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Friday, April 18th

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Ashley and Abby chat with Courtney and Noah (who then head to the dining room for cake) Abby's surprised that Ashley's leaving. There's somebody she wants to see while she's in town.

Vikki gets a call from Stitch - has he changed his mind on their date? No, he's not bailing - can she meet him at GCM? After hanging up Vikki thinks about Billy.

Billy's not drunk - he wants to see Connor (he has Delia's eyes after all) Chelsea doesn't appreciate him using guilt.

Victor's polite to a suspicious Sharon (who won't try to set the house on fire - and is waiting for the other shoe to drop). It ain't gonna drop - but that sure doesn't mean Victor's 'forgiven' Sharon.

Cassie! Outside, Nick's stunned when she turns around.

Don't be scared. I just wanna talk to you. Nick gives chase when 'Cassie' bolts.

Victor hasn't forgotten or forgiven anything Sharon's done to his family. Then why did he let Nick invite her? For Nick and Abby's sake - please, have a seat. Sharon notes his politeness. Victor's polite to his guests - anything else I can get for you? Sharon wants Victor to acknowledge that she was sick - she wouldn't burn down his house etc. Victor DOES think she's bad for Nick (but hopes like hell he's wrong)

Call first? So the doorman can kick Billy out? Chelsea can still call security. Connor's sleeping. OK - so let's hang out - order some food. Chelsea IS busy - about to watch a movie. Billy's there to see some good (Connor being able to see is the only good that came from Delia dying) Ok - but don't wake him up.

Stitch is surprised when Ashley clip clops into GCM (to ask him out) Tempting, but he can't go - not work, he has a date. Ashley's then surprised when Vikki appears.

Well this is awkward, all acknowledge. Ashley snipes at Vikki for dating a week after separating from Billy. She used to be my stepmother, Vikki informs Stitch - then with a smug/evil grin, asks Ashley what she's doing there.

Chelsea's appreciates Billy checking on the humidifier - then is annoyed when he disses Adam (twice) Don't leave Connor alone in a car, Billy pouts as he heads for the door. Having a change of heart, Chelsea pours Billy a drink; now you don't have to eat or drink alone. Pepperoni OK?

Sharon doesn't want to hurt Nick - ever. What DOES she want? To get her mind and body stabilized. Yes, with 'drugs' - and therapy. Noah and Courtney stroll in - Grandma's looking for you. When Sharon wonders where Nick is, Noah and Courtney offer to go check on him.

At a motel, Cassie packs up in a hurry. She's about to escape but finds Nick blocking the door. What's the matter? he asks - you look like you've seen a ghost.

Chelsea comes down as Billy picks up the death certificate (he won't mention Adam again). So - what happened with Vikki? Chelsea's encouraged to hear she kissed Billy. Yeah, but then she went out on a date. Stop being an idiot! Chelsea bellows (when Billy decides his marriage might be over)

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