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Wednesday, April 23rd

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At the park, Jill warns Collin not to show up early for lunch with Cane and Lily - he won't look eager - he'll look pushy. Collin's excited to see his grandkids (and it's all thanks to his smart, sexy wife) Don't blow it - this could be your last chance, Jill cautions.

In the kitchen a 'tense' Lily slams things about - Collin's dangerous - the kids have no idea what he's capable of. The Ashby's trust Jill's judgment - but if he crosses the line.... He's out of here, Cane assures.

Jack finds nuKelly on the gym's exercise bike. She looks disappointed that he readily agrees they shouldn't socialize. Don't worry - he won't ask her out again.

Chelsea's cooing to Connor when Kevin stops by. What's wrong - is it Chloe? Yes, it is.

Billy and Chloe arrive at the CL's patio (after the cemetery) They reminisce about Delia; she loved Easter. This isn't like last Spring at all, they sadly agree.

Vikki and Stitch are at the park - their lunch plans have fallen through - but he insists they have their very first real date - right here, right now. You ready??

Never mind Billy and Vikki (their problems are their own) Jack thinks Kelly clever, funny, honest - easy on the eyes - but he doesn't want to make her life any harder. So - see you around. She looks bummed as he saunters off.

Stitch pulls a flower out of the garden - shakes the dirt off (in case of bugs - cause he's classy that way). Yeah, you are, Vikki agrees. She's sorry they ran into Billy last night. Her life's complicated. Stitch understands. Listen - it's a concert in the park (which Stitch thinks adds to their date)

Now seated, Chloe and Billy chat about her taking 'crazy' to a whole new level - his confidence that he can win Vikki back - and the fashion show 'scissors n slap'. Chloe's working on her relationship with Chelsea. And how are things between her and Kevin?

Connor down for a nap, Chelsea hears that Chloe isn't completely fine - but much better. Kevin heard them make up - is Chelsea really going to give Chloe a second chance? Yes (Chelsea's surprised Kevin's questioning it) Now Kevin must ask if Chloe can see Connor. No way in hell, Chelsea doesn't hesitate.

Chloe would rather answer emails than discuss Kevin. Billy thinks she seems more herself - Adam didn't take everything. No - just the best thing. But look at us - fighting our way back. It's Spring - everything's new again. Chloe suggests they see everything new again - through Delia's/Connor's eyes (which worries Billy)

Until Chloe's better (and knows the difference between my son and her daughter) Chelsea must protect Connor (and Chloe) Only when Chloe's completely better can she be with Chelsea and Connor. Kevin's glad Chloe has someone to count on. She already has someone, Chelsea says - you.

Leaving the gym, Kelly hears Jack on the phone. Has he been 'stood up'? No - his lunch date was canceled. Well - he could find a new date (Kelly's clearly offering) Jack stands and gestures for her to sit at his table.

Greeted by the Ashby's, Collin thanks them. And as the twins loudly burst in (and settle with Jill) Lily explains that this is Collin; Daddy's father - which means he's your grandfather. Oh how happy Collin is to see them - how long he's waited for this moment.

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