Weekly Quiz: Holiday season 2017/2018.

 Weekly quiz

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1) Let's go back to Christmas 2014 shall we? Which of the following pairings were NOT a couple?
2) Ringing in the New Year; 2015, Ben and Abby say 'I do'. Billy's in the fetal position in the parking garage, beaten up by those he owes money too. The recently awakened-from-coma Hilary believes she's in love with Neil. In a bid to convince her otherwise, who does Neil surprise with a New Year's kiss?
3) What type of car did Devon bid on, win and total all in one night after leaving a gala that closed out 2016?
4) What ridiculous costume did Hilary almost have Mariah wear on air last month?
5) A few hours before being convinced to attend his parents umpteenth 'I do's', Nick is wearing just a strategically placed ________

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