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Today's Spoiler



Thursday, September 18th

Copyright Toni's Spoiler Site. Not to be republished

Home, Sharon and Nick discuss their upcoming wedding. Hey - why is Sharon's traffic ticket out? Because Nick and Noah were discussing how far she's come. A terrified Sharon hugs Nick - she wants to forget the past and just look forward.

At the GCAC, Abby and Jack talk about the lab renos - and Ashley hiring Ben. Jack trusts Ashley's judgment - and Abby assures she can work with the man she doesn't much like. Good - this is an important project, bigger than Scarlett Mist; the scent named after Phyllis. Jack doubts he'll ever be THAT inspired again. And here's Kelly *awkward*

Phyllis again unresponsive, Dr Cutler steps aside to take Victor's call. Certain things have transpired that only Phyllis can stop, he grumbles. You have nothing to report to me? Actually, I do, Dr C replies.

Summer finds Austin looking for a second job online - he's grateful for the job Nick gave him - and the apartment Jack lets them live in etc. but basically; doesn't want to ride on her family's coat-tails anymore.

As Nick nuzzles her neck, Sharon has flashbacks of standing outside the lab - the lipstick tumbling down the stairs. What's wrong? Nick asks. Sharon's interrupted by Mariah's appearance. You're home! No, I'm back, not home.

Phyllis has reached a plateau. Her eyes are open - she tried to communicate - but Dr C's unsure of her cognitive state. He won't 'up the dosage'. Never mind the risks - she wants out of her damned coma, Victor bullies and threatens - Phyllis must wake up, WITHOUT her family there.

Kelly stops to chat for a bit - and with a quick kiss, will see Jack later. Abby thinks Kelly's reaction classy - Phyllis leaves big shoes to fill. Jack denies Kelly needs to fill anyone's shoes (but sees Abby's point)

Nick's literally in the middle of Mariah and Sharon's bickering. She came in last night after 3am. Why so late? That's none of 'Mom's business. Mariah will 'come and go as she pleases' - and be gone as soon she repays Sharon. After Nick leaves for the club, Sharon's continued attempts are met with EXTREMELY harsh words.


Sharon understands why Mariah's lashing out at her - you're scared... Mariah's NOT scared - she's pissed (and describes why) Sharon remains calm and patient - you can't make me feel any worse than I already do. I can try, Mariah marches upstairs.

Back at the club, Abby apologizes for her earlier comment (but still implies Kelly has good reason to feel insecure about Phyllis) Victor saunters over to greet Abby. He met the lovely Kelly on the way in - how does Jack juggle his relationship with seeing Phyllis? My focus is here, Jack says in parting.

Austin's not unhappy - just frustrated that no one wants to hire him (due to Internet coverage of the shooting) Summer's frustrated too - she doesn't know what to do with her life. She doesn't want another job handed to her - but what about Underground? Reminded that she doesn't want a job 'handed to her', Summer wonders why Austin doesn't want her to work with him. Nick arrives on cue - there's something you should know (and hear from me)

Nick, I can't hide my secret anymore. I have to tell you. As Sharon talks in her sleep on the sofa, Mariah appears to listen.

Now seated with Victor, Abby claims she's fine (for having her heart broken) No - she and Tyler won't reconcile. When Victor asks about her working with Stitch, Abby correctly guesses that Vikki passed along that info - and laughs as she makes it clear that she won't be used as a pawn against Jack.

Meanwhile, Jack's at the bar with Kelly. There's no need to apologize, she assures; I like who you are. Well, I love who YOU are. Jack can't talk about the secret project - if overheard (ie by Victor), it could cost Jabot millions. Kelly doesn't need Jack to name a fragrance after her too - he doesn't need to keep proving his love.

No need for Austin to leave the room - he should hear this good news too; he and Sharon are engaged. Summer's happy for them ~hug~ Sharon's been through so much this year. She's a kind and generous person.

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