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Today's Spoiler



Tuesday, March 31st

Copyright Toni's Spoiler Site. Not to be republished.

Ashley meets Jack at CL's - in case the lab's bugged again. Updated on the security breach, Jack immediately suspects Victor.

At the club, Vikki and Billy tell Chelsea that they were just discussing the security breach. As for 'what happened last night', Chelsea insists they let her in in the private joke.

Whose fingerprints are these? What are you up to Victor? Nikki wonders at home (alone)

Meanwhile, Victor claims he has important business to discuss with Jack. If Gabe is anything like his Father, he can't take the heat. Blame the victim, that's your M.O. - and yes, Gabe does know Victor - better than you think.

Still at Summer's, Kyle vows to support her. Noah and Courtney arrive - followed closely by Kevin and Mariah (both couples have news - but the engagement comes first)

You're back! ~hug~ Abby lets Ben back into her suite. He's heading out of town to pick up Kelly's ashes. Abby claims she's coming with him.

Back at the club, Billy explains that he comforted a crying Vikki; he was there for her - like Gabe was for Chelsea. Yeah, you did say there's no secrets between us, Vikki reminds Chelsea (then marches upstairs)

After all congratulate Noah and Courtney, Kevin reports finding footage of Jack (Austin was secretly filming) Kevin needs to access the security footage from the park (the police have cameras there) Noah protests - but Courtney's game.

Jack lists Victor's recent actions - he has a plan. Ashley isn't worried. Getting a call from the office, she's told that Victor's in the building. He wants us to know he's there - what DOESN'T he want us to know? Jack wonders.

Paul flashes back to blasting Victor at GCM (your wife ran my wife and baby over!) On cue, Nikki drops by - as a friend (if he still considers her one) Paul tells Nikki that Chris can't have more kids. Nikki's so sorry - feels foolish coming to him with this.... Whatever it is, Paul's answer is no.

Adam laughs when Victor tries to dismiss him from Jack's office; and he'll never sell Jabot to you. Not everyone 'has a price', not everyone can be bullied (a lesson Victor should have learned from his son) You know my son? Who are you? Victor wants to know.

No more secret favours behind my wife's back, Paul wishes he hadn't ignored Chris' feelings. He can't bring the baby back, but he'll never disappoint his wife again. If Nikki has evidence to a crime she needs to go through the proper channels. Nikki leaves with her envelope.

At the station, Courtney hovers as Kevin types away on a computer. Access denied - a siren goes off.

Ben will only be gone a day - Abby will be safe. But she wants to go to support him. When he declines the offer, Abby badgers him to lean on Vikki (who then comes knocking)

Back at the club, Billy tries to convince Chelsea and himself that there's nothing between him and Vikki. He then gripes about her confiding in Gabe. I'm not the one hung up on an ex. But Adam's dead, Chelsea reminds. You'd never know it, Billy grumbles.

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