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Today's Spoiler



Wednesday, July 23rd

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Next: Who should I be hanging out with? Mariah chuckles - guys like you? You could do a lot worse, Nick quips. Oh really ... All are staring at Ben; What's it gonna be? Jack growls - are you gonna fill Vikki in, or will I? ... David bellows at Nikki (sobbing into her hands on the stand) You caused them both emotional distress. Dylan stands - That's enough! Leave her alone! Avery grabs his arm. Your honour, David protests. I said sit down, the Judge orders - Bailiff!!!

My Thoughts: Interesting that Dylan doesn't meet Nikki OR Paul's eyes - as he goes to take his seat with Avery ..... Chris' reaction to the journal was hard to read - first she looked horrified - then she almost rolled her eyes ... But when Chris told Nikki why the Judge might want to see Mike in chambers, there was no need for Nikki to snap at her. Chris has no way of knowing what's being said ... Though I side with Nikki (and it's obvious to ME that Ian's lying) an objective Judge would have a hard time siding with Nikki. Sure she's an emotional basketcase, her breakdown elicits sympathy - but not from an impartial Judge. Her journal COULD be a factual/accurate account of what happened - OR it could have been the ramblings of an unstable teenage girl. There's no way of knowing Nikki's state of mind when writing this journal. If she didn't already have issues, she wouldn't have married in her teens, then run away to join a cult. Ian's had his past brought up - and now Nikki's crumbling due to her OWN words (there's so much more to her 'dubious' past) That said, it's heartbreaking to hear Nikki relay details of what is clearly rape - and I'm sure her words will hit home for some viewers .. Note that Summer didn't tell her Mom that her 'cute' husband's about to stand trial for killing Paul. But, now that I think of it, maybe Phyllis won't hold this against Austin (they have that in common - she once almost killed Paul too) ... Austin interviewed for a job as a cameraman? Assuming this involves the media, how could they NOT know what he's been charged with? .... Today's show was actually exciting ... a couple of storylines are moving forward - finally. But I really hope we don't have to see Phyllis' hand episode after episode. I've seen enough of Adam's. They might as well change the show to the Young and the Handy ... So - Billy recognized a 20+ year old photo of Stitch - but his eyes didn't eyes didn't spot the large type 'Benjamin Rayburn' just one photo away??? ... Is it possible? Naw.... But for a minute I thought Kevin might make a move on Chelsea. He seems to be the only male in GC who can have platonic friendships with females (even his wife friend-zoned him)




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