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Wednesday, April 23rd

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Next: I apologize - I'm working on being more spontaneous, Jack talks to Kelly (as a frowning Summer watches) ... Neil tells Hilary that he's 'not leaving until we get something straight' ... Collin meets with some guy at the park - you'll get your money and then some - you just need a little patience (uh oh - it seems he's dialed Jill's number - and she's fuming as she listens)

My Thoughts: Why is Billy even wearing a wife beater? ... Poor Lily - she doesn't have much of a view while at the sink doing her dishes. They couldn't even wallpaper the window with a garden scene? Or use a fake tree? ... Why would the Ashby's invite Collin 'into their home' for lunch? Wouldn't it have been better to meet at the club - or at the mausoleum - so they could leave when THEY wanted (and Lily wouldn't have to do any work) And why are they 'trusting Jill's judgment'? She's hardly objective re: Collin - and has NEVER had good judgment when it comes to men ... Kelly worked up quite a sweat - considering she's pedaling so slowly she's almost going backwards. Is there only one stationary bike at the club? Spin class must be boring .. ... If Connor has a cold, perhaps he should have have some socks on ... For a self described 'fashionista', Chloe sure has lousy fashion sense ... Vikki has at least half a billion - she couldn't slip the hostess a few bills to remember their reservation? Or throw the Newman name around (you can bet Victor never gets turned away from a restaurant) ... Hopefully Vikki does have a bug (or intolerance for hot dogs) Otherwise, I fear we'll be treated to yet another 'who's the Daddy' (which will be pretty silly considering she and Billy couldn't conceive - even with fertility treatment) ... Billy and Vikki's problems are their doing? Like cheating isn't a valid reason for a marriage to fail? Kelly's not the sole reason - but Jack can't pretend she wasn't a contributing factor (which even Kelly acknowledges) ... Nice to see that Kevin finally 'gets it' (she's just not that into you dude) .. EH is reportedly leaving the show soon; not sure if the character of Chloe will be written out or recast (or perhaps both - like Adam) ... Good thing Jabot has a reserved spot on the grass - cause a mid day - mid week classical concert at the park must be ever so crowded.

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