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Today's Spoiler



Friday, October 24th

Copyright Toni's Spoiler Site. Not to be republished

You should be home resting, not here, Sharon wonders if it's safe. Safe? Phyllis scoffs. We're never as safe as we think we are - like the night of my accident. I remember everything. Sharon gulps.

Victor joins Maureen at the club. Nikki didn't have a charity meeting - why would you lie for my wife?

No, Grandma's tiara isn't real diamonds. She wore it to a charity gala. Yes, Faith can borrow it. Why is Grandma eating so much 'candy'? Her medication leaves a bad taste in her mouth. Faith's sorry Grandma's sick. Nick arrives at the ranch to watch them hug.

At the club, Joe's yet again staring at Dylan's business listing online when Cane joins him to wonder if he's really there for a real estate deal - or to see his ex (and the guy she left him for)

Vikki appears just as Ben's telling Dylan there might be enough to his story to win her back. Vikki's about to back out of CL's. No - wait, Ben says.

Dylan tells Vikki that he could have gone to prison - it looked like he was guilty. Luckily, he had people in his corner. Not everyone's so lucky *hint hint* He then leaves Ben to thank Vikki for posting his bail. Uh, it wasn't her. But is there anything you want to tell me? Would it change anything? Ben wonders.

Back at the GCAC, Cane evades Joe's questions about Dylan. Assuring he came on business, Joe then steers the conversation to Cane turning Victor down to run a hotel.

Maureen claims it was a misunderstanding - there were cops everywhere. She became accustomed to lying. Having been in an abusive relationship, she wanted to protect Nikki. Protect her from what? Hearing Nikki was in a suite - possibly with a man, Victor sits back, his arms folded.

Admiring the tiara, Nick sends Faith up to fetch her stuff. He then asks his Mom about the stress she's been under - and now she's on new medication? It must have been hell - the kind of pain you'd do anything to stop.


Phyllis puts the fear of God into Sharon. She knows why the accident happened, the night of Nikki's charity event (thanks to the Internet, and Jack) She was on the phone with Jack when she fell. He feels guilty, but he wasn't responsible.

Who's fault was it? Sharon's eyes are wide. Mine - Phyllis was rushing/distracted. Did I see you that night? Sharon flashes back to their run in at the cemetery (Phyllis ovrhearing what she was saying) No, Sharon wasn't at the event. That's not where we saw each other (oops) Phyllis pounces on Sharon's slip up - so where DID we see each other???

Seeing how stress has effected Sharon, Nick worries about his Mom. How did she stand by Victor - knowing all he's done (like going off trying to stop the wedding instead of being here for you) Nikki loves him. Nick feels the same way about Sharon. Told not to worry, Nick leaves with Faith (and Nikki's left with her demons - and an AA brochure)

Victor has no concerns about Nikki's fidelity. Yes, Maureen does consider her a close friend. Victor issues another veiled threat not to hurt Nikki or his family, followed by his usual exit line; You have a nice day.

Vikki trusted Ben enough to be open with him, and that wasn't easy. How could she have been so blind and gullible? She can't see raising this child with a man who's lied to her, has a violent history and doesn't trust her enough to tell her the truth. Give me a chance to make things right, Ben hurries out.

Dancing around the issue of Victor, Joe thinks Cane's better off out of the shark tank - he's got a good thing goin' here. Dylan appears to see Cane. Joe stands - he doesn't want things to be awkward. After Joe excuses himself to take a call, Dylan thanks him for NOT blocking the old tunnel. Cane's sorry - he didn't know Joe was Avery's ex. He's a decent guy - he's moved on.

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