Astride Jana, Chloe's tossing her around like a rag doll - until it becomes apparent that something's wrong. It's a trick! Kevin warns. No - she's dead. OMG, Chloe's stunned.

Next: At Sharon's, Adam eats Chinese from a take out carton. This is MY place now. In your dreams, Nick sneers. It was in Sharon's will, Adam announces ... In the barn, Sam and Sharon bottle feed Fanny. What would you say if I asked you to come up and work at the house, Sam says ... Tucker wags his finger - I won't have you treat your mother this way. I have had enough Daddies - and I sure as hell don't need you, Abby snarls.

My Thoughts: Two words for Ashley - camel toe ... Strange that while wrestling with Jana, Chloe didn't get any make up smeared on her nice white 'find Kevin' T-shirt .... Kevin remembers motorcycle rides with Jana? I don't recall either of them actually owning one ... Who's bright idea was it to tape the 'find Kevin' flyer to the glass jukebox? When Kevin's found, he can spend a good half hour scraping off the residue .... Lily counts Devon as one of the two people she can trust? Has she forgotten him reading her card while she asked him not to? Following her and Daniel to the cemetery to spew accusations? .. Whatever happened to the closeness between her and Sophia? ... Duh Lily - why not leave the twins IN the stroller until AFTER you've confirmed Cane's there. If the actors playing the twins were MY kids, I'd be pretty nervous about Lily juggling them both in high heels (and Matty looks nowhere near ready to walk) ... Gosh - why WOULD Lily be surprised to see Cane (not like he died in her arms or anything) ... Cane keeps saying he doesn't have the answers - can he not ask for a manual - read some online tutorials - or get the dates for some seminars or sumthin'? The only 'rule' so far seems to be that he's only allowed to stick around for 3 minutes at a time - and must leave as soon as he's gotten Lily all hot n bothered. About time he asked about the kids he loves so much though. Since neither have any clue as to what's happening - aren't they curious as to whether Cane would show up if Lily took a photo of him with her phone? It's the first - well second thing I'd do ... Funny how Lily's hair's blowing around - yet none of the tree branches are. Must be one of those model-fans following her around (from her Fresh Face Of Jabot days) ... And where on earth (no pun intended) does a ghost get a cell phone? ... I'm sure Rafe's right (about foster family's being loving) - let's hope Devon (who was actually IN the system) doesn't come along to debunk all that ... How convenient that Mike knows the DA roomed with the Family Court Judge in law school (and unethical that he'd suggest such relationships should sway the laws where children are concerned) ... Nice that the cops at the station allow bickering exes to hash things out in their interrogations rooms - cause it's not like they have any criminals to interrogate or anything anyway (in fact team Lucy were the only ones AT the station) All that's missing is Lauren storming in to moan and groan about Daisy coming back to town. Hey! Maybe she's with her kid! ... If Jana bought the chipmunk head online, where did she get it shipped too? How did it get 'banged up' en route? UPS didn't pack it in Styrofoam popcorn? Will Jana submit a bad review on the Ebay seller? Why (and when) did she order it? It arrived 20 minutes after she suddenly decided that Kevin should rob a bank ... Ahhh - so Lucy's fists got stuck in Vikki's hair - that explains the mop (for one day at least) ... Doesn't anyone ever call before dropping by? Ashley coulda saved herself a visit if she'd called Billy first. Huh? Nick's been great about letting Ashley see Faith? Who knew? Guess Nikki didn't get the memo. Last time we saw contact between the former mother/daughter, Nikki was withholding Faith from a salivating Ashley (so as not to 'confuse' her).

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