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Today's Spoiler



Friday, February 20th

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Chelsea learns the truth about Adam; from Sage.

Lily's inability to forgive Cane cause problems for the Ashyb's.

Nikki's kids are horrified to see her chugging down vodka.

Kyle returns to GC (played by Lachlan Buchanan of Australia's Home and Away) late February.

Summer is in emotional distress; as she learns more about the husband she didn't really know.

Adam sees Nick and Sage making out.

The truce between Jack and Victor ends shortly after their rescue; Victor learns something that will take Jack down.

Jack's stuck in the middle as Kelly and Phyllis continue to drive themsleves (and each other) crazy vying for his love.

Though trust (and Sage become an issue) Sharon and Nick try to put their love for Faith above their problems. But will Sage's secrets result in Nick losing his daughter?

The Winter's family continues to deal with the reveal of Devon and Hilary's betrayal.

Abby and the rest of the kids wonder why Kyle's covering up what they did.

Paul has stunning news; Austin's fine. As he's brought back, Summer's freaking out and so's Courtney; when Austin starts talking, their lives will be over!

Jack in hospital, is stunned when Ashley tells him that he slept with Kelly (who's equally stunned to overhear him say 'I what!?')















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