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Today's Spoiler



Friday, May 1st

Copyright Toni's Spoiler Site. Not to be republished.

Meeting Victor at the club, Nick hopes it's not about going back to Newman - his club's re-opening tonight. That'd be nice, but Victor wants to know what Nick knows about Gabriel Bingham (who hovers in the background)

On the patio, Vikki joins 'the man who broke the Internet yesterday'. Billy feels he and Chelsea were a mistake from the beginning - getting her out of my life was for the best.

Anita's over to babysit Connor - and give relationship advice. But my relationship with Billy is over, Chelsea reminds. Who said anything about Billy?

At the lab, Abby and Ben wonder if Sharon's a victim too (which means the killer's still out there) Ben won't let anything happen to Abby. They're about to kiss when Ashley interrupts to scold them.

A call confirms the deli was closed - the photo's fake. Paul won't listen to us, Kevin tells the kids - it must come from someone he trusts.

Dylan barges into Paul's office - repeating Mike's evidence (that clears Sharon) Stop trying to do Mike's job - and mine! Paul's annoyed.

Latex on a tire iron? Paul can't take this theory to Chris. He'll ignore the insult and obvious question (why is Dylan so invested in this?) But Paul WILL ask - does Avery support this? Dylan's helping a friend and will NOT regret helping a friend!

Back at Summer's, Kevin can't reach Mike. But it's the police Noah, Kyle and Summer want called - and to find out who really killed Courtney and Austin.


Gabriel Bingham - that's who you should be setting your sights on, Anita salivates. He's hot for you - reel him in and claim your prize (he must be rich) No - sleeping with him is the biggest mistake of my life, Chelsea insists.

Adam wonders why Victor's grilling his old boarding school buddy about him. Background information, Victor claims. But you already know our history, Adam reminds - you want to know what you're in to. TGVN's intimidated by me, Adam gloats. Victor chuckles - check your ego. Adam's not afraid of Victor - and Victor just loves cocky guys) Watch it! he growls as he leaves Nick to warn Adam - you have no idea what you're up against. I do - more than you know, Adam smirks.

Adam knows what Victor's capable of. And he knows Nick dumped Sage (guess he wasn't such a bad husband after all if she confided in him) She doesn't have anyone else - or her own life, Nick also blames him for destroying Chelsea's relationship with Billy. Nope - Billy did that all on his own.

On the patio, Billy manages to find humour in the situation. He outed Chelsea in public to show her how many people she hurt. Vikki doubts it'll be that easy to move on. Yeah, Billy will miss Connor - he calls me Daddy. Without telling Billy that Ben's moved out, Vikki talks about acceptance and not being bitter - there's a lot of change these days.

Ben was just trying to make me feel better, Abby assures her Mom. Ashley's worried things will get messy when this fling ends. Fling? This is the real thing, Abby assures (Ben forces a smile)

Sharon was at Austin's building the night he was killed, Paul says - Chris is sure she can win this case. If you want to be Sharon's friend, prepare her to make things easier. Tell her to confess to crimes she didn't commit? Dylan objects has a better way to help to Sharon (then leaves after a call from Noah)

After Noah and Kevin leave, Kyle tells Summer he's going golfing with Jack. Summer scowls - doesn't seem like he's too interested in the company anymore. Kyle's frustrated - is she pissed he's not giving her enough attention? You need to understand what went wrong with your marriage. (huh?)

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