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Tuesday, July 30th

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Let's get ready to ruuummmbble; in this corner we have Daniel - and in this corner; everyone else. No way Daniel's Mom would want her estranged 'sister' making decisions. Nick arrives to say Avery and Phyllis were getting closer. Jack the only calm one, Daniel all but kicks Nick out; he's not Phyllis' husband - or even Summer's father anymore!

Sharon's at home - frustrated that she can't get any info on Phyllis' condition via phone. Cassie appears - is Sharon worried Phyllis won't get better? Or that she WILL???

At the station, Mike demands to know if Paul caught Carmine. Lauren strides in (Kevin on her heels) Please tell me they caught the bastard!

Yes, Cane does think the post about Lily (and Tyler) is worse than the one about his 'hot assistant'. They need to discuss it face to face. On the phone with him, Lily's surprised when Cane walks onto the patio.

Back at GCM, Jack plays referee. Daniel continues to bark - mostly at Nick; who sheepishly/obediently follows as Daniel marches off (demanding an explanation)

No sign of Carmine - but Paul's got everyone looking. We WILL find him. And Mike?! Officially released due to a 'curious development' - there's nothing on the surveillance tape. Kevin can't hide his smirk.

As Lily switches to offensive mode, Hillary interrupts her and Cane - all pissed off about the embarrassing posts. Told it's not over, she knows what she needs to do to stop it.

As Avery and Jack reassure Summer that Daniel will see reason once he calms down, Daniel won't let Nick use Cassie's death as an excuse (or Lucy). He knew it was wrong - and Daniel can prove it.

Hillary's way to stop the posts? Quit. The Ashby's both object. But would Lily really be comfortable with Hillary staying on? Lily?? Cane prods his silent wife.

Paul thinks it the craziest thing - the cameras at the station shut down at the time Mike left (he claims without help). Seems BOTH brothers are resourceful. Thanked, Paul warns he won't be as 'supportive' next time. Never again, Kevin promises. Lauren wants to see Phyllis - but agrees to go home with Mike when Fen arrives (to hug his Dad)

Avery talks about an experimental facility with strangers vs Phyllis being surrounded by loving family. She may take legal action; have the court may appoint a guardian. Jack will speak to Daniel first.

Daniel remembers how Nick hated him - but came forward with evidence to clear him; did the right thing. Yet - with Summer, he played God - took a man's child! Daniel thought Nick was better than that.

Hillary appreciates that Lily doesn't think she should lose her job - anyone can see the Ashby's have something special (which she declines intruding upon). Now alone, Lily's not upset at Hillary - she's upset that Cane wasn't forthcoming. Well, he knows there's no truth in the post about him - but what about Lily's interest in Tyler? *Gulp*

Paul leaves Mike to scold Fen - sure he's had a difficult time (paying for their bad choices), but drugs aren't the answer. Alas, the Baldwin's are easily appeased - Fen's talked to his drug counselor; he's getting his act together. But now, he's off to check on Summer at GCM. Leaving hand in hand, the Baldwin's pause to again thank Paul.

Sharon wants Phyllis to get better - but if she comes out of the coma, she'll blab. And then Sharon will go to jail, she won't get to see Faith, Noah will hate her... And there'll be no chance with Dad, Cassie pinpoints Sharon's biggest fear.

Nick's sure Phyllis will recover. Maybe - but Daniel's getting flack for trying to do the right thing. When Kevin arrives, Jack thinks Daniel needs a friend now. Nick will drive Avery home - unless Summer needs him to stay (um - no). We all love her as much as you do, Avery tells Daniel in parting.

WHY is Cane bringing up Tyler again? WHY is Lily defensive? Maybe he saw how jealous Lily was seeing Tyler with Abby - maybe he suspects she hasn't let him go after all.

Kevin stands beside Daniel then steps forward to tell Phyllis that Mike and Lauren will be there soon. Chloe? Nothing new there - and it's nothing compared to what Daniel's going through. Hey - could Daniel be taking Phyllis because he feels guilty for leaving? Could be the reason Daniel's 'stepping up now'. Yes, this facility has good results - it's Mom's best shot. Summer? She can visit anytime - getting out of town might be good for her too.

In the hallway, Summer thinks Daniel has a point. Jack won't be convinced moving Phyllis is the solution; how often will Daniel drive 2 hours? In GC, Phyllis will be surrounded by love. Jack then leaves Summer to have a nice chat with Fen (who actually delivers good advice)

At the tackhouse, Nick understands that Daniel doesn't trust him anymore - and that he's Phyllis' kid. Avery wants to fight legally - Daniel didn't consult with them - and won't 'calm down'. If Phyllis dies, does Nick really want them to be so far away?? Nick doesn't want to be anywhere if Phyllis dies.

At home, Mike's showered and dressed. Perched on the bed, Lauren's worried about their marriage - but look at us - we're here - together ~kiss~ Mike doesn't want to move too fast. Lauren doesn't want to waste more time - make me feel safe, she initiates a passionate kiss.

Back at GCM, Fen tells Summer to follow her heart (and is rewarded with a hug). A text evaporates his good mood ('everyone's seen your Mom naked') - and he longingly eyes bottles of meds on a cart.





Nick relays that Daniel's words were harsh but true - he blames me. Ridiculous - it was an accident - she fell, Avery doesn't know why Phyllis was acting strangely. She'll hope for the best - prepare for the worst. But it's not Nick's fault. Avery's off to bake cupcakes - and fight Daniel taking her sister.

Jack replaces Kevin at Daniel's side. He loves Phyllis too - proposed when she woke up. He promises to get the very best care - make this room his 2nd home - her future is my future. Can't Daniel trust Jack to do everything possible to bring Phyllis back?

Naked, in bed, it seems the Baldwin's are back on track. I love you. I love you too ~kiss~

Meanwhile, Carmine's in a hotel room. Tiny bandage on his forehead, he looks at a photo of Lauren on his phone. I've let you go, he seems angry at himself.

Does Cane honestly believe Lily would risk her marriage, her family for Tyler, or anyone else? No - and he shouldn't let anyone come between them. How about a do-over? Cane approaches Lily's table again; hey honey ~kiss~ Inside, Hillary watches.

Sharon continues to talk to Cassie - she thought Nick would turn to her for comfort - but if he finds out she'll lose him (and her family) forever. Does Sharon regret switching the results? She regrets Phyllis finding out the truth (that she could be telling Nick right now!) Sharon CAN'T 'call Dad' - he'll sense her fear. Nick can never be suspicious - EVER.

Meanwhile, Nick flashes back over Daniel's words - and Avery's vow to fight him. Summer arrives at the tackhouse - I need your help.

Daniel DOES trust Jack - but would hate himself if he didn't try to help his Mom. End of debate. Jack's checked out the facility - their work is exploratory - untested - no guarantee; he won't let Phyllis become a science experiment.

Next: Billy grovels; I just want to fix all this for you Vic - I promise you I will ... Avery confronts Nick - you think Phyllis should be taken from the people she loves? - and used as a guinea pig? - in some experimental hospital? ... Jack pleads with Phyllis - we have so much more ahead of us. Please come back to me.

My Thoughts: Avery's claim that 'everyone has accidents' reminded me that she was once VERY klutzy. I wonder what happened to that endearing quality. People like Phyllis don't go into comas? Hmm - do people like Vikki? Now SHE was 'brimming with life' - literally (the life of a nearly full term baby).... Everyone SHOULD be 'banding together' - but why can't they compromise? Try this new facility for 6 months - and if Phyllis shows no sign of progress, move her back to GC (assuming everyone's still interested in 'hand holding'). Or involve Victor - I'm sure he could have the entire facility moved to GCM; devote a new wing to experimantal coma stuff ... He's no fan of Phyllis - but I'm sure he'd do it if Nick went groveling (on Summer and Avery's behalf) - or Adam (on Jack's behalf) .... I'm glad Jack finally parroted my initial thoughts; this 'facility' is 2 hours away from Daniel - realistically, how often is he willing to do a 4 hour commute (with a toddler no less)? ... Why is it always about what losing Cassie did to NICK? Sharon lost her biological daughter - AND her husband (of course, that doesn't excuse her deplorable actions) Avery will take action if Daniel doesn't back down 'soon'? When will she settle this in court - if Daniel's moving Phyllis tomorrow? Is there really time for a batch of cupcakes? ... Why does it seem that the Ashby's are on shakier ground than the Baldwin's? And why does Hillary seem more of a threat than Carmine? .... Nick 'rose above' the anger - did 'the right thing' (coming forward with evidence to clear Daniel) ONLY because Sharon forced him to, not because his conscious kicked in ....How many crimes (committed under their nose by an employee) are Paul and Alex willing to overlook? If Kevin weren't so damn obvious, they wouldn't even know what he was up to. It's quite a stretch for them to trust that he won't pull anything they can't justify ... If he didn't expect sex, why was Mike so determined that he AND Lauren go home? Couldn't he have dropped Lauren off at GCM? You'd think he'd want to join her at the hospital as soon as he showered. Phyllis was his BFF for years (as one sided as their friendship was) .. Oh Lauren - you and Mike haven't 'lost so much time' (you CHOSE to give that time to another man) .... Why hasn't Fen changed his cell phone number? (or blocked the bullies) Why aren't the Baldwin's taking Fen's issues seriously? Mike knows he was high AFTER he OD'd - how much worse does it need to get before they DO something? Yes - Fen's called his drug counsellor - all 'on his own' - so everything's just dandy (until meds are swiped from a neglected cart at GCM; which would NEVER happen) And of all thousands of meds, what are the chances Fen will get his hands on 'fun' drugs? Pretty good - it's GC after all. Maybe Phyllis IS better off elsewhere.

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