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Today's Spoiler



Wednesday, August 27th

Copyright Toni's Spoiler Site. Not to be republished.

As Sharon's scrambling to get money, Harding tells her to slow down - Mariah could be in on this. No - Sharon knows she's in trouble. Nick agrees. Ian's the criminal. OK - Harding will run it as a kidnapping (for now) - but it'll be fake money dropped off by a decoy. Reluctantly, Sharon and Nick agree to let the police handle it (but once alone, it's clear they have other plans)

Mimosa's served, Jill gives somewhat of an apology - to Mike - and Avery - then leaves the partners to explain; Leslie's with the DA's office - and Mike wants to decrease his work load to spend time with his wife. Dylan gets a call from Nick - I need your help. In some storage facility, Ian's also on the phone - everything's in motion - get here as soon as you can. Mariah groggily awakens - what happened? Why am I wearing this dress?

Who put me in this dress? Ian tells Mariah to relax. This is a wedding gown, she realizes.

Dylan and Avery are updated (at Sharon's) - Ian's known all along that Mariah is Cassie's twin. Willa won't talk - but what about Clarence (he worked with Ian) Avery gives his number to Nick (then wonders how much a relationship can survive) Avery would never cheat on Dylan - I love you ~hug~


At the bar, Jill wonders why she doesn't trust men. Collin's been so open and honest with her lately (he looks guilty)

Lauren hates Collin more than ever (blaming HIM for Jill's suspicions) YOU - having an affair? How crazy is that? Mike understands why she might believe it - but their relationship is the most important thing to him. Room upstairs? Naw - Mike has to see a client - but - they'll celebrate at home around 6 ~kiss~ That leaves Lauren to march over to the Atkinson's - I could strangle you!

Collin dismissed, Lauren lectures Jill. Really - 'were' we ALL laughing? Mike wonders if I believed it. And you didn't - for one second? Jill's then horrified to hear the Baldwin's still aren't having sex - do you know how many times Collin and I ...... You've got a serious problem Sis!

Gloria invites Kevin on a singles cruise (a little game she and Jeff play) Maybe if you'd spiced things up, Chloe woulda chosen you over a straight jacket. Thankfully Mike interrupts to announce his new partnership. After Glo leaves, Mike hints that his sex life is lacking. Harding then summons Kevin away - he's got a lead on Mariah.

Back at Sharon's, they try to learn Clarence's last name. Dylan supports Sharon - he's accepted Nikki - is glad he knows the truth. Mariah will feel the same way too. Nick makes a call - find Clarence Henderson. Avery offers Nick any support he needs. Dylan promises that Ian will pay this time. But if he WAS in jail, Sharon wouldn't know Mariah's her daughter.

Home, Jill's disappointed in herself - she'll no longer look for hidden agenda's. She hopes whomever stole her music box is doing the same thing. The music box is seen open on someone's desk.

Kevin knows something's off with Mike and Lauren - you know where to find me if you wanna talk. Maybe he's now got a 'final' reason to stick around. Oh? There's other reasons? Yeah - Kev's got some other stuff going on, he grins at his computer.

Gloria's now seated with Lauren at the GCAC - hinting that Mike might cheat - working late nights with a blond bombshell is asking for trouble. Lauren's not worried one little bit.

Dylan's closed CL's early - to celebrate Avery's new partnership ~kiss~ Missing a call, Avery checks her voicemail - and looks mighty disturbed. It's my ex husband.

Nick tells Sharon that Kevin was able to track down Clarence's last known address - he cleared out a few days ago. We won't lose Mariah, Nick insists. Sharon panics - what are they doing to my daughter!?

Clarence? Mariah's confused, knows he presides over special occasions. I'm marrying someone? You're going to marry a man you love and cherish. Who? Me! Ian announces. Mariah quietly cries.


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