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Thursday, December 21st

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Abby, Steph and the grumpy Chelsea search the records for property Victor owns. 10 office buildings in this part of town alone. No - it's somewhere out of the way - a warehouse? Chelsea thinks she has it - and old farm. Abby's convinced - Max is out there - I can feel it. She wants to be the one to save Max - you with me or not? Finding the farm empty, Steph and Chelsea want to go home. Abby won't give up.

In the church basement, Max smashes a hole in the wall - then hurts his shoulder. Mimi gloats as she has better luck. Max can't believe it - Not bad for a girl. They're now in the next room - and open a closet. A skeleton in a Federation uniform falls on a screaming Mimi. Max is intrigued - how did he get here - he's got a ring. Mimi takes it - his poor wife and kids. Max removes his gun - maybe they can blast their way out. There's 2 bullets left. Mimi begs him to find another way. Max hints that he has plans for them when they get out of there. Ready? Max fires the gun - a white light explodes. Max!! Max lay motionless for a moment - then laughs.


Paying a visit to the perfectly healthy Will, EJ realizes Sammi was lying about him having to have surgery. Will locks the door and removes his shirt. Let in, EJ lifts his shirt and is surprised to see a cut under a bandage. Will taunts EJ as he searches the apartment - then exits. Closing the door, Will breathes a sigh of relief.

Lucas refuses to let the cops use Sammi as bait - I won't let you put the woman I care about in danger. When Lucas takes Sammi out for a private word, Marlena scolds Roman for using their daughter. Bo points out that she's already a target. Sammi convinces Lucas that she can do it - don't lose faith in us - me. Lucas is worried about his wife - I didn't mean it like that - it was an accident. I'm NOT jealous, he insists. I'm worried about Will. Sammi wants people to be proud of her.

Will calls and updates - EJ's looking for you. He's impressed that Sammi's going to help put him away. I love you. I have to do this, Sammi implores. Leading Sammi back in the room, Lucas announces to all that he's calling the shots - my terms or nothing.

Abe looks dizzy - then falls to the ground - alarming Marlena and the boys.

Sammi summons EJ to the bar and explains she went to see the police. Outside, Bo and Roman monitor the situation closely.

OK - this is the point where I fell asleep - damn Walmart and their 24/7 Christmas hours!!!


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