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Today's Spoiler



Friday, October 17th

Copyright Toni's Spoiler Site. Not to be republished.

Be nice working with you Joe, Mike smiles. It won't be for long. Joe's leaving, right? Avery interjects. Joe might have other documents that need to be reviewed. No problem, Mike says, then exits to 'meet a friend'. That leaves Avery to ask Joe what game he's playing - why pretend you didn't know Mike was my partner??

Despite Paul and Dylan's concerns, Nikki insists on speaking to Ian (now at the station) You have no power over me anymore. Hearing her out, Ian chuckles at the lovely family portrait - but where is Nikki's husband? You always did love to play the field. Paul stops Dylan mid-lunge.

I trusted you Grandpa (Summer realizes he duped her when signing trust fund documents) I blindly signed everything! Phyllis wonders why she was signing trust fund documents. Victor stands by his claim to have saved Phyllis. Perhaps you should all be asking why Jack didn't (all eyes transfer from Victor to Jack)

How could Joe NOT know Mike was her partner? You called to congratulate me after the announcement! Joe didn't register the name - why would he lie? Avery's assured that it's a coincidence - but Joe can't say he's worry about it.

Ian enjoys Dylan's temper (which made it easy to frame him for murder) Paul knows his son is too honest and decent to kill anyone. Ian's not so sure - he looks like he wants to strangle me. Avery will leave you, he warns. After Dylan has his say, Nikki talks about how they'll all move on happily (while he's alone and in jail) Paul takes over for Harding; he wants the pleasure of locking Ian up.


Paul tells Ian that he'll be put away for a very long time. It's finally over. Ian spews psycho-babble about paths and the universe. Nothing is over. Paul locks the cell and is the one smiling as he walks off.

Yes, Phyllis was grateful, but did Victor steal Summer's signature on anything else!? When Austin chimes in, Victor dismissed him to remind once again that Phyllis is home now. When Jack wonders about side effects, Phyllis assures Summer that she's fine. Leaving, Victor has a few last words for Phyllis and Ashley (whom he hugs on his way out) Yet another bomb is dropped by Ashley. Huh? You're already married!? Phyllis gapes at Summer as all look stunned.

Why does Joe want to see Avery again? Because he's concerned (with Dylan being locked up) She's sure he'll be released soon - she's standing by him. Like you stood by me? Joe quips.

Paul, Dylan and Nikki pat themselves on the back. The plan was effective (more so than Dylan beating Ian to a pulp) On his way out, Dylan gives Nikki special credit. Ahhh, it's over, she sighs with relief on Paul's shoulder.

Arriving at the club, Victor flashes back to Nikki's odd behavior (they day she knocked over the flowers while drunk) He leaves her a message - why aren't you answering your phone? He's at the club because the staff told him that's where Nikki went. A few feet away, at the bar, Maureen overhears.

Phyllis isn't happy about Summer's lies. First Austin's a friend, then a fiance, now a husband!? Are there grandchildren running around somewhere?? She's had it with being 'protected'. Summer will NOT get an anullment. Others tried to break them up - it won't work. It's true, Jack even went to the police. You're barely out of your teens! Phyllis stresses. You can NOT wreck my marriage, Summer runs out in tears (Austin following) Ashley apologizes and leaves Jack to deny Victor's implication; he did everything he could to wake Phyllis up from her coma (which she never doubted) The Mustache is after Sharon's secret, he adds. Phyllis thinks it pretty convenient that Sharon's forgotten. So, you DO know what it is? Jack pries.

Mike makes jokes with Dr Botnick. But he's not been summoned to discuss golf. There's no easy way to say this. Your PSA blood levels are elevated. I have cancer? Mike's abrupt.

Evading Jack's question nicely, Phyllis just thinks it suspicious that Sharon would forget important information. Her head is swimming - she doesn't want to think about Victor and their fued. Austin returns to speak to Phyllis in private. He's sorry for how all this went down. I love Summer. OK - prove you're worthy of her, is Phyllis reply.

In the dining room, Ashley again apologizes to Jack. It's OK, Phyllis is a lot stronger than we thought. But is she strong enough to hear another woman was sleeping in her bed? Jack doesn't have an answer to that one.

Austin can prove himself by telling Phyllis what everyone's hiding from her - or better yet, hand over his phone so she can go online. Austin can't, but is no match for Phyllis. Don't worry - we've come to an understanding, she gives Austin the look (as she reassures a concerned Summer)

Is Joe trying to pick a fight!? No. He doesn't blame Avery. He wasn't the husband she deserved. Avery doesn't want to have this conversation. You're in good hands with Mike. Good luck with your work. Walking out, she flies into Dylan's arms. You're out!! As they hug, Dylan looks at Joe. You must be Dylan, Joe says. And who are you? Dylan's puzzled. Avery's speechless.

At the club's bar, Maureen offers to help Victor find Nikki - I know where she is....

Nikki's about to leave when Paul questions her about the friendly visitor who showed up with vodka. Have you been drinking again?? Nikki's jaw drops.

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