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Today's Spoiler



Friday, April 17th

Copyright Toni's Spoiler Site. Not to be republished.

Lily hugs her Dad in the court hallway. Cane's there for support too. Shaking his hand, Neil can use all the support he can get. When Leslie arrives, Neil doesn't need to prepare - he just wants to tell the truth. No matter what you hear today, I love you. Lily reminds Neil that he has a son too - Devon's testimony could make all the difference.

Hilary struts down the club's stairs - dressed to impress (and testify) Devon knows she's only doing it so her divorce settlement isn't tied up. But he knows she'll play her part well - a good actress when she puts her mind and body into it. Devon asks her to show some compassion for Neil - leave out the gory details of our affair. This Mobely guy doesn't lose. He's only human, Hilary clips clops out.

Avery won't leave - if she didn't push Joe, he wouldn't be there. Joe blames himself for making a pass. As he told Paul, it's his own fault. Now get the hell out of here! He rejects Avery's support, and spotting Dylan, tells him to come in and claim his prize. You win!

Dylan's sorry, but he can't let Joe lash out at Avery. No, it's OK - it was my fault, Avery feels she deserves it. Take your guilt stricken fiancée and go! Joe barks. Put me in your rearview - go! Joe's left alone to fight tears.

Heatstroke? Has Jack lost his mind? Strike a deal with Victor!? Billy and Ashley are then stunned to hear that Phyllis and Jack struck a pact with Victor to get her off the charges. But that's moot - Kelly's dead (RIP) Jack's not sharing his strategy - but it's HIS call. Life is too short to worry about corporate rivalry.

You don't have to do this, Victor arrives as Nikki's about to enter the court-room. He's concerned about her health. Nikki can and MUST do it. OK - then let's do it (they proceed inside)

On the stand Chris tells Mobely that she can't have another child. Leslie's next - she extends her sympathies - but we're here to determine who's caused that loss. He did - Chris amends - THEY did. Leslie counters - Or you did - why did you run into the path of that car? You were upset with your husband and think Nikki hates you. Mobely objects as Leslie wonders if it's because Nikki has a child with Paul and Chris doesn't. No further questions. Chris marches out - Paul on her heels.

In the hallway, Chris tells Paul to stay - testify for us - and our baby (she can't listen to Neil and Nikki) Paul heads back in as Nikki's on the stand. Mobely forces her to admit that Neil grabbed the wheel and aimed for Chris. You want us to believe that you were doing a good deed, but you're both a couple of drunks. Leslie objects (as Hilary slips in) Nikki rephrases - I'm a recovering alcoholic! As Mobely continues, Lily jumps up - that's not how it was!

At CL's, Dylan's sorry Sharon's taking up so much of his time. He then tells Avery why he didn't come home to her right away - he needed time. Maybe that's what Joe needs too. Avery thinks he needs a friend more.

Dr Shelby talks to Joe about rehabilitation. Joe's angry - he can live without his legs - but not Avery. That's gone for good.

Jack talks to himself - worries about Phyllis. He's being held prisoner by a man he knows all too well - and a woman he doesn't know at all. Sounds familiar, John's back. Admit you need me - and there's hope for you, he smiles.

After a nurse leaves Joe lunch he has no interest in, Avery chats with Dr Shelby in the hallway. The right person CAN make all the difference. She pauses to look into Joe's room.

At the club, Billy and Ashley are both confused and frustrated by Jack's attitude. Worst of all, he doesn't feel the need to consult with us about his plans. What plan? Seems like he wants to sell out to Victor. My company, my call. Ash reminds that Jabot's a family business - and family will do what it has to do.

On the stand, Neil admits he was drunk. Nikki was sober and trying to take him to a meeting. Devon stands - this was MY fault! Neil says it was HIS fault. I was too drunk that night to know what he was doing - alcohol made him grab the wheel; not my son, not Nikki - my own sickness. Mobely reminds that a baby was lost - the settles. Leslie calls her first witness; Mrs Neil Winters. As Mobely turns around, Hilary gives him a sneer.

Mobely looks grim as Hilary sashays to the stand - and still smiling, with her hand on the Bible, she swears the tell the truth.

Joe's not happy when Avery barges back in demanding he eat - you're gonna need your strength to get through this.

Dylan tosses the tabloid in the trash and looks troubled.

Billy recognizes Ashley's look. She must protect Jabot and Jack (until he comes to his senses) As a family, we must remove him as CEO.

Jack shrugs off not going to court to support Neil. And he's not worried Victor will send him to prison. He hacked into Jabot and NE's servers to get Victor's secret weapon. He's convinced things are going one way - but they're going another, he gloats to Phyllis.

John talks about the great Houdini. He never gave up or used strength - he used agility, flexibility and patience. Now, make like Houdini - take one hand. Close your eyes - concentrate. Jack wriggles a hand out. I did it! John's gone as Jack removes all the restraints and walks outside (to be shocked by what he sees)

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