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Today's Spoiler



Friday, July 25th

Copyright Toni's Spoiler Site. Not to be republished.

Kelly hasn't forgiven Ben - but she can't be angry. And it wasn't her place to tell Jenna. If only Jack had stayed out of it. But yes, she understands why he couldn't. In tears, Kelly can't be with Jack right now.

Dylan assumes Ben was defending himself - come ON - you save lives - tell me you didn't do this. Meanwhile, Billy finds the nanny at Vikki's - she had an appointment - it sounded important.

Vikki bumps into another lady doctor at GCM - she missed her appointment with Dr Shiverton (who's off to Vancouver for a week) OK - Vikki can do the test now. There's something else - I need to control the outcome.

Controlling the outcome? Not the results - Vikki just wants her medical records to be inaccessible to anyone. The DR's puzzled - that goes without saying. Well, that's how Ben Rayburn found out I was pregnant, Vikki informs. Dr Rayburn? He doesn't seem the type to abuse his authority like that. Unfortunately, we don't really know him, Vikki sighs.

Ben can't answer Dylan's question - not now. Oh - OK - is that what he said to Jenna (and Vikki)? That's why she left, Dylan guesses. Sharon bounces in - hey. Bad time? No - Ben goes to the patio for air. Dylan's left to tell a curious Sharon that a lot of things aren't what he thought they were.


Jack knows today's been a rough one - he DOES love Kelly - but won't push. You know where to find me. Arriving, the Ashby's note Jack's mood. Cane checks on the kitchen - leaving Lily to hear Kelly mope - I just chased off the best thing that's happened to me. Go after him, Lily advises.

Hilary holds the light, while Devon fiddles under the hood. No luck, they exchange their usual banter. As for the kiss, Hilary claims it won't happen again.

Dylan mopes about all the surprises - Nikki - Ian - Paul - and now this. So much for leaning on Stitch (who didn't trust Dylan enough to tell him) Sharon flashes back to her lipstick tumbling down the staircase - and assures Dylan that they'll fix things. Dylan then approaches Ben on the patio - you were my best friend. Past tense? Ben notes.

Cane's resolved the dishwasher issue - and finds Lily texting her Dad. He's in Hong Kong - that must be why Devon had to take Hilary home.

Well, the battery's not dead (Devon's put on some music) Both seated against the Ferrari, Hilary points out a constellation - and tells Devon all about Atlas, Zeus, Orion etc. Devon talks about his Grandma taking him to the zoo as a kid etc.

Now home, Nick has a beer - and serves Mariah a crust-free sandwich. Not bad - for a guy raised by butlers, she quips. Nick's parents were a huge part of his life. Mariah only had Ian. As they joke around, Sharon returns to say the shoot was called off. And as she and Nick head up to bed, Mariah looks jealous.

Beneath a starry sky, Devon and Hilary talk about shooting stars - and childhood. She wanted to be a dancer. Oh how she loved to dance. Devon stands - may I? They dance closely - arms wrapped around each other.

The house dark and quiet, Nick and Sharon in bed, Mariah looks lonely.

Jack's awoken to find Kelly sneaking into his bed - there to say she loves him too ~kiss~

Dylan wishes his good friend Ben had been honest with him - and Vikki. This family may all be new to him, but Dylan doesn't want to see his sister hurt.

At GCM, Vikki also doesn't want her soon to be ex husband snooping around in her records. She wants to do what's best for this child. Actually, never mind - n no test - Vikki doesn't want either man in her life - doesn't want to know who the father is - this is MY baby (Billy eavesdrops)

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