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Today's Spoiler



Friday, October 24th

Copyright Toni's Spoiler Site. Not to be republished.

Nikki hides her brochure amongst the mail as Victor comes home. Is she still upset? He is - about Dylan and Paul putting her in danger. Nikki wonders why Victor's really upset - because he wasn't in on the plan? Or because Paul was? If you want to preserve this marriage, no more secrets, Victor barks.

Sharon saw Phyllis at Cassie's grave - you heard everything I said. Not wanting to hurt Nick, Sharon would do anything to know her secret. Phyllis wouldn't be there if she knew. As she ponders a photo of Faith, she arrives with Nick (who wonders what's going on) Sharon has no idea why Phyllis is there.

Nikki counters - does no more secrets apply to both of us? She wanted to include Victor but couldn't reach Victor. He called back, she didn't answer. Nikki had to face the ordeal alone. But you weren't alone - you were with Paul. Another woman told me you had a man in your room. Victor is losing trust in Nikki. Trust and honesty go both ways. Nikki's off to an appointment. Have a great time! I will! she slams out.

Phyllis is there to talk about the role Sharon has in Summer's life. When Nick explains how supportive Sharon's been, Phyllis thanks her. But now I'm back. She needs her Mom, Sharon agrees. A child needs both parents, Phyllis then takes note of Faith's new book - about a wicked witch who steals a little girl and gives her to a woodsman. It all works out in the end - the witch gets what's coming to her. Sharon's head bobbles.


Dylan brings Vikki a plate of chocolate chip cookies. She vents - I'm the one who made these decisions. Bouncing between Ben and Billy isn't good for anyone (including them) What do YOU want? Dylan asks.

Showing up at Maureen's suite, Nikki hears that she ran into Victor earlier. Don't worry - I explained why I covered for you. He seems glad you have a friend. A drink foisted upon her, Nikki beings to confide, but clams up when Ben comes knocking.

Nikki gestures 'Shhh' and hides in the bedroom. Maureen lets Ben in. No, she didn't bail him out. As Nikki listens, Maureen cuts Ben off. But he insists they have this conversation. I want this over with.

Vikki would like to know what's going on between Billy and Chelsea - and whatever Ben's holding back. Neither think him a murderer. As Dylan prattles on, Vikki wonders who Dylan's really talking about (cause it ain't Ben)

Cane knows Joe's been looking at prime real estate. Come on - tell me. If this deal plans out, there'll be a lot of winners, Joe hands over his tablet. Hang on, this is something you failed to mention, Cane looks concerned.

Faith hustled out, Nick wonders if Phyllis is playing games. Sharon helped pick up the pieces after Avery. She's been a Godsend - the reason Nick was able to stay close to Summer. Phyllis thinks it touching - how Sharon helped Nick over the shock of learning Summer wasn't his daughter. After Sharon goes up to tend to Faith, Nick asks Phyllis what this is really about.

Still at home, Victor has a drink - thinks about calling Nikki but tosses his phone instead. The mail tumbles over and Victor picks up the AA pamphlet. A lightbulb goes off.

Nikki continues to listen, drink in hand, as Maureen tries frantically to silence Ben. Go work out - or eat. No - it's time - I have to tell the truth about Dad's death!

Dylan admits he wasn't talking about Ben. Avery's ex, Joe Clark is in town. He's a walking Rolex ad - and here I am waiting tables. There's something about the guy. Dylan doubts he's leaving anytime soon.

Joe failed to mention that Dylan will be one of the losers in his deal. It's a matter of perspective - nothing personal - just business, Joe assures Cane.

Phyllis is there because of Summer - she went through hell ever since the DNA test proved that Jack was her father, not Nick. If Sharon helped Summer, perhaps Phyllis misjudged her. it's time to right some wrongs.

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