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Tuesday, March 12th

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MM opens the show with some insight into the evilest evil doer who ever eviled; Adam. He's only been with the show since 2009, so doesn't have the rich history the other characters do. But he's right - what's not to love about Victor 2.0. That said, I wish he'd touched on Adam's most outrageous and most touching sl's (the manipulation of Rafe - and his blindness)

Chelsea awakens from a nightmare - Adam knowing she's pregnant and demanding the baby!

Wheeler's meeting with a well dressed thug - discussing taking care of all the thorns in his side at once. What if they were all together? Say at a wedding?

Nick lambastes Victor for not protecting the woman he loves (despite his promises). Is he trying to protect himself? What does Wheeler have on Victor?

Backsplash, tile and paint - then the kitchen's done (Sharon's happy - until she hears that Dylan's Dad died today). Taking no time off, Dylan will leave GC when he's finished the job.

Bumping into Carmine at the club - to check out, Lauren's distant as she explains she has responsibilities - as a mother and wife. Well, it was more than a ONS - and if Lauren ever needs him, Carmine's there.

Home, Mike's still in groveling mode - as he brings out the candles and sets the coffee table.

Phyllis eager to get out of Jack's office, he knows what Red's up to - and it stops now.

Nick joins Noah at the tackhouse. Whatever he's about to say about his bartending gig is cut off by Nick fretting about Avery being in danger. She's in Milwaukee - and won't let Nick help. You're a Newman, Noah reminds - look after Avery without following her. Right - Nick will make himself useful.

Anita barges in on Chelsea - all concerned - and annoyed about not being involved in the new company. When Chelsea comments on her strong perfume, Anita guesses - you're pregnant.

Playing dumb's not your style - and why is Phyllis walking on eggshells? Jack doesn't wanna be 'handled'. Stop acting like he's gonna relapse - have faith. Phyllis is afraid for him. Don't ruin a good thing - we're good together - and Jack's falling in love with Phyllis all over again.

Abby finds Carmine practicing card tricks behind the bar. Raving about Alex, she wonders who Carmine's trying to impress with his magic tricks.

The Baldwin's hug. Oh how happy Mike is that Lauren's home. He'll do anything to make things right. First on Mike's list; marriage counseling. Lauren's not in favour.

Chelsea denies she's pregnant. But Anita knows her 'tell'. OK - but she's not to tell anyone, especially Adam (who'll be a lousy father).

I'll be damned, Victor finds Wheeler at the club - wasn't he told to leave town? Stop interfering with his family and friends? Avery's brakes were cut - her apartment ransacked. That's terrible - Wheeler hopes they catch the miscreant. The miscreant left an American flag pin - like the one missing on Wheeler's lapel.

Jack wants the truth - it won't send him over the edge. But it'd send him over the moon if Phyllis says she's falling in love with him too.

Wheeler threatens to tell the media that Victor hired his daughter to solicit Jack. And if Victor doesn't care, why hasn't he gone to the press about Jack? There's no proof? Good luck trying to connect the pin. Victor WILL make the connection. Have a good day. After Wheeler leaves, Adam saunters over to suggest they were talking about the hooker who died on Jack's floor. Victor was disappointed in Adam's gift - is a framed headline all he can do? Focus on NE. Victor scoffs at their father, son relationship - and the more Adam focuses on it, the easier it'll be for Victor to take back NE.

Lauren finds it strange being here with Mike. Who else would she be with? OK - it's like they're meeting for the first time, Lauren doesn't need to be courted again. Mike points out the flowers and chocolates. Let's go out - discover each other again. Lauren doesn't want to be suffocated - let's take things slow. Isn't it enough that she's home? She then scurries out for some air - leaving Mike to frown.

Admiration and respect? Is that all Phyllis feels for Jack? He's kind - saved her life. Jack wants to take it a step further - jump off the cliff together (she's reluctant).



Sharon's at Adam's - to announce she'll be moving home tomorrow night. She can tell he's in 'default mode' - we've been through hell together - trust me. Adam doesn't need her help - but then tells her about Jack's dead hooker. Seeing Wheeler with Victor, he wonders how far he'll go to keep the secret.

Abby's not jealous - but has the right to know who Carmine dumped her for. Guessing it's Lauren, she warns she's a cougar with baggage. Move on! Carmine shouts back - as Alex arrives to calm them down.

Dragged to a table at CL's, Lauren's distracted by a text from Carmine (as Phyllis blathers on about falling for Jack and needing advice). I've done something horrible, Lauren replies.

Surprised that Adam's not trying to use the info to keep control of NE - that he's worried his father might be in danger, Sharon thinks Victor can clean up his own messes. Stop trying to prove yourself to him.

Alex guesses they weren't arguing over flat soda. It was nothing, Carmine gets back to work. That's the guy who dumped you? Alex can give Abby a few more reasons to like HIM.

Jack calls his real estate agent to make arrangements for the romantic getaway they discussed previously. Of COURSE he'll be bringing someone with him.

Back at CL's, Lauren says yes, it was that bad. Tell Mike. He loves you - will forgive you. You're right, Lauren laughs it off as no big deal. Not knowing what Lauren's done, Phyllis warns that it won't go away - will follow her and ruin her life.

When Noah comes home, Nick tells him that special pliers made the cut to Avery's brakes. The police are tracking it down.

Adam's summoned Wheeler over - under the guise of donating to his campaign. Suspicious, Wheeler wonders how much. Noting their heated discussions, Adam suggests they get together with Victor. Wheeler doesn't think that a good idea - and saying Adam should go into politics, leaves.

Arriving at the club, Victor watches Alex and Carmine talking about him finding a job. As Abby makes introductions, Alex excuses himself to make a call. Victor takes his seat to chat about Nikki. Abby has a brilliant idea.

As Adam hovers at the club, Chelsea joins Dylan at the bar - to offer an ear (as he did her).

Mike hopes Lauren's head's clear - vows to give her space. When she smiles at a text from Carmine, Mike takes note - and chides her for leaving. Is there something she wants to talk about? Yeah - maybe it's time Lauren was completely honest.

Next: Guess you decided to take me up on my offer, Chelsea smiles. Dylan could use a friend .... The DR just heard from the lab - has Nikki's test results. Can I go home????? ... Would you like a drink? Paul asks Lauren. No - why? Because you keep looking at the bartender.


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