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Today's Spoiler



Monday, July 21st

Copyright Toni's Spoiler Site. Not to be republished

The hanky does indeed remind Chelsea that it's her anniversary today. Kevin arrives - straight from the airport - with big news - he knows who Stitch was before he became Ben Rayburn.

Meanwhile, Ben gives Vikki a welcome home kiss and neck rub. She has so much to do before the baby comes. When Ben gets excited about helping, her frown fades. The test is tomorrow - she'll know who's baby she's carrying.

At the club, Victor can tell Nikki's distracted. She's not worried about Ian's lawsuit - she's worried her journal will become public record. Yes, she's embarrassed. Victor's supportive - and Dylan grew up in a loving home. Nikki still wonders about what might have been.

Abby wonders why Kelly didn't tell anyone that Ben's her brother. Why didn't she tell Billy? She bets the 'home wrecker' is hiding a deep dark secret. Abby! Traci comes in to scold her - how RUDE.

Assured that Summer's not pregnant, Billy hopes Ben's not the father of Vikki's baby - why didn't he fight for his other kid? Maybe he couldn't, Jack seems about to blab - then spots Kelly.

Of course Victor doesn't think Nikki's unhappy with her life. Good - because she loves him and the kids they share. Concerned that she's upset, Victor suggests Nikki get the journal back and he'll handle things. Declining the offer, Nikki claims she'll be fine while Victor's away on business. Giving her a kiss, Victor assures he'll be back before the hearing tomorrow.

Back at Vikki's, Ben wants to be there for her no matter who the father is. Vikki vows she won't take Billy back - even if he's the father. Ben believes her but won't let her remove 'all pictures' of Billy (as he'd hope Jenna would allow Max to see pictures of HIM)

As Billy spouts off about Ben not fighting for custody, Kelly reminds that the baby Vikki's carrying might not be Billy's) Vikki's begged him to drop it - and yet he still pries. Billy hasn't pried in some time - and what's got Jack wound up anyway? Jack tells Kelly that he can't remain silent. But is now the time? Kelly announces that dinner's ready. And as Jack heads to the dining room, Kelly lies to Billy (he's worried about Summer) It's hard when you lose a parent unexpectedly, Billy says (leaving Kelly looking mighty troubled)

Chelsea first looks at a Chesterfield High year book. Stitch's real name is Ben Russell. And then Kevin came up with this. OMG! Chelsea's stunned by what she reads on his laptop.

Still seated at the club, Nikki's mind is on Ian; he's a sick man - he asked her to be brought to him - he did the most degrading things. She now thinks of more recent memories; he's your son Paul. Eying a bottle of vodka behind the bar, Nikki hurries out.

Abby doesn't remember family dinner's being so quiet - why isn't anyone talking? Traci guesses it's because everyone's enjoying their meal (all rave - it's good) Abby asks how family dinner's were for Kelly and Ben. Jack and Traci would like to know more about Austin (which goes well for a minute - before Abby mentions him going to prison) What? she protests - if your family can't be honest with you, who can???

Kevin knows exactly why Chelsea hasn't told Billy anything yet - Billy will get back with Vikki and leave her all alone.

Vikki promises Ben that she'll never keep him from this baby if it's his - she knows he'll be a good father. They're about to celebrate Ben possibly being Chief Resident when Nikki stumbles in to almost faint. Both run to hold her up.

The dinner party continues to go downhill. Austin declares his love for Summer (not her money) Neither him of Jack are onboard with Summer's suggestion that he work at Jabot. Things get even more awkward when Austin asks if Billy has kids. And since Abby has everyone on the 'truth train', he says 'nothing's been alright since Delia died'.

After checking Nikki over, Ben leaves Vikki to boast about his promotion. Nikki's not surprised. Hearing Vikki doesn't trust Billy, she wonders if she trusts Stitch. Absolutely, Vikki nods. And by the way, Billy's moving too - with Chelsea.


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