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Today's Spoiler



Monday, March 2nd

Copyright Toni's Spoiler Site. Not to be republished.

Watching in horror, as her Father drinks, Lily gestures to the bartender. Joining Neil at the bar, she tries to take his glass. Neil won't be stopped - you gonna throw your own Father out? he drinks - as Lily frowns at him.

In his office, Paul catches Chris sneaking chocolate. As they laugh and kiss, Nikki bursts in - to say that she believes Phyllis innocent. The evidence says otherwise, Chris sneers, NOT impressed that Paul welcomes Nikki's input.

On the patio, Abby doesn't believe her cousin Kyle guilty of anything. But Kevin, Mariah and Noah just can't believe him period - and that's why they had the bloody towel tested.

At Summer's, Kyle continues to comfort the grieving widow; encouraging her to find some photos of Austin on her laptop; where she comes upon a video (Hey my beautiful wife, Austin smiles.)

Nikki thinks Phyllis has changed. Chris doesn't - is she blackmailing you?! Paul encourages Nikki to continue. She has no fondness for Phyllis, but believes she's a changed person (because she insisted Nikki be saved from Underground first) Chris huffs and puffs, Paul referees - and Nikki wants the charges dropped.

Don't do this again, Lily reminds her Father what happened 'last time'. Think about Moses. His Mama's taking good care of him, Neil's sure. Asked how things are with Cane, Lily admits he slept in the guest room. Neil doesn't care if Lily dumps that guy. Well look what the cat dragged in - the billionaire - the man I used to call my son - the man who drove me to this point.

The movie is of Austin and Summer; kissing and laughing. The gang arrives (Fen's gone back to school) And as the next video begins to play, Marian notes Abby's reaction (as she tries to shut it down) The video cuts to another segment; It's 3:15 Valentine's Day. I haven't seen this one! But Summer MUST watch it (my husband made this for me the day he died!) Abby looks tense.

All watch as Austin talks about giving Summer an apology. Huh? For what? she wonders aloud. You've been telling me I haven't been myself lately - there's something you need to know... I don't like myself.... Summer then bursts into the background - start packing for the cabin. Austin ends the recording - leaving all to wonder why he was so depressed. Why couldn't he apologize in person? Summer wonders. Abby suddenly remembers something she has to do - and runs out. Kevin pulls Mariah aside - what was that look between you and Abby?

You're not an officer of the court; hardly qualified to have any say, Chris is pissed. Paul reminds that Nikki has nothing to gain. Unlike me!? You think I'm not objective!? After Nikki escapes, Chris snarls at Paul - how could you do this to me?!

Devon wants to talk in private. Oh privacy? Like you had with my wife? Neil doesn't agree with Lily (that Hilary's to blame) If she can't forgive Cane, why should he forgive Devon for doing something far worse? Wrestling the bottle away, Lily marches off. Devon apologizes - but nothing he says means anything to Neil - YOU don't mean anything to me. You. Are. Not. My. Son.

Grabbing another bottle, Neil rejects Devon's apology. There IS no way Devon can make this right. But you can make it a little better - take a drink. Devon does so. Now go to a liquor store - buy an expensive bottle - keep drinking until that bottle is all gone - buy another and keep drinking until you're s a drunk, just like your old man. My gift to you can become your gift to me! Nikki arrives to watch the tense scene.

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