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Today's Spoiler



Wednesday, October 29th

Copyright Toni's Spoiler Site. Not to be republished

Tradition be damned, Nick and Sharon spent the night before their wedding day together at home. This afternoon they'll officially be man and wife. Mommy!!! Faith's scream sends both running upstairs.

At the penthouse, Billy (Johnny in his lap) kills the Halloween mood by noting it's origins (troubled souls trying to find peace) As someone places a mysterious box outside the door, Billy apologizes. S'OK to think of someone you lost (Chelsea clearly is too)

Avery arrives at CL's wearing a mask. Dylan's mind is on renewing his lease - and Avery's ex.

At the club, Cane grumbles about Joe's business deal disrupting the livelihood of people he likes. This WILL be personal to Dylan and others who'll have to relocate. Joe reminds Cane that the main goal in business, is to .... make money, Collin appears to introduces himself.

Ben? Vikki yet again finds herself with free access to the lab. Maureen strolls in too - also looking for Ben (and not happy to hear that he has something to tell Vikki that would change their future)

Bared chested and freshly showered, Ben lets Ashley into his room. An hour to kill, he jokes - are you wearing the perfume? She jokes - do you have a sudden urge to kiss me?

Billy's grateful for what he's got - the kids and Chelsea (who's now over Adam) Ding Dong. But it's not trick or treaters, it's Billy's delivery - a monkey costume for Johnny (which is so much cooler than Connor's lamb costume)

Avery agrees that Joe's comment when meeting Dylan was tactless - but not that he's still in town because he wants something. Avery assures Dylan that by the time they got together, she wasn't Joe's to lose (meaning he didn't ruin their marriage)



'Here we go again', Cane's irritated when Collin claims Cane should be in a boardroom, not a bar. He has killer instinct, like me, his Dad boasts. On cue, the twins run over, followed by Lily. Meanwhile, Jill's hissing at Collin - for Halloween, she'll dress up as his executioner!

Unable to find her tiara, Faith runs upstairs to put on the other costume her Mom got for her. After reassuring Sharon that they WILL get married today, Nick goes to help Faith, leaving Sharon to worry something will go wrong. Knock knock - Cassie!? Sharon's terrified by the ghostly apparition dressed in white.

Hey. It's me. Calm down. Mariah pulls out her ear-buds to say she left her keys behind. Sharon claims she was just playing along. Very convincing (Mariah isn't convinced)

Back in the lab, Vikki asks Maureen for more details on her husband's death. Yeah, well, if Vikki really loved her son, she'd forgive him. Knowing there's more to the story (and not appreciating the 'accusation' that she doesn't love Ben) Vikki again asks for details on the night his Father died.

Ben yawns as he does up his shirt. Not much sleep last night. Ashley suggests he shut out everyone and follow his heart.

Dylan's pissed to hear Jeffrey's suit against Ben is going forward. And he should have realized there was more to his friend's story. Billy and Chelsea arrive (each carrying a son) You guys are living together? Dylan asks. Yeah, is that a problem? Billy snaps back.

Jill swoons over Joe, then rants to Collin about insulting his son in front of 'that stranger'. What are you up to? and don't you lie to me!


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