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Today's Spoiler



Tuesday, September 30th

Copyright Toni's Spoiler Site. Not to be republished

At the club, a hungover Mike wants to cancel his appointment to spend all day in bed with Lauren. He's now enjoying the empty nest. Thanks alot, Fen appears.

'Bachelor Bash Busted', the online news reads (complete with photos Nick wants to frame) No one will ever forget that bachelor party. After tomorrow, Nick and Sharon will never sleep in separate beds again. Summer, Austin and Noah arrive (Noah wincing when Faith enters shouting - all excited about her happiest birthday ever) The piece of paper with Phyllis' name is out of sight on the floor.

Victor leaves a message for Nikki (from the lab in Sweden) He'll be back for the wedding - love you - bye. He then tries to rush Dr Jorgenson's results - he needs to know whether Faith is his son's daughter.

At CL's, Mariah's so busy looking at a' gorgeous guy' that she almost bumps into Kevin (who's set straight - the wedding isn't a date date) Yeah - he knows that.

On the patio, Mr Gorgeous is on the phone - the location is great real estate. If we can get rid of the businesses, it'll be perfect for our purpose. He now has to take care of a personal matter.

At the station, Avery's pissed that Dylan's in handcuffs - that Harding's 'threatening' her client - and that Paul's 'playing it by the book' (despite the 'prisoner with cause' being his son) Don't underestimate our case, Paul announces that Chris is charging Dylan with first degree murder.

Victor out of town, Nikki 'resting', Faith's party will be just the family. Austin's being grilled by Faith - of course he likes dolls. She'll wait for Mariah before opening presents. Noah grumbles - one thing she's good at is hurting people.

Meanwhile, Mariah clarifies; she justs wants to have a friend at the wedding. Her self deprecation causes Kevin to say none of what happened to Mariah is her fault. When she stares at Mr Gorgeous, Kevin huffs - take HIM to the wedding. I'd never do something like that to you, she surprises Kev.


Mike and Lauren fuss over Fen - oh how they missed him. Because the visit is a surprise, Mike wonders if Fen's in trouble.

Paul couldn't ignore the evidence. WHAT evidence? There's no body! Are you really going to let this happen? Avery appeals to Paul. 'Get it (the questioning) done' Paul orders Harding.

Mariah's done some awful things, but is trying to do good things - like honour her commitment to Kevin. You like me, he grins. Oh, do I? Mariah laughs - do you own a suit? Kevin won't embarrass Mariah - maybe it won't be as bad as you think. Oh yes it will - it certainly won't be as much fun as last night's party.

Summer reluctantly admits (to Austin) that Mariah added some fun to the party (by hiring the stripper) Faith agrees to open one present. Austin picks up the piece of paper with Nick's name on it. Looks like someone dropped this.

Paul leaves Chris a message (she's in Madison on business)- he had to arrest Dylan. Justice is right, no matter what the cost. I hope I'm doing the right thing.

Avery jumps to answer questions Harding poses to her client. As for their witness, Jeffrey Bardwell is unreliable and has a criminal record. He was probably drinking when he claimed to have seen a decorated soldier in a dark parking lot. Harding is then handed a file with new evidence - how does Dylan explain the mud on his boots matching the mud in the quarry? Avery pales.

Avery summons Paul to the interrogation room - she wants all evidence the cops are hiding. Paul's not hiding anything! Then where's the search warrant for the boots? Right here - the Judge signed it earlier this morning. Avery should have been there - perhaps the cops falsified evidence. Paul wouldn't do that, Dylan says (quickly confirmed by Paul) After Paul slams out, Harding tells Dylan and Avery that the Chief withheld evidence from Chris, covering for his son. The media will be all over Paul. Do the right thing - confess you murdered Ian. A good son would do that

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