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Today's Spoiler



Friday, February 27th

Copyright Toni's Spoiler Site. Not to be republished.

Next: I have to watch this, Summer tells the assembled gang (including a worried Abby) My husband made this for me the day he died! The recording shows Austin saying - What I really need to give you is an apology ... Chris screeches at Paul - This is about us - this is about our marriage and this is about your undying loyalty to Nikki!

My Thoughts: Phyllis should just leave Chris alone - and a woman who lost custody of her son to his non-biological Father, doesn't have much room to comment on anyone else's lack of maternal instincts (even though she's right about Chris) ... Was Phyllis planning to tell Avery and Nick that Austin's dead over the phone? Odd that Phyllis never thought twice about going to the club to deliver messages to Kelly - but doesn't make the effort for (and could easily have found) Nick and Avery ... Is this how it's going to be from now on (with new head writer Chuck Pratt at the helm)? Mystery after mystery? Crime after crime? Disaster after disaster (or disaster ON TOP of disaster)? How are the Baldwin's doing I wonder? The long standing and much beloved couple's cancer journey isn't even on the back-burner, for reasons I can't fathom, it's been taken off the stove ... I could be offbase with this guess - but something Victor said today made me wonder if he's not repeatedly drugging Jack with the rapey perfume. Jack seemed quite cavalier when admitting to Ashley that he not only remembers sleeping with Kelly, but that he's deliberately lying about it because of how Phyllis will react (just as cavalier as he was after he wad done with Kelly) Why on earth she'd want Jack after overhearing his harsh words about her, I can't imagine. Back to Victor, his words to Ashley about everyone soon seeing a change in Jack, now seem quite sinister. IF that's the case, we now have a triangle between three mentally damaged people - half the town being exposed to drugs within the same few days - and two alcoholics off the wagon ... Seeing nuKyle and nuPhyllis in the same room, it's impossible to believe that these two characters once kissed ... If Billy was so good at reading people, he'd have been a better gambler - and wouldn't have been duped by Chelsea in the first place (or Chloe)



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