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Today's Spoiler



Thursday, November 20th

Copyright Toni's Spoiler Site. Not to be republished.

Next: As Hilary and Devon kiss in Jack's office, Phyllis spots light under the door and marches towards it ... I didn't kill Dad, Ben tells Kelly ... Chelsea visits Vikki - there's something you need to know.

My Thoughts: Boy, the Newman's and Abbott's really know how to throw a party ... If the party's celebrating Summer being Nick's, why does Victor seem surprised that Nick's there? ... Of course Nick rents a dingy cabin in the same haunted forest Adam's been holed up in. Why not ask Jack for use of his cabin. Not sure about the furniture placement - the bed's right beside the front door ... Great - another neglected dog; Maybe Constance's dog is running in a pack with Segundo, Fisher and Keeley. Perhaps that was the howling we heard. Does Nick really need to give the stray mutt bottled water? ... Oh look - yet another unwanted visitor at the penthouse. Ashley has some nerve; insisting Billy listen to her, disrespecting Chelsea in her own home. What a busybody - and then she comments on Jack's love life. So what if she's right, Ashley can't get a man to kiss her unless he's under the influence of her stinky love potion (though she does look fantastic for 55) Why isn't anyone working on the love potion? Jack doesn't even know about the secret project yet ... Nick can't leave because he has 'a court date'? I guess Victor thinks a Newman can get an immediate custody hearing - the lawyers need no time to prepare. Nick's only going away for a couple of days, and Sharon hasn't even consulted with her lawyer yet ... Poor Adam gets no privacy - it's creepy the way Constance wheels into his bedroom without even a polite clearing of the throat to alert him ... ... Noah has every right to remind Nick that he should have taken a second paternity test - but why didn't he defend his Mother? ... I guess only the viewers are supposed to notice that 'Red' now has red hair (and Summer must have used the leftover Nice n Easy) ... Red Velvet cupcakes 'don't photograph well'? ... Vikki and baby should be released tomorrow. Victor couldn't wait so that he could have her and Nikki there? ... By a show of hands, who thinks Kyle's on his way back? Dd Summer really need to tell her husband that she was in love with Kyle? They barely had a date.







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