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Today's Spoiler



Tuesday, November 25th

Copyright Toni's Spoiler Site. Not to be republished.

Over sandwiches at Underground, Sharon, Noah and Mariah chat about Thanksgiving. Sharon even pokes fun at herself (if she listed all she wants to improve about herself, they'd be there all night)

Before dessert, Nikki gives a toast. It's been exactly a year since she announced that Dylan's her son (at the club) Dylan has kind words for his parents too. Oh the joy.

There's a story behind Jack's wishbone. Summer joined the Abbott's for Thanksgiving last year - they both wished Phyllis would come back. He glued it together and saved it. Jack's sorry he lost faith, but grateful Phyllis is back ~hug~

Oh so happy, Chelsea, Billy and the kids take a selfie.

Back in the lab, Ben understands Ashley wants her brother to be the Father of Vikki's baby. It's out of our hands - let's get to work, Ashley suggests.


Nikki lies - we're out of wine. But she (and everyone) soon fuss over Vikki and the baby (brought home by Abby) All are touched when Vikki announces the name; 'Katherine' - named after one helluva woman; fearless, strong, funny, loyal. Katie Newman is a beautiful name, Victor approves.

As Cane and Collin butt heads, a distracted Lily worries to Hilary and Devon; we need to support Neil (his sobriety may be at risk)

The Winter's all gathered around the table, Neil names everyone. He's so grateful. Thanks to God for blessing us... Amen. That was beautiful, Jill gushes.

At Underground, Mariah and Noah fill their faces with whipped cream. Sharon tells the kids that Nick's fighting her for sole custody. She can't let him take her daughter from her!

His foot trapped, Nick groans 'I can't. I can't', then passes out - and the dog runs off.

At home, Jack and Phyllis snuggle. She's glad he never gave up on her - again asks about the woman he dated. It's over, Jack assures she has nothing to worry about - it's over. He looks suspicious as Phyllis goes to check on dinner.

No thanks. Ben would rather work in the lab than go to Thanksgiving dinner with Ashley (and Traci) Now alone, Ben gets a call . Billy also get a call, as does Vikki; who announces that tomorrow they'll know who Katie's father is.


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