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Today's Spoiler



Thursday, October 30th

Copyright Toni's Spoiler Site. Not to be republished.

Lauren knows something's wrong - Jill suspected Mike of an affair. He 'can't' take her to bed? She's not accusing, she's asking - is there something you're keeping from me? Mike loves Lauren - if she could see inside his head, his heart. Oh how Mike loves his wife. Know that everything will be alright. He then leaves her to worry.

Go ahead, tell Nick about your concerns, the nagging feeling that this is a mistake, Victor challenges. Sharon's only mistake was answering the door. You heard her Dad - it's done, Nick takes over. Victor promises Nick that he won't get what he wants. And as Noah and Mariah come in, Victor claims that if the wedding takes place, they'll be in far more trouble than they bargained for. When Faith comes in to wonder what Grandpa says, Mariah saves the day - you're Mom and Dad are so in love.

Back at the club, Jack returns to interrupt Phyllis interrogating Abby. She needs the real dirt. Don't look at your Uncle Jack - tell me everything - blow me away. Jack's eyes say 'don't do it Abby'.

Sharon thanks her family for their support - and Mariah, you like us. OK, Mariah didn't want to admit it, but is happy that Sharon took a chance on her. For the first time, she's seen love that's not twisted. So, here I am, on your side. Mother and daughter hug and exchange 'thank you's.

Grandpa? At the ranch, Summer's welcomed with a hug. My Mom doesn't seem herself. Victor was assured the treatment had no side effects. Hmm, what could be 'distracting' Phyllis? Victor wonders.

Back at the club, Abby tells Phyllis about her love life; her ex's ex pretended to be Cassie. Jack explains that Cassie had a twin. Mariah didn't know she was Cassie's sister. So, Sharon and Nick have another child - that's how she reels him in - and Summer gets benched. Why is Mariah at the wedding and Summer isn't?! Phyllis is angry that Sharon's playing the Cassie card again! Jack insists they stop now. Phyllis agrees - but wants to take a cab home. Let me have some control over something!

Faith and Noah leave to get flowers. Nick and Sharon are left to marvel at their amazing kids; even Mariah's stepping up. We'll be an official family soon. It feels right, no perfect ~kiss~ Nick gets a text; Summer has a gift for him at Underground. Go, Sharon sends him off.

Phyllis is off in the corner, using Summer's phone to text Nick (who will see Supergirl soon)

Mariah joins Kevin at CL's (things were getting a bit 'fuzzy' at the house) No, she doesn't need a date thanks. Lauren rushes in needing to talk to Kevin; you said 'affair'. She has a terrible feeling she'll lose Mike (who's on the phone at home, trying to get his results sped up)

Abby warns Jack; you're flirting with disaster. She feels bad for Phyllis; she has no idea. Jack thinks Phyllis is keeping something from HIM.

Summer describes Phyllis' mood swings. What's my hairbrush doing here? That's yours?! Victor's stunned.

After Nick leaves, Sharon again gets a surprise visitor. This time it's Phyllis; trick or treat.

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