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Thursday, April 17th

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Next: Ashley sounds disappointed; you have to work? Actually, I have a date. Vikki arrives .... Sharon and Victor talk; I didn't think you were capable of forgiving me. Who says I've forgiven you? ... Photos of Cassie in hand, Nick growls at faux-Cassie you still saying this is a coincidence?

My Thoughts: Sharon's not exactly a pyromaniac - she's only set one fire (just like Victor did when he set Skye's hut on fire) .... Victor sure lies to Nikki with ease (he picked Nikki's phone by accident? Does he really think Ian won't mention the incident when he runs into Nikki?) ... Oh yes, Kyle. I'd forgotten all about him until Ashley mentioned he was working in NY .... Wow - I knew Cassie was going to be discovered soon - but I didn't expect it to be Nick who ran into her. I assumed the lurker was Mariah. Let's hope Nick marches faux Cassie inside for some cake n' confrontation ... I don't see why Nikki didn't nvite Dylan to the engagement part (especially after making a point of telling him about it) .... I see the top notch ranch security is doing their usual great job of letting just anyone wander about the billionaire's property .... Come on now Ashley, Abby's hardly a gazillionaire - she's only a billionaire .... So Leslie's just gonna continue to show up everywhere solo - and make excuses as to why Barton's not with her? Next time he'll be home with a cold? ... Kinda odd to see Nikki and Abby so close - but I guess she really enjoyed all those hokey weddings Abby arranged while she was in the hospital .... Line of the day - incredibly stupid line of the day - goes to Traci; It's 'very generous' of Victor to invite all the Abbot's? Wait, what!? You gave him your daughter's heart! ... How on earth could Ashley be so confident that Victor 'won't ruin Abby's big night'? He ruined Vikki's big day (her wedding to Billy) by having her arrested - she spent her wedding night behind bars!

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