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Friday, April 18th

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Yes, Ashley was Vikki's stepmother - but is now her sister in law - and just stopped by to say hi to a friend (who's not available at the moment) Nice seeing you, Stitch goes to change. Ashley scolds Vikki - Billy loves you so much - you guys left together. Vikki doesn't want to be hurt anymore. Ashley understands - but give Billy a pass (he was grieving) Vikki can't - and is Ashley concerned for her marriage - or Ben? Oh, and how many times have you been married? *zing*

Noah and Courtney return to Sharon - all wondering where Nick is. On cue, he calls Sharon; something came up - I'll fill you in later. Have Noah take you home - I'll meet you there. That was Sharon - do you remember her? Cassie's not getting on her flight until she tells Nick who she is - and why she looks like Cassie.

Who's Cassie? My daughter - and you look like her, but older (she died when she was a kid) Sorry - but she can't help that. Going through her bag, Nick finds photos of Cassie; you still saying this is coincidence????

At Sharon's, Courtney flips through a photo album - asks about Cassie - and is told that Sharon had hallucinations she can't remember now (which triggers a flashback of one now)

Back at GCM, Ashley admits she's in no position to give marital advice - but thinks there's still a chance she and Billy can be happy. Stitch comes out dressed for the date. Enjoy - Ashley will give Dr Rayburn a call next time she's in town (and if any of her body parts need tending to ....) That leaves Stitch to tell Vikki that he has to stay at the hospital (some kid's having surgery) Well, that doesn't mean we can't still have our date, Vikki has an idea.

Chelsea knows Vikki loves Billy. Yes, but she's scared I'm gonna hurt her (and Billy doesn't wanna hear Chelsea 'wax poetic' about Adam - but does anyway; it was real, true love). Billy's gotta go. Don't - please - stay with me, Chelsea blurts out.

Chelsea doesn't want to watch a scary movie alone - and Billy will likely go out and do something ... idiotic? Never mind their 'spotty' history, Chelsea doesn't want to be alone tonight.

In a hospital room, Vikki brought 'French take out'. He's sure it'll be a feast. Oh gosh - green stuff. That's salad. So - what's the deal with Ashley. Stitch treated her ankle and that's about it. It's Vikki who wowed him - and he likes that she was 'jealous'.

Thanking Victor, does NOT think Victor should steal Tyler from Jabot (and manages to call him 'horribly controlling' without insult). From now on, Victor's letting his kids make their own decisions. With a laugh and a hug - no - Abby doesn't believe him.

Noah notices and questions his Mom (who had an image of a grown up Cassie - right here in this room) She's not sure it really happened or was in her mind. Well it must be in your mind - Cassie didn't get to grow up, Noah points out.

Those are pictures of me - when I was a kid, faux Cassie claims. And this photo? Nick sneers - what a coincidence - your parents look exactly like me and Cassie's mother. YOU were the one haunting Sharon - you're an evil person who wanted Sharon think it was Cassie - you almost drove her insane. It wasn't MY idea! she blurts out.

Pizza AND popcorn? Yes - it's movie night. Isn't this the one where the kid's psychologist turns out to be dead? Billy spoils the ending. Chelsea smacks him with a laugh - and Billy responds with a kiss.

Stitch thanks Vikki for understanding - it's not easy to get involved with a resident. Is that what we are? Involved? they kiss.

Sharon calls Underground - is Nick too busy to come to the phone? He hasn't been there all night, Sharon updates Noah - again wondering where he is.

Abby's surprised when her Mom returns to the ranch. Yeah, well - her friend was busy. As Abby goes to fetch her cake, Ashley praises Victor for a lovely gathering. He thinks tonight proof that the family can put conflict aside and pull it together.

Cassie never wanted Sharon to get sick - feels horrible - and would never dream up something like this! Then who's idea was it for you to pretend to be Cassie!? Nick demands answers.

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