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Today's Spoiler



Monday, March 2nd

Copyright Toni's Spoiler Site. Not to be republished.

Kyle has to leave too ~hug~ As Noah and Summer go to make coffee, Mariah tells Kevin that Austin wasn't depressed - he was feeling guilty. About what? The video suddenly plays again; it's Abby on the CL's patio. Summer and Noah return. Why did Austin video my Aunt Abby? Noah knows why.

At CL's, Abby flashes back to that night at the cabin with Austin; making love on the floor before the fireplace. I can't believe we did that. Summer's my niece - I love her. Austin feels guilty too. 'It's a one time thing' they agree (then do it again)

Noah reminds Summer that Austin was working on a documentary; corporate titans and how they got to the top. Summer feels like an awful wife for forgetting Austin's 'passion', Kevin gets a text; got towel blood results.

Seated inside CL's, Abby looks onto the patio, flashing back to Austin joining her to say he wants out of his marriage. No, Abby tells Austin that it's over. But he can't go back to Summer, she doesn't get me the way you do. Forget this meaningless fling - make yourself worthy of her. Realtime, Abby wipes away a tear as Kyle joins her to guess she's thinking about Austin.


Chris blasts Paul for insinuating she can't remain professional IN FRONT OF NIKKI. Is it wrong to put criminals behind bars?! Paul wants to charge the right person with the crime - the evidence against Phyllis is circumstantial. Chris is angry - this IS about us, our marriage, and your undying loyalty to NIKKI!!

At the bar, Nikki can see that it's hit the fan - so did hers (the family knows about her drinking and want her to go back to meetings. Knowing what SHE wants, Neil slides the bottle over.

In the office, Lily wonders how Devon expected Dad to react (but concedes it's also the booze talking) Devon can't believe that Hilary was playing him. I want to hate her. You think that bitch will come crawling back to you!?

Nikki slides the bottle back to Neil - I'm gong to a meeting, then Austin's memorial. Neil offers condolences, declines going to an AA meeting, but accepts a drive home.

Just you and me now kiddo, Noah's still with Summer; who feels like Austin will come home any minute. She has no idea what he's talking about in these videos. She can't go to the memorial.

Kyle knows about Abby's affair with Austin. He found 'evidence' at the cabin so stayed in town to follow them around. I saw you two - what the hell were you thinking? What will you do with this information? Abby asks.

Kevin meets Mariah in an interrogation room. The blood on the towel wasn't Austin's; he lied.

How can Abby sit through Austin's memorial knowing she's the one who ended his life? I can't do it! Oh alright - Summer can get though it knowing that Noah and Kyle are there; two people who know what she did. Hugging Summer, Noah frowns at the laptop (on which Abby preens for the camera, on the patio - Kyle in the background, spying on her and Austin)

Kyle's torn up about the whole thing. Abby's glad he didn't tell anyone about her horrible mistake. But Kyle did tell someone - he confronted Austin. It got physical. OMG - you did it! You killed Austin (Kyle looks worried)

Forget Hilary - let's focus on Dad (you know, the guy drinking his face off downstairs) Yes, Lily still cares about Devon, but can't forgive him for what he did. We'll never be as close as we were, she leaves Devon in tears.

Nikki driving him home, Neil suddenly squints through the window. Hey - you're not taking me home, you're taking me to an AA meeting!

Chris is pissed off that Paul takes Nikki's word as gospel - his devotion is more extreme since finding out about Dylan. Paul will NOT turn his back on him and Nikki. But you used to trust MY instincts! If you don't have faith in me, I don't know what kind of marriage we have! Chris flies out on her broom - as Paul sputters; you're blowing this out of proportion.

Hell no! Neil's NOT going to a meeting. Pull over! Unable to open the door, he grabs the wheel. About to get into her car, Chris is illuminated by headlights. The sound of screeching tires ends with a thud.

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