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Monday, April 1st

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At Jabot, Leslie frets about her father's appeal - and Tyler probably doesn't want to talk to her. Ask him, Neil says - as Tyler appears to scowl at the office door.

Wheeler's been summoned to the station again - but not about Victor. Paul and Alex have questions about his daughter Stefanie.

At Jack's, Phyllis is assured that they'll catch the guy who shot Adam. She hopes Jack can make it to the meeting with Summer (who's being moved to the fashion division). Victor - what are you doing here? How the hell are you Phyllis? Victor politely enquires - as all smile awkwardly at Jack's front door.

Bumping into one another at CL's, Summer and Kyle joke about the blouse incident. She's happy to be off school today - come on - we get to spend the whole day together (at Jabot)

Greeting Nick with a kiss, Avery's sorry she had to end their evening early (to bail Dylan out). And before she can tell Nick, he's surprised when Dylan walks out babbling about the hot water. Awkward - Nick is NOT impressed.

The 'complication' is that Dylan got into a fight with a guy who just so happens to be the local Sheriff's son. Of course - Nick's hardly surprised - and even less impressed when Avery announces that Dylan won't be going to Chicago - he's not going anywhere.

Sorry to interrupt, Tyler's there to discuss marketing ideas - with Neil. When Leslie refuses to forget their argument, Tyler insists Neil stay - and assures her that their bond is stronger than any argument - and whatever a Judge decides (re: Gus)

Wheeler hasn't seen Stefanie in years and doesn't really know Gus Rogan. Alex saw Stefanie at the club - and points out that Marcus knew Gus well enough to testify against him. Lyn... Belinda volunteered on his campaign - Wheeler heard the Rogan's had problems, but that's about it. Now alone, Paul and Alex haven't found any surveillance footage of Wheeler with the shooter - but decide to let him continue to think he's untouchable.

Told Victor's there to discuss Abby, Phyllis leaves him and Jack to 'be nice' (or exchange insults and blame one another for their predicament). Then it's time to stop 'bickering' and formulate a plan.

Tyler stands by his opinion - but he and Leslie need one another now more than ever. Leslie's relieved - but what brought about his change of heart? Who has more influence over 'D' than she does? Must be somebody special. Just a friend., Tyler smiles. Well, Neil chimes in - good friends are hard to find. Keep 'em around.

Getting off the elevator still joking, Kyle's sent off with a chemistry report. All business, Phyllis reminds Summer that she's her boss - and that she'll be working in fashion from now on. It's a great opportunity. Summer stomps off vowing that 'little Mom tricks' won't keep her and Kyle apart.




Dylan can't leave the county until after the hearing - in a month - and Avery didn't want him looking for a motel after midnight (last night). Moving in with you is part of the bail agreement? Nick complains. Getting a call that a ruling's coming down in Milwaukee, Avery goes to see Leslie - leaving Nick to question Dylan - what REALLY happened last night?

Invited into Jack's for coffee, Wheeler's told the truth coming out would be bad for all three 'reasonable adults'. In exchange for his silence, Wheeler's next campaign will be well funded. This 'sordid business' stays in this room, Victor concludes.

Just like Avery said - a bar fight - no bid deal - once it's settled, Dylan will leave GC. He didn't call Avery - the bartender did (Avery just so happened to be the last person he'd called). He'll find a place to stay and a job (so he can repay the ridiculously high bail). And when Dylan explains why he hit the guy, Nick sees that as something else they have in common. Dropping by (to see Nick), Phyllis is amused to find Dylan there - am I interrupting something?

Back at Jabot, Tyler can't be mad at Leslie; a big Sis who's always looked out for him. She'll always have his back no matter what. Avery arrives to announce the ruling's coming down today.

This is just a business arrangement for the two of you, Wheeler becomes emotional as he talks about his Little Steffie; who'd be alive if not used and discarded in Victor and Jack's power struggle. Victor tells Marcus to look in the mirror - he was more interested in his political career than his daughter. You don't want her death to be made public - nor the death of a woman 12 years ago; you killed Belinda Rogan.

Comparing notes? Phyllis quips. Nick gives Dylan his old job - the sooner he can repay Avery, the sooner he can move on. After Dylan leaves, Phyllis jokes about Nick's 'bromance' - then says she's there about Summer - we may have a problem.

The coast clear at Jabot, Kyle says Phyllis is just looking out for Summer. I'm 18, she reminds yet again - then updates that she's been moved to fashion. Kyle thinks it's a great move. Summer will make the best of it - prove she's not a spoiled kid anymore.

Phyllis worries Summer will get her heart crushed - it's a delicate time - after what happened with Jamie. Stunned that Summer didn't tell Nick that she was the one bullying Jamie, Phyllis admits she didn't 'punish' her (living with it was punishment enough). At the mention of 'consequences', Phyllis is annoyed - you and my sister can teach Summer about consequences - while she and Jack go to Istanbul. Keep an eye on her. Thanks, Phyllis huffs out.

There's no proof I was involved with Lyn ... Belinda. How endearing, Victor thinks it lucky she died before the truth came out (if it WAS luck). Her husband was convicted, Wheeler points out. Because of your testimony, Victor thinks Wheeler pompously sure that Gus won't be released.

As Tyler talks shop with Neil, Leslie thinks it a good sign there's no word yet. Avery then gets a call - and reports bad news; I'm so sorry, she tells a disappointed Leslie.

Nick's summoned Summer to Avery's - to ask about Jamie. Hearing that she bullied him, Nick expresses how disappointed he is. Summer's ashamed - but hasn't Nick ever done something so bad he didn't want anyone to know about it?

Back at Jabot, Avery can't believe it - the DNA casts reasonable doubt on Gus' guilt. It should have been a sure thing. Leslie suspects Wheeler got to the Judge. It'll be impossible to prove, Avery knows.

Wheeler doesn't need 'help' - and they made a big mistake thinking he did. Victor says HE made a mistake by sending a thug to blow up his house - if the cops don't nail him, Victor WILL. Wheeler's confident he can't be tied to Belinda's death - KNOWS he's covered his tracks. After Wheeler leaves, Jack calls Paul and Alex out - did we get enough to nail him?

While waiting for her coffee at CL's, Phyllis assures Dylan that it won't last between Nick and Avery - he'll get bored. It's not like they're soul mates. He's left to think.

Back at Avery's, Nick hopes Summer feels she can talk to him - and when school's out, she'll do community service - helping less fortunate will be good for her. As Summer leaves, Avery returns - to update that her appeal was denied. What went wrong? What did she miss???

Still at Jabot, Leslie and Tyler talk about a childhood they wish they'd had. But being Valerie and Davis has made us strong. Leslie can face anything with Tyler beside her ~hug~

Avery frets - it's not right! Gus IS innocent! Her best wasn't enough - and she DOES take it personally. The worst part is Gus rotting in prison - ad Belinda's real killer will never pay.

Wheeler's on his phone at OTB - relieved to hear the ruling ~click~

Paul and Alex bag Wheeler's coffee cup - if the DNA matches, they'll have a strong case against Wheeler. You better get that SOB, Victor's told he and Jack make a good team.

Next: I'll be here waiting for you, Carmine's on his phone (in a suite and towel) Lauren tells Mike she has a work emergency she needs to take care of. At this hour? Mike's skeptical ... Behind a desk, Chelsea suddenly doubles over in pain ... Billy looks bored as Vikki rants - he put Sharon in charge of Newman - she has to be stopped!!

My Thoughts: Does Victor really need to constantly remind Jack that he 'popped pills'? He was PRESCRIBED pain medication - just as Nikki was for her back injury (though she wasn't prescribed the vodka she washed em down with) ... Odd that Nick and Avery didn't touch base last night - didn't she 'get a chance' to update that Dylan was 'crashing' on her couch - to avoid the awkward situation Nick walked in on? And surely it would have been more appropriate for her to have put him up in a motel for the night - or is he gonna 'crash' on her sofa indefinitely? Looks good on Nick though - it's usually HIM making the women insecure .... Leslie doesn't suspect that Lily's the friend Tyler's referring to? .... How many times does Summer need to say she's 18? And if he's trying to dissuade her, why would Kyle say she's 'hot'?? ... You'd think Wheeler would make a conscious effort not to refer to Belinda as Lyn. It shouldn't be that hard ... Is Paul just going to ignore the fact that Victor and Jack have implicated themselves in crimes as well? And how hypocritical for Victor to accuse Wheeler of putting his career ahead of his daughter? Didn't Vikki recently whine about him buying her a birthday pony - but not making it to her party?


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