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Wednesday, April 15st

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Thanks to Meghan, Haley and SusyQ!

Reportedly, Victor's latest doppleganger hire was recruited from prison - fake Jack might be hard to manage - and won't it be weird when he shows interest in his 'sister' Ashley. Grab your barf bags. The only plus side might be Victor's control slipping.

Phyllis is suspicious of Yack - not because he's suddenly super aggressive in bed- but because he trusts Victor.

Dylan opens up to Sharon (and I wonder what she'll open up to him..ahem)

The doctor says Joe may never walk again. He is devastated. Avery is filled with guilt and determined to do whatever it takes to help Joe. She thinks that Dylan should understand her position but he doesn't. According to comments by CP Avery's entire focus will be Joe. While Dylan becomes increasingly involved with helping Sharon. Dylan confronts Paul about Sharon's arrest. Paul questions Dylan's interest in Sharon and wonders if Dylan is developing feelings for Sharon. He tells Dylan he is putting Sharon before his relationship with Avery. He floors Dylan when he asks him who he would chose Avery or Sharon. Dylan does not answer. Paul is concerned as to how far Dylan may go to help Sharon. CP said that Dylan understands the pain of mental illness because of his PTSD. He feels Sharon is being stigmatized because of her bipolar and her history. He is determined to be there for her. CP hints that Dylan may have deeper feelings for Sharon than he is ready to admit and that his commitment to helping Sharon could cost him Avery. 

Sharon will be surprised at someone who supports her. I have seen speculation that the person will be Nikki and that she will play a role in proving Sharon's innocence because she will bring the fingerprints she found in the confessional that Victor left to Dylan's attention.

It was posted on another site that during the SC's appearance in Calgary she made a point of saying how much she loved working with MTS and reportedly gave the impression that there was something ahead for Nikki and Sharon. 



Rumours online (so take with a grain of salt) - continue to run rampant that Sage is really Skye Lockheart (Adam's former poker partner) - and that Sage/Skye is Chelsea's sister (a baby Anita gave up for adoption)

Upcoming appearances:

Martha Boles appears as “A.D.A Sanbourne” on Thursday, 4/16
Barry Livingston appears as “Judge Hoffman” on Thursday, 4/16
Hilary Ward appears as “Dr. Allison” on Tuesday, 4/28
Dalila Ali Rajah appears as “Barb Martin” on Thursday, 4/30
















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