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Today's Spoiler



Tuesday, September 30th

Copyright Toni's Spoiler Site. Not to be republished.

Huh - this paper just has your name on it, Sharon and Nick put it aside when Faith squeals over a new bike (which she then goes outside to ride) Noah and Summer tell Austin that they've had issues with Grandpa, but no one doubts what his grandkids mean to him.

Victor flew all the way to Stockholm to find out if Nick is Faith's father. The two samples are the same blood type. The rest of the tests will take a day or two. Victor needs definitive answers, so will wait.

Noah and Summer are quietly glad they didn't wait for you know who. Delighted with a new doll, Faith gives Summer a hug - you're the best sister! Mariah arrives on cue with her favourite cupcake. Looks like Mariah came through after all, Austin tells Summer. Mariah wouldn't miss spending time with her favourite cell-mates. What's a cell-mate? Faith asks.

As Paul listens outside, Dylan speaks highly of him; he doesn't want to see Paul hurt. Then plead guilty, Harding says Avery can't make evidence (and the trial) go away. Bottom line, Dylan wont confess to something he didn't do.



Fen's not flunking school - and isn't on drugs. He's visiting because classes have been canceled. Perhaps I should be worried about YOU! all chuckle at the photos on his tablet. Kevin them comes along to hug Fen - and assure he's over Chloe. As Mike walks Fen out, Kevin's alarmed to see Lauren staring at Mr Gorgeous. He's not THAT good looking, he wails.

Faith distracted with more presents, Noah grumbles about Mariah's big mouth (and is surprised when Summer defends her) She's capable of thinking about other people. Mariah makes it clear - we didn't have a 'girlfriend moment'. Sharon jokes about not ending up behind bars ever again. The ominous piece of paper is evident as they kiss.

Back at the station, Harding tells Paul that he almost got a confession out of Dylan. After much thought, Paul's going to do what's right - he has no choice ...

Still in the interrogation room, Avery's scared. Dylan promises things will work out. We're in this together. Avery wouldn't have it any other way ~kiss~

Kevin feels like the invisible man - Lauren's the second woman who's swooned over this guy. Kevin insists he's in a good place - I'm too busy to think about Chloe. Then take the wedding ring off. Kevin refuses - but he IS doing OK.

At Underground, Summer has another gift for Austin. Mariah's sarcastic about the $300 tie. How can Austin be with someone who doesn't know what you really care about? As Austin thanks Summer for the book with a kiss, Mariah watches from across the room.

Faith's still waiting for her best present; Mommy and Daddy's wedding tomorrow. As she and Noah take gifts upstairs, Nick and Sharon joke about eloping and ending up in jail last night. They then wonder who would write Nick a note and not finish it? He thinks the handwriting looks familiar.

Mike's in a hospital gown in his doctor friend's office. The magic pills may be working, but Mike needs a full physical before he gets a full prescription. Let the fun begin, Mike cracks (but looks worried)

Meanwhile, Lauren leaves Mike a long message; listing all the things they're lucky to have. I love you, Bye ~click~ At the revolving door, Kevin removes his ring.

Mariah saw that kid's book on the bar - did Austin forget to give it to Faith? No, it's a present from Summer. Mariah scoffs - a gift for a 5 year old. What happened (since last night)? Summer's puzzled. Nothing - but you don't know me. And you don't know HER, Mariah tells Austin. When Fen arrives, Summer runs to give him a hug (Austin is NOT impressed)

It looks like feminine handwriting, maybe it's Mariah's. It can't be that important, Sharon crumples and trashes it. She and Nick then laugh over more dance moves.

Dr J promises Victor the results as soon as he has them. Victor's then left to call Dr Cutler - how is Phyllis doing? She what!? She left the clinic?!

Paul watches as Harding locks Dylan back in his holding cell. Father and son exchange a forlorn look.

Avery's about to leave when she hears a knock on her door. Joe! You're even more beautiful than on the day I married you, he says.


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