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Monday, October 24th

On the CL's patio, Victor joins Nick and Phyllis - to wonder how the film was disposed of - who made it - and what they want. Nick and Phyllis believe Adam's behind it (since he wasn't summoned to the warehouse). When Avery arrives (there to discuss Sharon's defense with Victor), she steps aside to take a call from Adam (who needs representation - at the station). You just wasted a call ~click~ Was Adam always delusional? she blabs to all. Avery sent inside - to wait for Victor, he, Nick and Phyllis wonder if Adam being at the station has anything to do with the film.

Ronan chides the 'wuss', Adam (who tells him to pull something out of his hat - or let him go). Ronan's just weighing his options.

Summoned to visit Collin, Genevieve gloats - hoping to hear how scared he is of going to prison (knowing nobody will ever give a damn again). Collin's not been drawn and quartered just yet - and would like his money back (to fund his defense).

At G-worm, Kay joins Jill (who asks her to get on with the 'I told you so' she's fully expecting). Go ahead - give it your best shot.

Paul and Nina are at the mausoleum; the mood light hearted - then joyous when Chance walks in. You're back! an ecstatic Nina launches herself into his arms.

Go ahead - say it, Jill invites. Kay declines - Collin betrayed Jill - there's nothing to celebrate. Kay's not 'simpering' - as a 'good friend', she's 'understanding' (and amused when Jill boasts about catching a crime lord - by handcuffing him to the bed).

Still with Collin, Genevieve denies she has 'several million items' of Collin's. More of a pistol than he thought, Collin bows to her - but it's time she cut the old man a break. Genevieve admits - when it was good it was good - but when it was bad, you tried to kill me. Taking out a small notebook, Genevieve has the key to his codes - and accounts (which she will use to put him behind bars - for life).

Tight grip for a little person, Chance chuckles. Scolded for not being in touch, Chance explains that he's been working on an international case. The kingpin was here in GC. Collin's drug business ran from Afghanistan to Australia. Nina's then stunned to realize that he's been working with Ronan.

Still in Ronan's office, Adam's asked about the drive he took last night - having the missing cell phone - and not making it to the 'ho down' last night. Adam puts it all on Victor (who'd love to see him behind bars).

Back on the patio, Phyllis is sure Adam has a copy of the film (and will give it to Malloy). Nick's gonna talk to Ronan - see what he can find out (despite Victor warning him it might cause more suspicion). And when Victor goes inside - to talk to Avery, Phyllis is left alone to mutter 'better you than me'. Joining Avery, Victor wants her to reconsider representing Adam.

Ronan thinks it a bit late for Adam to point the finger at his father again. In Diane's OWN handwriting, she pointed the finger at HIM. He has motive, a weak alibi - the Harvard ring - Adam's lack of cooperation. Stealing his cell phone (and sending messages) adds 8 counts of impersonating an officer (which is 80 years alone). Adam's not stupid enough to let him find the phone. Ronan then taunts Adam about his call for legal help being a bust - it's just not your day.

Victor spells it out. Avery represents Adam (to find out where he stands with Sharon - and his involvement in Diane's murder investigation). Though focused on Sharon, Avery agrees - it can't hurt for her to talk to a potential client.

The mission top secret, Nina now knows why Ronan couldn't tell her anything (but assumes he confided in Chance). No - he hasn't. Paul finds it odd too (that they worked together - but Ronan never explained why he took off so suddenly, with half Chance's liver). We only talked about the case, Chance gives Ronan credit (he doesn't let personal issues get in the way of his job). With Chance off to Collin's deportation hearing, Nina wants to go - to see what her sons accomplished together.

Jill wraps up her story. Spread eagle and cuffed to a bed, Collin did indeed beg and plead with her. Would Kay like to come watch his grand exit? She wouldn't miss it (and Kay has a few words for Mr Atkinson herself).

Some things need to stay private, Collin asks Genevieve to burn the notepad. Not after he burned down her home (and an innocent woman). Besides, the authorities need the book (to learn how Collin made and spent his 'ill gotten gains'). Genevieve claims not to know where the money is - her money comes from her job.

Now inside CL's, Phyllis joins Victor (who informs that Adam seemed genuinely surprised to hear about the text messages - perhaps they're focusing on the wrong person). If Malloy DID summon them, Nick is playing right into his hands.

As Adam's lead off to a cell, Nick arrives (to exchange a few snarled words with his brother). Now alone with Ronan, Nick's sure that Adam was behind last night. He has DNA proof (and hands over the bagged letter/photo that was mailed to Ashley). It matches Adam (who's framing someone for a murder he committed).

Instead of a cell, Adam's taken to an interrogation room - to meet Avery (who needs convincing - if she's gonna take him on as a client). Adam's done many bad things - but this time, he's being set up (by Ronan). I'm innocent. Avery then talks about Sharon, the innocent woman he could save. Prattling on (about Avery dealing with slimy old him to help Sharon), Adam didn't know she had it in her - I think I'm in love, he quips.

I'm flattered - really, Avery scowls. Taking Adam's one dollar bill (which buys client/attorney confidentiality), she'll get Ronan off Adam's back - then focus on other issues.

Nick gives his speech - Adam's already tortured Ashley - framed his father. He KNOWS how to make other people take the fall. Ronan wonders why he's just getting the DNA report NOW. Self protection, Nick admits. It's useless, Ronan scoffs - there's no chain of evidence (or reason to believe Nick's not just deflecting suspicion off himself). Accused of 'fishing', Nick insists that Adam gathered them all last night (in Ronan's name). Dismissing Nick, Ronan makes it clear that Adam is NOT his only suspect.

Genevieve's delighted to bump into Kay and Jill in the hallway - one of you to hold him down, the other one to kick him? And when Nina arrives with Chance, Kay gives him a big hug (and is updated that he's been working with Ronan for months). Jill goes to see Collin alone (leaving Kay to catch up with Chance - who gives credit to Ronan - and Cane).

Jill looks great. And Collin looks like a crime lord about to be booted half way around the wall. Are you flirting with me? Jill's disgusted (but likes him in chains). Collin doesn't think bars or an ocean will keep them apart. He can't wait for the inevitable 'get back together' party. You'll have a really, really long wait, Jill scoffs.

In the hallway, Genevieve joins the group - to tell Chance about the notebook (which makes no sense to her but is very important to Collin). Jill comes out first, followed by a guard escorted Collin (in shackles) - who faces the smug stares.

Following Ronan into his office, Avery wants Adam released (and thinks the evidence Nick just brought in 'compromised'). Ronan comments that Phyllis must love her representing Sharon, and now Adam. Avery finds it interesting that he can get info on her - but not on the Jenkins case. Let Adam go, she gets back to business. Ronan's getting nothing but lies - no one wants this crime solved. Both can agree - they're one twisted family. And when Avery points out that Ronan's NOT an 'outsider', he says she's not either. The town's full of liars. Everybody lies sometimes, doesn't make em guilty, Avery concludes.

Victor and Phyllis brainstorm Diane's murder. There were plenty of people who loathed her. You picked up a rock against her. So did you. They then provide one another's motives (Diane said horrible things about Nikki in the press. Yes, and Phyllis must have been 'irked' that she slept with Nick). Phyllis points out that she dropped her rock. Did you? I'll be damned, Victor dismissed her to take a call from Nikki.

Right under Collin's nose (as Chance leads him off), Genevieve hands over the notebook (with a cheery 'hope it helps'). I told you so, Kay leans in to quip at Jill.

Returning to the interrogation room, Avery tells Adam that he's free to go. With a few minutes of client/attorney confidentiality left, Adam's invited to talk with impunity. Adam knows she's back to Sharon - she just can't let it go. Can YOU? A guilty looking Adam admits he did something as bad as murder. He's now ready to talk about the memory card.

Nick meets Phyllis at G-worm (to report his meeting was a bust. Ronan gave him nothing on Adam or the film). Phyllis relays that Victor doesn't think Adam's behind it. Maybe Ronan's trying to flush out the killer. Told he's hard to read, Phyllis likes a challenged (and leaves) she has skills Nick doesn't. True, he admits. Victor comes along to announce Nikki's out of rehab - and taking a trip before coming home. No, it doesn't make sense - but it's what she wants.

Ronan goes over the nine photos on his whiteboard. There's a missing piece, he mutters to himself. He then focuses on a pillow (embroidered with red pumps 'there's no place like home').

Cut to a pair of red pumps - and then a suitcase. The tag affixed reads; Nikki Newman. London.


Next: Tucker talks to Ashley - I need to know if that film changed things for us - the way I went after Diane .... Cane whispers - I should go. Why? Lily gives him a kiss ... Phyllis flirts with Ronan - We shouldn't be enemies - when we could be so much more.

My Thoughts: What does Chance need to be debriefed on? .... Instead of having the stolen cell phone bagged and in a box in his office, why hasn't Ronan sent it to the lab for prints? Or gone to the club for surveillance footage that might prove Adam's claim that it was delivered? .... Why is Collin being deported to Australia? (shouldn't he be tried for his crimes in GC first)? ... Ronan claims that Adam calling a lawyer is kind of a 'wuss move' (but no more a wuss move than skipping town with his brother's liver) .... If no one 'gives a damn' about Collin (as Genevieve states) why have they all turned up to see him off? After trying to have her killed, why on earth does Collin think Genevieve would return money to fund his defense? ... Kinda rude of Victor to bring coffee for Nick (while Phyllis is staring into her empty mug) .... Nina 'forgets to eat'? Yeah - she looks real malnourished. She's got 'a lot goin' on up there' (I guess Paul's referring to her breasts) .... Good thing Adam hadn't already been booked - cause then his personal effects (including his wallet) would have been confiscated. Never mind that a real lawyer would laugh at any client who handed over a $1 retainer (let alone give him a 'few more minutes' to speak 'with impunity'). It's a huge conflict of interest for Avery to represent Adam in ANYTHING - never mind hear how he disposed of evidence that could prove her client's innocence. Couldn't Adam have called his old pal Rafe? If Heather forgave him - maybe Rafe can too (plus he could probably use the dollar) ... Kay claims she has a few words for Mr Atkinson herself - yet doesn't say a word when he's lead out....You shoulda seen the look on the delivery boy's face, Jill embellishes her story for Kay (odd - cause the delivery boy didn't look surprised at all. In fact, he told Jill to 'have fun') ... WTH is that hanging around Jill's neck? I'm sure she IS a 'sucker' (probably a swallower too) ... Nice life - bouncing between a coffee house and a restaurant. Who's running NE and RS? And whatever happened to Phyllis working evenings, so she could spending her days with Lucy? Why go home to spend time with the baby - when you can sit with Nick and look at pictures on your cell phone?

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