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Today's Spoiler



Wednesday, August 20th

Copyright Toni's Spoiler Site. Not to be republished

Noah finds an angry Sharon jamming Mariah's into trash bags. She tried to seduce your father!

At the club, Mariah's frustrated. Ian isn't in his suite - or answering her calls. Everything's calling apart! I need help!

In a Madison hospital, Nick questions a staff member. It seems the adoption lawyer was arrested - then died. Can't Felicia please help? Perhaps these dimples will help.

Still at the courthouse, Summer won't let her husband go to prison for a fine. Since Austin won't ask Jack for more help, Summer will use her Grandpa's trust. Victor saunters over - that's right - you don't need JackAbbot for a damn thing.

On the rooftop, Jack loves Kelly - and is ready to take the next step. Well, I'm not, Kelly objects.

In the dining room, the Baldwin's chat with Leslie (seems work is interfering with her social life too). Going to their own table, Mike doesn't appreciate Lauren telling his associate the nature of their problems. That's not what Lauren meant - but perhaps Mike should see Dr Shelby.

Ian's 'busy' with another matter - and Mariah's about to throw her phone when Kevin arrives at the club. Mariah's mad at herself - she completely screwed up.

Noah's stunned - Nick sees what we all see - Cassie. But she had a big heart - Mariah is a conniving user. Noah's sorry - but she's not entirely at fault. Sharon regrets not listening to Nick. Noah's not overly surprised. Faith appears - I like Mariah - why did you make her leave? *award*

Sofia would love to help Nick and his dimples. But who could it hurt? It'd really help me out. The patient's name? Sharon Collins.

Kelly is indeed turning Jack down. He doesn't understand why they can't move in together. THAT'S the question? Kelly laughs - she thought we was proposing. Agreeing to 'shack up', they kiss.


Summer's reminded that she can't access her trust fund until she's 25 - but Victor will grant her limited access. The Travers' are grateful. As Victor hovers, Avery arrives - I got a call about your Mom.

Jack and Kelly then debate who's house they should move into (Jack eventually winning) ~kiss~ First, Summer must be told - she'll understand. Of course Kelly should be there when Jack tells her. Phyllis is not waking up.

No, Phyllis didn't wake up. Avery relays Daniel's good news - an out of country art show. Summer is now in charge of Phyllis' care. Seems an anonymous donour sponsored him. When Victor mumbles about his artistic talent, Avery looks unsettled.

Back at the club, Lauren's concerned about Mike's health. They're both working too hard. Mike's sure their 'personal issues' will be handled by quality time together.

Kevin's a pro at screwing up - he's broken many phones. Mariah whines - Sharon hates her (Nick will too) She wishes she could see him again - before she leaves town.

Felicia flirts - perhaps we can meet for a drink? Nick focuses on the tablet - he needs to speak to Dr Hill. He's gone, Sofia says.

Sharon explains that Mariah wasn't following the rules. It's best for everyone. Faith whines - first Summer leaves, now Mariah. Noah steps in - he's not going anywhere, neither is Mom or Dad ~hug~

Mariah's jumping on the first bus she finds. Kevin's tempted - I'll come with you. A road trip on his Harley. We don't have to stay together. We'll start a new life - separately.

Felicia distracted *giggle* Dr Hill's alive - but not at this hospital. He's teaching at the University - since 1991 (the year Cassie was born) Felicia hands over her number. Nick's left to call his Dad's investigator - hoping he'll work for him now.

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