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Today's Spoiler



Monday, April 27th

Copyright Toni's Spoiler Site. Not to be republished.

Next: Your delivery arrived, Kelly calls Victor. I hope it's sufficient for you to control the situation, he says.... Billy's in the shack - stunned. What the hell!? Who would do this to you? Kelly did, with Victor's help, Jack replies - Get me free, Jack says as Billy unties him ... Mr Bingham is not what he appears to be, Yack updates Victor.

My Thoughts: Can the reporter sue Nick in civil court without having him arrested and charged for assault? Since there's no witnesses, a police report would be perfect (and perhaps the only) evidence. Otherwise, the Judge will know he's only after money .. When Dylan says that Avery blames herself for Joe's accident, Sharon claims she can understand. Huh? She sure wasn't torn up with guilt - or blamed herself for Phyllis' 'accident'. I don't believe she pushed Phyllis, or intended to hurt her - but she also never showed an iota of remorse; while Avery is wracked with guilt (though that clearly has to do more with her attraction for Joe) ... Sharon only wishes Nick gave her 'a tongue lashing last night') ... Nick assaulted a man - 'to protect Faith'. Gosh - who does that sound like? And it's backfired; the reason Faith's now being taken from you. CPS wouldn't hand Faith over to Vikki without checking out both her and her home (and let's not forget that Vikki lost custody of Reed) ... Why is Dylan sleeping on the sofa? There's two empty bedroom upstairs; Faith's and Mariah's. Are we expected to believe that Mike was sleeping on Sharon's couch too? ... Did Connor leave all those toys strewn about the penthouse?... And what's Ashley talking about? She doesn't know how often (or infrequently) Victor visits Connor - and since she just pointed out that he cut ties with Adam, why would he care about Connor being the last link to him? ... Why doesn't Dylan know when Avery's coming home? Knowing she was only staying a week (leaving her sick partner busy babysitting Sharon) she should already have her return flight booked. It'll probably be too late by then; Sharon and Dylan will have already slept together.





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