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Today's Spoiler



Friday, October 24th

Copyright Toni's Spoiler Site. Not to be republished.

Next: Lauren looks worried as she tells Jill - if what Madam Isadora said is true, we're in trouble .... Kevin overhears Mike on the phone - I'm glad you didn't call my house. I don't want my wife knowing about this ... I've already lost Jenna and Max, I won't lose this baby too! Nikki cringes as she makes a loud noise in the bathroom. What is that? Ben asks.


My Thoughts: Why would Nick take 'lost of pictures' of Faith as a zombie princess? Can't he and Sharon her up to his grandparents place? They do live on the same property after all - and where else is Faith gonna trick or treat? No one has neighbours ... Victor's a blowhard. If Nikki wants to 'preserve' the marriage, there's to be 'no more secrets'? So says' the International man of mystery' who's just back from a month long trip to undisclosed locations, on secretive missions he won't discuss. Honesty goes both ways! Nikki snaps - then lies by saying she's late for an appointment lol... Sharon may have been supportive, but 'strong' for Summer? She was suffering from mental illness for much of the year. Summer has many examples of strong women on both sides; Abbott and Newman. Her BFF (and brother's girlfriend) is a cop! ... Not only is Ben a liar with a violent history who doesn't trust Vikki - he's also kissed her sister and former stepmother, within the past month .... So not only did Cane and company cheap out in not hiring a professional inspection - but they didn't even take the advice of the hobbyist who told them about a tunnel that could be a security issue. I guess Dylan wouldn't be thanking Cane had Ian hurt Nikki. He'd be blaming him and having a hissy fit. I'm still wondering how Ian found out about the hidden tunnel that Dylan was sure the cops couldn't locate without him. Cane should be thanking Dylan too - for the great PR, for having the place 'crawling with cops' and putting the club's guests in peril while the owner and co-manager were out of town. Victor seems to be the only one who's pissed that there was risk.. Maureen's not as clever as she thinks. Her sob story about her abusive husband did little but let Victor know that she's an accomplished liar ... Are we expected to believe that a tiara that would fit Nikki's coifed head would A) fit a child Faith's age and B) be made of rhinestones!? ... And speaking of tacky, why is a 40 oz jug of duty-free vodka sitting out on the sideboard like it belongs there; not even in a crystal decanter. Having rebuilt the ranch to their specifications, couldn't a wetbar, with a mini fridge not have been built in somewhere (voice or clap-activated to pop out of a wall when needed?)... Has Phyllis got her clothes out of storage? Because nothing she's worn thus far has slits and/or cut outs Phyllis is infamous for.









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