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Today's Spoiler



Friday, December 19th

Copyright Toni's Spoiler Site. Not to be republished.


Billy notes that Jack was giving Gabriel the look he usually saves for Victor. There's similarities, Jack admits - and he's already 'played the friendship card'. Billy tells Jack to trust his gut, then shows him a photo of Katie and expresses how happy he is. Left alone for a minute, Jack pulls out a petition for Guardianship (of Connor)

Meanwhile, at Delia's roadside memorial, Adam tells her how sorry he is. Choking up, Adam feels he's paid (by losing his wife and son) I hope you didn't suffer. There's a little boy Adam wants to get to know - my son needs me. I don't want to hurt anyone - I just want to live my life. I hope you understand.

Still at Underground, Summer frets to Austin; listing places Faith could have gone. They lock up to go search.

Phyllis goes home to Jack; Faith's missing - Summer's a wreck. What's that? Guardianship of Connor? Jack's not sure Adam ever had a chance in life (due to Victor) But why is Jack looking at the paperwork now?

Adam quietly lets himself into the penthouse; smells Connor's blankie, admires the 1st Christmas ornament (then slips into the closet as Chelsea returns home) Cracking the door, he watches Chelsea put gifts under the tree.

Chelsea's distracted from the closet when Billy returns to the penthouse - with a gift. Adam listens to the banter - then a giggling race upstairs to bed.

At the club, Avery ends a call to gush about her love for Dylan. Everyone deserves a second chance - like us (and Chelsea). Dylan then gets a call (seems they won't be meeting the mayor after all) The fight just got tough again.

After looking everywhere, Summer and Austin are back at Underground. Promise me we'll never get a divorce; never put our own kids through this, Summer whimpers.

Paul rejoins Nick and Sharon. There's bicycle tracks up to the main road - we're widening the search. Faith will be home soon. Sharon's terrified - someone could have grabbed her. Bad things happen on the road at night; Delia. Nick points out that Faith is not Cassie or Delia. Dylan found her last time she took off. Sharon flashes back to happier times; her and Nick reading a book to Faith.

Back at CL's, Dylan and Avery wonder why the mayor canceled. Joe may not have that kind of pull but his investors might. Dylan's not done fighting. He won't lose anything to Joe Clark.

Sage calls Adam - it's Constance. It's serious. Come home right now. I am home, Adam quietly replies (still at the penthouse)

Jack avoids Phyllis' question. I'm back, she smiles. Adam's not coming back ~hug~

Summer whines about how hard it is having parents at each other's throat. That will never be us, Austin promises.

Nick and Sharon are now civil. She can't go through this again - Faith has to be OK. Nick sits down to hold a weepy Sharon.


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