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Today's Spoiler



Monday, July 21st

Copyright Toni's Spoiler Site. Not to be republished.

'Just friends' my ass - if that were true, Chelsea would have told Billy the ammo, giving him and Vikki the 'happy ending' she didn't get with Adam. What's changed? Everything's changed. It's Chelsea's two year anniversary. I loved Adam so much - but he's gone. Maybe this hanky - a gift from Adam - is sign that he's still watching out for me. Kevin understands - but Billy needs to know. How do we know Stitch won't kill again?

Of course Victor isn't away on business - he's meeting a doctor in Phyllis' room (Georgia). Dr Cutler in Switzerland is having good results - he'll open a space for Phyllis but needs her medical records. Sure, Dr Burnett says 'her family will be thrilled'. Oh, but her family can't know anything about this.

Traci thanks Summer and Austin for coming - welcome to the family. Hearing that Summer's not staying at the penthouse (but in Austin's apartment) all worry - it's not a safe area. Abby even heard there was a shooting in that building *awkward silence* Jack has an idea (which he keeps to himself) Good night. Ignoring Traci (and Jack) Abby continues to needle Kelly.

Billy's sex life is no longer Vikki's business - and she'll know tomorrow who fathered the baby. She thinks Ben would be a good father - but - a baby might help Billy heal - it would bring us full circle. Circles have no end, Nikki points out.


Back at the Abbot mansion, Billy asks Jack what's going on with him and Kelly - then preaches honesty. Trust is hard to earn back. Jack shakes Billy's hand - thanks. Kelly then appears.

On the CL's patio, Austin isn't bothered by anything said at dinner. Summer's going to see Mom tomorrow - too bad Austin can't go with her. She doesn't want to talk about him possibly going to prison - and he doesn't want to waste any of their time together ~kiss~

Back at the house, Kelly thanks Jack for not telling Billy - but why didn't he? Because it would hurt Kelly - and destroy the trust between them. Kelly leaves Jack to gripe to Traci; Abby chased everyone out. It was justified badgering and whomever Billy's hooking up with, she can't be as good for him as Vikki is, Abby's sure.

When Billy shows up at the penthouse, Chelsea hustles Kevin out. You can't keep this quiet, he hisses. I know what I have to do, she hisses back. Did Kevin find something out about Stitch? Billy guesses.

Kelly calls Ben - I need to see you. Of course Jack asked questions. And what did she tell him? Everything.

Vikki lists Billy's sins; lies, cheating - and we're both moving on with other people. Vikki will always love Billy but we can't be together. Why not? You have kids. What if this baby's Billy's? It won't change anything, Vikki claims

Billy knows he needs to let it go - but Jack and Kelly were acting strange - it's weird. But he didn't come here for that - he came to kiss Chelsea good night. As he makes for the door, Chelsea looks torn.

On the patio, Ben reams Kelly out for tattling on him - again. Kelly couldn't 'just lie' to Jack. She hated Ben for what he did but accepts that he paid for his crimes. Jack didn't tell Billy - live your life - let me be part of it.

Billy's trying to move on with his life, Jack tells Traci and Abby. Also, Kelly could be part of HIS life for a very long time.

Dr Burnett balks at treating Phyllis without the family's permission. But can't he just consult with the Swiss DR? Victor offers a 'sizable endowment' - so they can buy new technology. He hands over Dr Cutler's number and is left to sit beside Phyllis; Baby, before you know it - we'll bring you back home.

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