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Wednesday, August 3rd

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Detective Morrow called away from the crime scene, Paul demands an explanation from Ronan (who snuck out of town with a liver, hurting people in the process). The only obligation Ronan has is to solve this murder. Does Paul wanna help with that or not?

Still at the station, Mike quietly hints that Victor could be blamed for Diane's murder. Is there anything Victor needs to tell Mike? Naw.

All but banging down Adam's door, Jack shoves his way in. You did it, didn'tcha? Took my son's mother from him! He seems pissed.

Letting himself into his former home, Billy removes his suitcase from the closet - and comes across the large box. Vintage photo recreations? He puts it back to take a call from Rafe (reporting what he'd assumed; Chloe tattled to the Judge). What do you MEAN I can't see Delia at all? Keep me posted on the appeal ~click~ Enter Vikki - who seems sorry that she pushed him away. I really need my friend.

Working the crime scene, Paul and Ronan continue to butt heads. Paul's been doing this since Ronan was in T-ball ya know. He still wants answers. If he doesn't get any by the end of the day, he'll call Nina himself. Ronan points out marks that indicate the body was dragged away - then back. They then come across Diane's letter (exonerating Adam) and a cell phone. Both are bagged as evidence. And Ronan now knows the first person he's bringing in for questioning.

I'm crying - on the inside, Adam quips. Why is he suspected in every crime? How about Jack? Surely Diane sneaking his son out of the country is motive. He's gotta be real scared and alone right now, Adam's glib. And even when Jack grabs his lapels and demands info, Adam's smug.

Mike reminds Victor that as his attorney, his secrets are safe. Victor doesn't get why Mike keeps asking him. I did NOT kill her. But you're not sorry she's dead. Not many people ARE. Sorry - Victor knows Mike was friends with her - but get me the hell outta here.

Vikki misses Lucy - Billy misses everything about this place. But there's no going back. Why not? Vikki wants to be friends. Friends? Yah - buds - hangin' out. Good ole Billy - maybe he can cut it as a pal. Vikki's worried about her Mom - this stuff with Diane. Billy can't help. What if he DOES have an 'appointment' at Jimmy's - or the track. Reminding that she was there for him, Vikki asks that he do the same for her?'

Brushing Jack's hands off him, Adam denies it's HIS fault if he can't keep track of his son - put a GPS on him. Jack's sure there's a special place in hell for people who use children. Oh my - the police. Jack's delighted when Ronan appears to take Adam in for questioning - until Ronan makes it clear that he's next. Me?!

Please, Vikki pleads. Billy can't be her buddy. Of course he has feelings for her - but we're bad together. Worse apart - you can't stay away. This isn't right, Billy caves in and kisses her. Before long, the clothes are coming off.

At the station, Paul updates Victor and Mike - Ronan's the lead investigator. Seconds later, 'Nina's son' arrives with Adam - and Jack (who tells Paul that he's awaiting a photo of Tim Bilton - to be faxed there). He can't just get on his jet and search for Kyle (because he's being questions). Victor can 'gloat all he wants' - the only person being hurt is Kyle. Victor knows that - and would help if he could. But Ronan wants to speak to Victor (about the woman blackmailing him was murdered). I have nothing to hide, Victor assures.

The case whiteboard has a pyramid of photos; Diane - Jack, Adam and Victor are 'the usual suspects' (but Ronan suspects more suspects). Blunt force trauma to the head - 10 blows with a rock. Somebody had a lot of anger - but who?

In the interrogation room, Adam describes his relationship with Diane (whom he barely knew). Flashback to him and Diane setting the murder scene at the park - Diane scattering items on the ground - Adam planting Victor's watch under a bloody rock. Now - we drag the body from here to here. This is a $400 dress, Diane makes Adam take his gloves off before dragging her from the river bank. This better work. Oh - it'll work. 'It' being framing Victor for Diane's murder. I hardly knew her, Adam repeats in conclusion.

Next, it's Jack's turn. He lies about the last time he saw Diane. Flashback to him meeting her on the bridge - angry that she sent Kyle to Switzerland (and demanding to know exactly where). He tells Ronan about Diane coming to his house - trying to reconcile - but he turned her down flat.

Mike at his side, Victor doesn't recall the last time he saw his ex wife (but might have received her text to meet him at the bridge). Flashback to Victor finding Diane's purse strewn around the park. Picking it up - as Diane appears. What's this all about? Adam set you up - for my murder, Diane informs. No, I didn't go to the park, Victor lies to Ronan (as Mike looks suspicious).

Detailing his and Diane sabotaging the NE IPO - and her ratting him out to save herself, Ronan thinks Adam has motive to kill Diane. Adam doesn't blink - don't you just love a good murder mystery? Too bad Adam didn't see this letter at the park. Flashback to Diane and Adam at the park. Diane doesn't trust Adam - so bought insurance. If he sabotages her new life, Gingerman will release audio of her telling all about Adam. He's impressed - it's almost too bad Victor's gotta kill her. All the letter proves is that Diane had a conscience (admitting that it was HER plan, not his). Adam has an alibi - talk to Eddy at the club. Jack's the one Ronan should be talking to.

Ronan's suspicious that Jack didn't meet Diane at the park (though he was so desperate to find his son). Flashback to the bridge - Jack demanding to know where Kyle is. Grabbing her arm - tell me or ..... What are you gonna do Jack?! Jack admits he and Diane had their differences - but the only person who hated her enough to kill her, is Victor.

Arrest Victor or let him go. OK - but if Ronan finds out that Victor was at the park, it won't be good. Care to amend your statement? Flashback to the bridge - Diane is indeed in on Adam's plan (to frame Victor for her murder). Help me and Kyle, she demands. The proof is under the rock, she points. Victor shines his flashlight - and with a handkerchief, moves the rock to get his watch. Yes, he believes Diane now - but has no intention of helping Diane. You son of a ... she hisses in fury. Lunges at him (as Victor still holds the rock). Victor assures Ronan that if there's evidence that he was at the park, it was planted by Adam.

Cuddling naked beneath a blanket, Vikki and Billy play 'what if'. No - she wouldn't be better off without him. She wants to hold onto this moment forever ~kiss~ As Vikki goes for coffee, Billy apologizes. Thank you (she's apparently unaware that he's apologizing for sneaking out). But before he goes, Billy pulls out the portrait (Playboy bunny and Hef). He reads the birthday note on the back - With you I can be myself - that's the gift you give me. Putting the boxed portrait back in the closet, Billy wheels his luggage out.

At the station, Jack gets a message (and photo) from the boarding school. Timothy Bilton is Kyle. Never mind what the police say - Jack must get his son. He can't hear about his mother's death from anyone else. Paul appeals to Ronan - let Jack get his son.

At the GCAC, Victor joins Adam's table - to show him the watch. A gift? For me? Dad! I didn't think you cared. Victor finally speaks - using this was a mistake. He'll use the watch to prove Adam killed Diane.

Ronan doesn't care what Nina thinks - nor is he sympathetic that a boy lost his mother. Too bad they didn't give you a heart, Paul grumbles. Ronan relents - well, Jack isn't charged with anything.... Jack racing out, Ronan cuts off anything mushy Paul was about to say. They unveil the whiteboard. The victim sent 6 other text messages (to meet her in the park). 9 people were called tot he crime scene. They cover the whiteboard when Mike comes over to say Diane was his friend. He chokes up - wanting to see her filler found. Yeah - well his client's at the top of Ronan's list.

Adam yawns - he's tired of Victor trying to frame him. Diane told him about the plan to fake her death (and blame him). Adam now knows that Victor was at the park. The watch has dirt on it - maybe it fell off during a struggle. Or maybe someone hid it under a rock, Victor scoffs that Adam will never outsmart him. Maybe he'll learn that lesson when he goes back to 'the joint'. Scooping the watch up into his handkerchief, Victor exits.

Billy? Vikki's devastated to find that he's gone. Sorry baby, Billy looks at a photo of Delia on his phone (as he's in a plane - flying off to parts unknown).

Next: We could help one another. Alas, Abby doesn't really think she needs Adam's help ... You wanted to speak to us? Where were you guys last night? Ronan asks Tucker and Ashley ... Some people would still say we had the opportunity, Phyllis says. If we had alibis it wouldn't matter, Nick replies.

My Thoughts: Adam's tired of Victor trying to frame HIM? Has he forgotten that HE'S the one who spent months in jail for forging a diary that framed Victor for murder? .... Poor Vikki - perhaps if she didn't take so long putting 4 spoons of sugar into Billy's coffee, she would have caught him before he scurried out. He did pause to look at the portrait. He really IS a loser - and it's not even Vikki he's sorry about leaving, it's Delia ... Detective Morrow was called away on another assignment? Unless Abby's confession's surfaced, I can't think of another case that'd take precedence over Diane's MURDER. I look forward to Coco hassling Ashley and Abby some more ... Jack has every right to be angry that his son was 'used' - but it's Kyle's own mother who's most guilty ... Odder than the 'drag' marks - is that the 'letter' showed no evidence of being left outside beside the river all night. It was as crisp and white as the day it was typed. Odder still - the three prime suspects received their text messages at the same time - yet didn't run into one another. Conveniently, they arrived one by one. Given how popular the bridge is, it's amazing no one else was around .... Yeah - Billy - WHY can't you 'go back'? Everyone else does. How many times has your FIL 'gone back' to Nikki? ... Good ole Billy doesn't just 'screw up' everything - he just screws everything ... How much credit does Vikki want for bailing Billy outta jail? It's not a big deal She's GOT 500 million dollars! .... The airport internet's service is down? HTH does THAT happen? Or is the Internet down in Switzerland? Cause that's the only way it'd be possible for Jack to get there in time to break the bad news to Kyle .... Hasn't it dawned on Victor that he's gonna be saddled with the 11 year old offspring of the two people he loathes the most? Surely he can use that in his defense ... When was the last time Victor saw his ex wife? Which one? Maybe Ronan shoulda clarified which ex he was talking about. If busted, Victor can say he assumed Ronan was asking about Nikki ... LOL@ Ronan and Paul clamoring to cover their whiteboard with a blanket. Perhaps if they don't want anyone walking into the station to see photos of their suspects (AND all the evidence against them) on display - they should move the whiteboard to a more private location.

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