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Today's Spoiler



Friday, September 19th

Copyright Toni's Spoiler Site. Not to be republished.

Summer sticks to her guns - she'll be in Georgia tonight. Leaving for work, Austin greets Sharon at the door. Summer's happy about her marrying Nick - but sad the world is moving on without her Mom. Sharon understands Summer's mixed emotions. You need to live your life to the fullest - like Phyllis did. Sharon then asks Summer to be her bridesmaid (Mariah's attendance is up in the air) My Mom would appreciate you looking out for me, Summer's sure.

Meanwhile, a car stops for Phyllis; hey there - hop in. Without responding, she does.

Guessing Mariah's not collecting money for charity, Nikki manages to insult and welcome her to the family (if she ever decides to turn her life around) Victor puts an end to Nikki's questions (allowing Mariah to 'vacate the premises') He then tells Nikki to trust him. Yeah right - after causing Sharon to undergo EST? What are you using that poor girl (Mariah) for now?

Dr Cutler won't let the nurse spread the word that Phyllis is missing. Go check every room/closet etc. The nurse runs off obediently.

Summer tracks Avery down at CL's - to ask her to go to Georgia with her. No, she can't wait a couple of days. Bye ~hug~ Avery then tells Dylan that she hopes Sharon doesn't hurt the 'wonderful' Nick. He suggests she's bothered because Nick's getting married.


Chris and Lauren commiserate over 'emergency cocktails' at the club. Whining about Nikki leaning on Paul, Chris is reminded that Paul loves her. Sniffling, Lauren admits she and Mike WERE having a problem - but hopefully it's behind them now.

Paul updates his cop; Ward's keys were found at the quarry too. Dawkins is more concerned with cleaning this damned mud off his shoes. There for paperwork, Mike stares (flashing back to Dylan's muddy boots at Avery's) Loudly hoping they find a body, Paul realizes Mike overheard - and takes him into his office. Yes, Paul saw the muddy boots at Avery's too. So? What are you gonna do about it? Mike asks expectantly.

Let's get something straight - I'm not the villain here - realize that and we'll all be better off. Nikki warns Victor not to sabotage Nick and Sharon's wedding. Stay out of the kids' lives. In the end, it'll all turn out, Victor does what he has to. Nikki will never understand how his mind works. As Nikki flounces out to a charity meeting, Victor snarls; have a good time.

Dylan points out that Avery's not eager to marry him. But that was before she almost lost him, sat by his hospital bed. A life with Dylan is all Avery wants. Dylan too - but first, he must be sure he's the man she deserves.

Mike knows this is taking a toll on Paul - but he must step up. Paul is - he had the mud on Dylan's boots tested (and it's not from the same area as the evidence) Mike's relieved - thank God. Yeah, thank God, Paul's unconvinced.

Behind the bar, Austin makes Mariah a drink; he didn't tell Abby and Summer that Ian married her. As they wrestle over the green drink, it ends up spilling down Austin's shirt. As they clean up, Summer arrives - watches - not happy.

Now home, Sharon tells Nick that Summer's excited to be her bridesmaid. Victor then stops by - to see BOTH of them. No, not to give them a hard time. He's there with champagne - to propose a toast.

As Chris and Lauren return to the station, Mike steps out to take one of his blue pills, then escort his wife home. Chris finds Paul's office empty (and hears he went to the club to find her)

Seated at the GCAC, Nikki's served a soda - and vodka/tonic for a friend who's on her way. Nikki sips her soda, then struggles to resist temptation (and looks busted when Paul appears)

Victor toasts the happy couple; may you be guided by your past. May the bond of your children always be with you. Cheers. Faith on a play-date, Sharon leaves father and son to talk. Nick asks Victor what he's up to. Victor loves his family - our definitions of love are similar. Getting a sudden headache, Victor asks Nick for aspirin. He wastes no time bagging Nick's champagne glass and hair from a brush in Faith's backpack.

As Austin and Mariah joke, Summer comes over to say she's not going to Georgia until Avery can go. Why rush? Your Mom's not going anywhere, Mariah quips. Austin gives her the look.

You're awfully quiet - where you goin'? the car driver tries to engage Phyllis in conversation.

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