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Today's Spoiler



Wednesday, April 1st

Copyright Toni's Spoiler Site. Not to be republished.

Collin understands Cane wanting to have more power, but Jill won't let him have it. Well there's no way in hell Cane will let Collin be Jill's #2. You played us both. Collin suggests Cane go work elsewhere. I'm not going anywhere, Cane vows.

On the patio, Jill and Lauren update one another; Mike's treatment seems to be a success (but it's been a rough couple of days) We're in our way to normal, Lauren assures her sister.

Not convinced by Mike's forced enthusiasm, Kevin's reminded of when he didn't tell Lauren he had cancer. So, what are you lying to her about this time???

Back at the club's bar, Cane sits to chat with Lauren - who offers to lend him an ear. Thanks, but a cold beer will do.

Kevin understands that cancer has changed Mike - but he must confide in Lauren. You don't have to go back to 'what you were', move forward. Mike owes Lauren happiness, no matter what it takes.

Phyllis stops by the bar to say hello, then catches Joe as he pays the bill. The way he speaks about the charity (from experience) she thinks he'll get more generous donations. You think I'm using my past to woo Avery away from Dylan? Joe balks.Well, are you? Avery was the first woman to know who Joe is - we have a deep bond. The deepest, Phyllis agrees.


OK - Sharon will tell the truth - she had a panic attack - Faith fell asleep in the back seat. She wasn't thinking clearly. Where did you go? Dylan repeats. Sharon sarcastic and pissed; Yeah - I murdered Austin - with my child in the backseat of the car - I used superhuman strength to pull his body out. Giving Dylan a few shoves, Sharon hisses - you think I'm crazy, admit it!

Jack and Phyllis chat at the club. Yes, her sister loves Dylan, but she's a sucker for the underdog. No, Phyllis won't warn Avery (who'll soon find herself drawn to Joe)

Upstairs, Avery gushes - Joe will help so many people with this charity. Ending his clingy thank you hug, Avery bids him good night and pauses in the hallway.

On the patio, Kevin's not happy to hear that Noah and Courtney told Sharon all. Courtney wants to check the cameras. Noah objects - she could lose her job. Kevin can get Courtney past the firewalls.

Sharon opens her front door and orders Dylan out. Ignoring the order, Dylan can't deny that he suspects Sharon. This looks real bad, he now leaves.

Back at CL's, Collin tells Jill that he asked Cane to step aside - prepare for battle. Jill's not worried - it won't be much of a fight with Collin at her side (he doesn't look convinced)

Arriving at the club, Mike pauses to watch Lauren chuckling over drinks with Cane. He ducks out to send Lauren a text. Mike can't make dinner; work, she pouts briefly. Cane suggests they have dinner together. Why not? they take a seat (as Mike takes another peek, then exits)

Phyllis has no problem with Jack suggesting their guests donate to charity instead of gifts - she has everything she needs ~kiss~

Courtney pulls Noah aside to persuade him; we'll spend many years together as man and wife, but we need to put an end to this. OK, Noah won't stop her - but can't it wait until after the wedding? But since Kevin's here now ... OK - to pull this off, you have to do exactly as I say, Kev instructs Courtney.

Now home, Avery's so happy to see Dylan (and tells him that she ate with Joe) Dylan got caught up at work too. Avery goes to bed (Dylan stands there like an idiot)

Sharon flashes back to being outside in the woods that night - squinting - a deer in the bright car headlights. Uh oh, she looks worried.

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