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Today's Spoiler



Tuesday, September 2nd

Copyright Toni's Spoiler Site. Not to be republished

Blathering on about the upcoming birth, birth-coach Abby finds Vikki in Victor's office - thinking about Billy. Abby's optimistic - getting back together? Vikki rolls her eyes.

In Jack's office, Billy's distracted. Enter Ashley - back for good if all goes right today (she hugs both her brothers)

Naked and in bed, it appears Mike's failed again. Lauren's cheerfulness is forced. Stop talking to me like I'm a child, Mike snaps.

The Ashby's are making a mess of the office sofa - and then Collin arrives for a different kind of pounding (on the door)

At CL's, Hilary has ideas to help Neil assimilate. He doesn't need to count steps etc. He's a man who's getting back to his job - today. Devon appears in the doorway.

Devon saunters over to say 'Hilary's right'. Neil must take it easy. No - he's going stir crazy. If Hilary doesn't drive him to work, he'll catch a cab. As Devon watches them leave, Sasha (a former Jabot model) arrives to note he hasn't been at the clubs lately - is Devon 'off the market'?

Mike's sorry. No, Lauren's sorry. It's no big deal. If it's not a 'problem' why are we talking about it? Dinner plans are still on (but both are glum as Mike goes to dress)

As Vikki's telling Abby that she's not reconciling with Billy, Ben barges in (and gets a cold welcome) The bickering is interrupted when Abby gets a text - her Mom's in town! That leaves Vikki to ask Ben what's up between him and Abby. She kissed me, he tattles.

Back at Jabot, Jack updates - he's fine. Things aren't so good for Billy (who vows to get Vikki back) Ashley thinks she can help - she's been working on something that will set the cosmetics industry and the world on fire.



Collin hasn't dragged Cane down to the bar to explain what he's up to - he needs advice (re: Fenmore's) But why not talk to Jill or Lauren (the experts)?

Across the room, Lily and Lauren are meeting. Lingerie sales are high. Lily knows - she's bought a lot herself. What's your secret? Lauren tries to keep it light.

Meanwhile, Mike's arrival at CL's ends Devon's chat with Sasha. He's just not interested (and doesn't feel single) Oh? Is Devon seeing someone?

As her brothers guess, Ashley will only say her new project is revolutionary. She then greets her old friend Neil with a hug. After Hilary's introduced, Neil surprises Jack - he's there to work. In the hallway, Ashley's surprised to hear that Abby will be Vikki's labour coach. She wants nothing to do with Billy - or 'your friend' Stitch.

No, Vikki's not jealous - there was always something about Ben that made her hesitant to get too involved.

Back at the bar, over coffee, Collin explains that he needs a male's perspective. He can't go to Jill. Yes - he loves her. OK - Cane will coach Collin on fashion - AFTER Collin tells him about the mystery man he's been meeting.

Jack's surprised Neil's ready to return. Listing his limitations (and turning his nose up at sniffing perfume - excuse the pun) Neil realizes he shouldn't be back at work.

Hearing the only way Ben will find work is if he leaves town, Vikki offers to stay in touch. She used him pretty much the same way Abby did. Sounds like 'good bye' to Ben.

You're quitting? Jack appeals to Billy for help convincing Neil. Alas, Billy has no advice (and in the hallway says the Abbott's have had better days) He'll need Ashley - especially after today.

Cane still distrusts Collin - the time he spends with the twins is SUPERVISED. Collin knows what's most important in life now - but it's probably too late. Aw forget it, he stands to leave. 'Dad', Cane summons him back.

Jack and Neil shake on a compromise - a paid leave of absence until his eyesight returns. Waiting in the hallway, Ashley and Abby make small talk. Hilary assumes they're going home - but no, Neil has something to take care of first.


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