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Today's Spoiler



Wednesday, October 22nd

Copyright Toni's Spoiler Site. Not to be republished.

The TV on, Chelsea's listening to tango music when Anita arrives to comment on her smile. You need to get Billy in here for some dancing.

Jack's about to fess up - but Phyllis guesses that Kelly's the woman Billy cheated with. Kelly confirms it - she and Billy have both paid for their mistakes. Kelly excuses herself and runs out (leaving Phyllis to comment that she's pretty) Jack scolds Phyllis for interrogating Kelly. Billy appears - it's great to see you ~hug~ Mentioning that Kelly was there, Phyllis wants answers - what happened while I was gone??

Lily heads to the bar to ask Neil if Hilary's OK - she ran off to the bathroom, said the flight was bumpy. Hilary returns to say she doesn't need a doctor - sorry about the drama, it's all over now.

Still at the park, Vikki initially turns her nose up at the scarf Ben put around Ashley's neck. She lost Eve, wasn't aware of Reed's birth. This time, she's a bundle of hopes and fears. She thought about asking Billy, but SHE'S the one who asked for the divorce, and he's moved on.

Anita sings Billy's praises. Chelsea admits he said he loves her. You did it - got your man, your rich man! Upset to hear that Chelsea didn't say I love you back, Anita tells her to forget Adam existed. Move on with Billy - let him know how you feel.


Phyllis pleads with Billy for answers. He screwed up - it was one night he and Vikki couldn't get over. But you and Vikki were in love, survived Victor, Phyllis doesn't get it. After Billy goes to freshen up before work, Phyllis continues to ask about Kelly. They're friends - and Jack wants Phyllis to trust that he knows what she needs right now. He takes her hand and leads her upstairs.

When Billy returns to the penthouse, Anita leaves them to chat. Phyllis is home - and asking about Kelly. It'll blow up, both agree. This is a safe haven. Billy's always welcome there.

Time to get back to the real world, Hilary thanks Lily (who knows she's late to the party, but now realizes Hilary's changed) After Neil and Hilary leave, Lily tells Devon; OMG - Hilary must be pregnant.

Jack's brought Phyllis up to have a nap (which is the last thing she wants) Not knowing what's going on is stressing her out - what's going on between Billy and Vikki? She NEEDS to know things - but has missed Jack. The talking, fighting, making love - I missed it all.

Both seated on the bed, Phyllis kisses Jack, then apologizes; I can't do this. That's OK, Jack brought her up to rest - and with a kiss on the forehead, leaves Phyllis to pull out a tablet (and read GC Buzz's article on her accident)

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