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Today's Spoiler



Tuesday, October 21st

Copyright Toni's Spoiler Site. Not to be republished

Sorry. No time for spellcheck etc.

Nick finds his Dad seated behind his desk. So, was your trip successful? Find what you were looking for? And what does Nick think Victor was looking for? A way to break him and Sharon up.

Thanks for fitting me in, Sharon welcomes Madam Isadora into her home. She's a bit of a skeptic but willing to do anything to keep from losing the man she loves.

At CL's, Noah wonders if Summer's eating plain toast because she's pregnant. No, her Mom's freaked out about her being married to Austin. Phyllis will come around like Dad and Jack did, Noah says.

Phyllis is annoyed that Jack insists on hanging around for her follow up appointment at GCM. I love you but don't treat me like I'm made of glass. Be honest with me. What are you trying to protect me from?

At the club, Ben finds Kelly frantically looking for a misplaced clients' guest list. And Mom's lurking - asking questions about Jack when I don't even know where things stand. Loving someone and not knowing whether to move on or stick it out sucks. Kelly then gives Ben the 'really!?' look when Ashley appears.

Victor's glad Nick's finally interested in what Sharon's hiding. No, Nick only wants to give Sharon peace. Well you won't have it as long as you're with 'that woman'. Victor hired Mariah to protect Nick (who goes on about Victor not being home to protect Mom from a psycho) Teaching and dictating are two different things - Nick thinks and acts for himself. No, you're letting Sharon make a fool out of you.

Arriving at the Underground, Mariah gripes about Kevin hovering. And no, she's NOT grateful that he took her to a hotel to keep her safe from Ian - we should have had separate rooms! Kevin's left to shake his head.

Yes, Ashley's ready for their meeting (if the siblings are done) Kelly just needed help figuring out a puzzle. Ashley appreciates Ben's problem solving skills. After joking about their last meeting ending up in arrest, Ashley gives Kelly hope; Jack's trying to figure out the puzzle as well.

Back at GCM, Phyllis is more stressed out by what she doesn't know. Tell me everything I missed - don't leave anything out. Getting a timely call, Jack steps away to tell Kelly to go check the house for her missing file. I miss you. I miss you too. Hanging up, Jack looks sad.

Knowing Ben's worried about his criminal record, Ashley's confides being arrested for murder AND going to prison for attempted murder (so that people she loved didn't go to prison) If the people she took the rap for didn't come forward, would she have kept the secret? Yes - there's nothing Ashley wouldn't do to protect her family.

Phyllis notes that Jack's been quiet since his phone call. Go take care of business. Yes, it would make Phyllis happy. OK, but the moment the tests are over, call and Jack will come get her. Phyllis turns a quick kiss into more. As soon as Jack leaves, a nurse comes out to say the appointment's been canceled. That's fine, it gives Phyllis time to handle something else.

Has Jack talked to Phyllis about Kelly? Never mind 'doctor's orders', Noah would be nervous too. How's Jack supposed to explain moving another woman into Phyllis' bed? She's gonna go ballistic. Summer CAN blame Jack for not waiting.

Austin doesn't want sordid details - and if Mariah's so 'great' she can sweep the floors. He then jokes about her new bodyguard. And Mariah jokes about his new mother in law (how does Phyllis feel about you kidnapping her sister at gunpoint?) Phyllis doesn't like him. So what? Mariah doesn't care what people think of her.

What is Sharon hoping to get out of this reading? She's hoping to regain her memory - and find out if she and Nick have a future. Madam Isadora is a psychic not a fortune teller (and taking Sharon's hand, she sees guilt)



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