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Wednesday, April 23rd

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Collin entertains the twins (who wonder why he hasn't been around) He was in Australia; that's why he and Daddy talk funny. And now for 'presents' (Koala bears) Filing into the kitchen, Cane looks back to see Jill hugging Collin.

On a park bench, Vikki and Stitch enjoy hot dogs and small talk. Does Vikki play an instrument? Her mother plays piano - Vikki paints. This is a real date (the intended vibe is cute/awkward)

Back at the club, Kelly sees no reason she and Jack can't share a meal together. She feels so bad for her part in what's happening with Billy and Vikki - and still feels like the town pariah. Jack reminds that she was a hit at the fashion show - she's fitting into GC life.

Billy drops by the penthouse - he's pleased that Chelsea's cutting Chloe a break. Remarking on how odd it is that Billy's here, Kevin heads off to see Chloe. That leaves Chelsea to tell Billy that if he's there to kiss her again, he can leave.

Jill and the Ashby's watch as Collin interacts with the twins. Given permission to take a photo of them, he chokes up as he thanks everyone (I'll cherish this always)

As Jack and Kelly agree their friendship may not be cursed after all, he hears her ringtone is Vivaldi. As luck would have it the GC Philharmonic is playing Vivaldi in the park today. Jabot's a contributor; reserves the best spot on the lawn - we should go together. Yes, we should, Kelly agrees.

Chelsea thanks Billy for last night - except the kiss. Back to that huh? Hearing Connor cough on the monitor, both race upstairs.

Vikki lists what little she knows about Stitch - ending with; various women come to show him that their ankles have healed (*cough* Ashley) She knows he was married to Jenna for a fairly long time - what went wrong?

When Kevin joins her on the patio, Chloe reports a good trip to the cemetery - appreciates that he didn't push to come along. Kevin's decided not to push anymore - he finally gets it. He overheard Chloe say that she has nothing (without Chelsea and Connor) - and realizes she doesn't feel the same way he does. This will always be an arrangement, not a marriage. And there's no need for Chloe to feel guilty. Kevin won't back out - he'll be responsible for her - the rest isn't an issue anymore (he abruptly leaves)

As the GC Philharmonic plays in the background, Stitch tells Vikki that he and Jenna didn't 'drift apart'. If you ever wanna talk about it .... if it's a matter of trust.... Vikki suddenly covers her mouth and runs off to throw up.

The twins off playing, Cane tells them about Victor's job offer - he's trying to find out who set him up (and Victor) THEN he gives you the CEO job? Unimpressed, Jill says Victor will make Cane jump through hoops - don't take the job. If Cane finds out who set them up, they'll get what's coming to them. Collin's quiet (and looks guilty as hell)

Collin goes out to get the other bag from the car; bubbles. It's going well don'tcha think? Jill knows that he's trying. She knows it's hard to trust Collin - was sure he married her for Kay's inheritance. He loves her (and money) Outside, Collin's on his phone - change of plans - we need to meet right away!

In the club, an embarrassed Vikki drinks water. Stitch is a doctor - if you can't barf in front of me, who can you barf in front of? It was the hot dog, she's sure - thanks for taking care of me. Stitch goes to fetch her more water.

In the steamy bathroom, Billy's in his wife beater. Taking Connor so a sweaty Chelsea can take a layer off too, he gives her a few looks as he chatters away to Connor.

Jack and Kelly had a great time watching the GC Philharmonic. He sings his favourite part; Vivaldi's 'Spring'. They laugh - is Jack tone deaf? No - he's tone dumb. But yes, he 'felt it' - the whole concert - it felt like this ~kiss~

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