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Today's Spoiler



Wednesday, July 30th

Copyright Toni's Spoiler Site. Not to be republished

Sorry. No time for anything today - not even My Thoughts.

Jack comes down to find Billy moping over a photo of him, Vikki and Johnny on his phone. Billy apologizes - understands Jack didn't want to break a promise to Kelly. Trust is why his marriage failed. Billy ignores Chelsea's call.

Chelsea leaves a message - Is Billy OK? What did he do with the info she gave him on Stitch??

Bumping into Ben at the club, Kelly stammers - about what happened yesterday - I'm .... Sorry? Ben fills in.

At Avery's, Dylan rants about Ben killing his old man - he wasn't honest with me! Avery understands why Stitch didn't say anything - he paid for his mistake. Vikki arrives - in need of legal advice. What are you planning to do? Dylan wonders.

Back at the club, Lauren can't believe Fen's going to college in Arizona in the fall. Mike's happy for him - and having an empty nest could lead to some interesting possibilities for us.

Hell no, Ben's not OK - but he doesn't blame Kelly. Billy sure hit the mother-load. He doesn't agree that 'the worst is over'.

Kevin hides Ben's personnel file as Dr Shelby marches in with Detective Harding. Whomever stole his ID hacked into the hospital's computer!

The Baldwin's are proud of Fen - this is a huge opportunity for him - and us. We've been so busy working. That's about to change, Mike kisses Lauren's hand.

Dr Shelby was at CL's yesterday two days ago. By the time he got a new key, the old one had been used to access personnel records. Whomever breached our system can't get away with it. Harding scowls as Kevin makes a hasty exit.

Letting Jill in, Billy guesses Jack called her. She thinks it good he confronted Stitch - but don't expect Vikki to be grateful. She's surprised that Billy hasn't given up on his marriage - and that he thinks Ben's no longer an issue.

Ben lost his family - then saw (and lost) an amazing future with Vikki. You're still the man she fell in love with, Kelly suggests - it doesn't have to be over. Jack arrives to greet 'sweetheart - but isn't sure WHAT to call Ben. Call me whatever you want, Ben snarls and marches out.

Glad to see Dylan, Vikki asks him about Ben. Dylan was completely blindsided - but Stitch isn't a cold blooded killer. He's a good man. No - he's a good liar, Vikki corrects. After Dylan leaves, Vikki asserts that she doesn't want either Ben or Billy anywhere near this child. Can they force her to have the paternity test? Yes, Avery replies.

Billy relays overhearing Vikki say she doesn't want the paternity test. Despite his mistakes - and Ben - if the baby's his, Billy still feels he has a shot with Vikki.

But does Vikki have to take the test now? Ben nor Billy should have the right to force her to do anything. Avery delicately says that Vikki complicated things by choosing to sleep with two men. The justice system worked in Ben's case - perhaps Vikki's trying to protect her heart, not her child. Citing stress, Vikki will find a lawyer to help her if Avery can't. Avery knows how dangerous stress is to a pregnancy - Vikki won't have to take the test until the baby's born.

At CL's, Ben hears that Vikki's a mess - went to see Avery. He hopes Dylan's still friends - hated lying to him. Dylan's mother lied to him - Chelsea lied - Ian lied - and now his BF! Dylan's obviously not a good judge of character. You are, Ben disagrees.


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