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Today's Spoiler



Friday, January 30th

Copyright Toni's Spoiler Site. Not to be republished.

Kelly cares about Jack - that's all. Phyllis is the one obsessed. Of course she's worried about Jack. Ben knows she 'falls hard' - doesn't want her falling apart again (like she did when her marriage ended)

The lawyers give Jack a moment alone with Phyllis (so they can argue about Kelly) He wants to spend the rest of his life with Phyllis - but you haven't been yourself. I'm confused - Phyllis doesn't know who to trust. Trust US. As Phyllis is taken out for transport, Chris sneers - I look forward to reading your psychiatric assessment. I'm sure it'll be fascinating. Paul isn't thrilled. Jack looks devastated.

Vikki hugs her Dad - happy he came through for Mom. They discuss Nikki almost dropping Katie. He's worried - Victor will do anything to keep his family together.

Hilary again tells Neil that she's fine (just wants him to regain his sight) Neil will take her out later to celebrate what lies ahead. After he goes to meet Collin, Hilary pours wine; and fantasizes about telling Neil the truth; which he accepts graciously, but then drinks)


Devon goes to the club to ask Cane for help. Updated, Cane scolds Devon - this won't end well for anyone. Is he really supposed to talk to Collin, lie to Lily and keep Devon's secret until HE'S ready to reveal it? Are you out of your mind??

Hilary continues to envision how Neil might react. This time he ends up punching Devon.

Collin's meeting with Neil right now, Devon whines. Yes, he's desperate. Will Cane help? Devon sounds desperate too.

I lost my son, my marriage collapsed, Kelly sharply reminds Ben. And he reminds that she had to get help. He just doesn't want to see her get hurt. What was that all about? Vikki asks when Kelly runs out the door.

Phyllis is not liking her room at Fairview. It'll help you get well and help your case, Avery replies. When an orderly informs that it's time to go, Phyllis appeals to Jack - don't go.

Back at the station, Mike's sorry that he's opposing Phyllis. Chris is not happy and later grumbles to Paul that he's protecting her. Phyllis is vindictive. Paul wishes Chris would stop getting worked up. And she can't understand why he's not MORE worked up. He's alarmed when Chris experiences sudden pain.

Vikki knows that Ben's feeling guilty that he's so happy. Life is short - grab on to every moment you've got ~kiss~ And off to bed they go.

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