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Wednesday, July 31st

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Nick will do anything for Summer. Even if Avery hates him for it? Daniel's right - Mom should be in Georgia. Avery's working on a court order. You want me to stop her?

Adam finds Avery researching precedent at OTB. After a brief update, he steps aside to read a text - and mutter 'wonderful'.

His son brought over for a visit, Billy flies 'Super Johnny' around the room - then tells Vikki he WILL fix the mess he's made of his life (starting with her and Johnny moving back in)

The Baldwin's are naked and in bed still - it's what Phyllis would want (and she's recovering) Mike wants Basco in jail - but it's not Paul texting with news; Kevin says Phyllis is in a coma!

Daniel watches Jack at Phyllis' bedside - talking - and flashing back to happier times. Please come back to me.

Johnny sleeping upstairs, Vikki admits they both miss being there - but that doesn't mean they're moving back in. Billy will be staying at Jack's - time he stepped up. He's making it hard for Vikki to be mad at him. He hopes to make it impossible - and fix everything.

Adam snarls into his phone; the accusations are false; Ms Daniel's and GC Buzz will be hearing from his attorney. Rejoining Avery, Adam thinks a Judge will side with her over Daniel. Jack was planning on proposing - and Summer must want to keep her Mom close. Avery's sure - the three of us can't lose.

Meanwhile, Summer thinks she and Daniel should be making Mom's decisions. 'Don't talk to me like I'm your little girl'. She's researched the facility too - their success rates are higher than anywhere else. Summer's mind made up, Nick agrees with her - but also with Jack and Avery; GC is the best place for Phyllis. Daniel's reacting on pure emotion. No - Jack and Avery are the one's acting emotionally, Summer argues.

The Baldwin's will do anything they can for Daniel. Well, there IS something Mike can do - for Mom.

Billy's addiction is always there - and would be easier to kick if he had Vikki's support. Dropping by (invited by Vikki) Nikki's surprised and delighted to see Billy there too.

Summer continues her appeal to Nick - she'll miss her Mom - a lot - but will visit. The most important thing is giving Phyllis the best chance of waking up. 'Love' isn't enough. Nick must stop being the nice guy - 'help me do what's best for Mom'. What if it were ME lying in that bed?

Mike suggests compromise. There IS no compromise, Daniel thinks that if anyone knows what Phyllis would want, it's her best friend. Mike's left to flashback to consoling a sobbing Phyllis. Will you be Mom's advocate?

Lauren sniffles/jokes - Phyllis won't let 4" heels take her down. Jack knows she can hear them - talking to her will bring Phyllis back.

Avery and Phyllis were estranged for years - but we share the same DNA. She's determined to keep Phyllis in GC. Adam thinks it a mystery how Phyllis got a sister like Avery - good luck. He then joins Melanie at the bar. He has a joke - and the punchline's a killer.

Leaving, Billy will give Jack Nikki's best wishes - and is Vikki accepting his offer? Yes - they'll move back in (but makes it clear to her Mom that nothing's changed). How did Dad react to the sexual harassment suit against Adam? Huh? News to Nikki.

Adam's not denying he slept with the second rate lawyer - club employees signed affidavits - saying Melanie was all over him (pays to be a big tipper) Adam knows people who know people - like Judges. A real bastard? Why he hasn't even destroyed her career - yet. Isn't it odd that Melanie can't find a job? Don't start a battle you can't win (Melanie leaves looking beaten)



Mike's now with Lauren - wake up - we're back together. Odd to see Phyllis so quiet. Listen well my friend - time to wake up, Mike chokes and Lauren laughs through her tears - flashes back to Phyllis announcing she's pregnant. A miracle would be nice.

Nick doesn't have to imagine what it's like to have a daughter fighting for her life; Cassie - and Summer too (who reminds that Mom took her to Europe for help) Nick takes her hand - you're right - I'd fight for you. Summer thinks Nick owes them both this.

Kyle delivers lunch to Jack - which leads to a story about him setting up a 'perfect' picnic for her (which ended in him running from a bull) Oh how Phyllis laughed *sniffle*

In the hallway, Daniel thanks the Baldwin's for coming. Chatting leads to flashbacks of his various arguments with his Mom.

Nick DOES owe Summer - and her Mom. Yes, he'll talk to Avery (who bursts in on cue) Hugging her Aunt, Summer leaves Nick; we need to talk.

At OTB, Billy again grumbles at finding Adam at his bar. He enjoys the witless banter. At the mention of scorned exes with bogus charges, Billy scoffs at Adam playing victim - bets that's what all the harassers say. The word bet could cause trouble for a guy like you, Adam gives Billy one last zing.

Having shown Nikki the blurb on GC Buzz, Vikki suspects there's more to these charges. Guessing Vikki hopes her father will disown Adam/replace him with Vikki, Nikki thinks that should be the last thing on her mind.

Nick breaks it to Avery - Summer agrees with Daniel. That Phyllis should be a thousand miles away?! Avery vows she'll be disappointed. Nick doesn't need to see the 'precedence' she found - he thinks Summer's right.

Daniel's glad to have the Baldwin's on his side. Appearing, Jack isn't - please tell me I didn't hear you right. Mike gently announces that he'll represent Daniel if needed. If you were friends you wouldn't be doing this, Jack marches off. The Baldwin's are dealt another blow when Paul calls - Fen's been arrested for stealing drugs!

Of course the lawsuit is insignificant compared to what Nick's got going on - but is it wrong that Vikki cares about the family company? Wants to pick up the pieces? The battle over NE always ends in heartbreak for someone, Nikki's strongly opposed.

As usual, Adam gets the last shot in; the Newman name can survive anything - but Billy has trouble surviving a roll of the dice. Soonafter, OK, immediately after, Melanie arrives. Since the lawsuit isn't troubling Adam, she has another way (and guess who's watching them with interest?)

Avery stands her ground with Nick - this isn't best for Phyllis - you're taking Summer's side to win her back!

Kyle joins Summer as she mopes on the patio. Hey. Hi. Actually, she DOES want to see him right now.

Jack doesn't want to fight with Daniel - especially in front of his Mom. Kissing Phyllis on the forehead, Jack's mind wasn't changed by Mike. Guess we have to let a Judge decide. I guess so, Jack's equally resigned.

Next: I just feel so guilty, Sharon says. Why would you feel guilty about what happened to Phyllis? Noah wonders .... Vikki hopes Chelsea's text was to Chloe - telling her to stay away from her husband ... Grabbing Melanie by the throat, Adam shoves her against the club's wood panelled wall (possibly in a suite) - there's a price for betrayal, he growls.

My Thoughts: Kudos to Nikki - she's supporting Vikki - leaning her in the right direction (as it's obvious she and Billy still love one another) - but she's not manipulating the situation (as some would *cough* Victor) AND Nikki's psychic - how on earth did she guess Vikki wasn't merely salivating over Adam's misfortune? .... I have a feeling Avery wouldn't stoop this low - but it'd serve Nick right if she told him that if Phyllis was moved to Georgia, she'd relocate there too. That said, now that the Baldwin's (and especially Summer) are supporting Daniel's decision, it's obviously not as clearcut as it was when everyone was opposed. Phyllis has two kids - and they are in agreement; end of debate really (though it also helps that Daniel's softened a bit in his approach - and now seems at least sympathetic to Jack's plight) .... The flashbacks serve as an extra reminder (to anyone who's perhaps forgotten) that , lover her or hate her, Phyllis has been an integral character for decades - she'll be missed. I wouldn't say it's impossible to replace her - so this time away gives me hope that they will (and if so, will take their time doing it) ... Billy's intentions may be good - but shouldn't he concentrate on beating his own addiction, not preventing Jack from relapsing with his? Ghost John's got it covered I'm sure (though it's odd he never appeared to prevent Billy from placing a bet) ... Oh Melanie - when will you learn? Tomorrow's show looks to be most interesting (especially for Adam fans who're tired of seeing him kiss up to Victor) The self declared 'evilest evil doer who ever eviled' is baaaaccckkk) - and I for one, am delighted.


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