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Today's Spoiler



Wednesday, August 27th

Copyright Toni's Spoiler Site. Not to be republished.

Next: I should have just let you keep walking, Ben says. Wait - Abby plants a kiss on him .... Dr Cutler's on the phone with Victor - She's showing remarkable brain activity. So when do you think Phyllis will come out of her coma? Victor asks .... Sharon tells Nick - Mariah's life is about to turn upside down ... I'm your path - you don't want to disappoint me, Ian horrifies Mariah.

My Thoughts: Avery has too much office space? I wasn't even aware she HAD an office .... Why would Avery want sub-par omelette's at the club? I bet hers are fluffy goodness .... You might want to turn your TV's volume down whenever Sharon appears onscreen - there's at least one screech per scene.... Huh? Nick's so intuitive that he felt a connection through a HIGH FIVE!? But didn't notice his pseudo daughter was actively working on seducing him? ... Odd that Paul's not involved with the search for Ian Ward (seems to be fully recovered) ... There's no locker room? Or desk drawer, Kevin can store his helmet in? Or how about just storing it with the bike??? ... So, is Kevin working on a mystery or writing one? His role at GCPD is IT related - nothing to do with gory crime scenes ... And who's desk is the music box sitting on? ... hard to feel sorry for Mariah - but - being forced into marriage with Ian is certainly punishment for whatever she's done ... Perhaps the Baldwins' should take their problems to a professional - instead of letting word leak around town ... Odd that Jill told Avery 'oh, you'd never do that' (cheat) She must know that Avery left Nick at the altar to be with his half brother. Besides, it's GC - everyone cheats... Kevin and Gloria have the most dysfunctional relationship, but they do provide comic relief ... So - how does Avery's ex fit into this? And why is she so perturbed by his call? ... Um Lauren - the woman who's not worried one little bit, is usually the woman who gets cheated on .... Willa's 'not talking'? Has anyone offered her money? ... Could Sharon make it any less obvious that she's got Ian on speaker-phone? Why not use the land line? Note how quickly Sharon suggests going to Victor for money.... Surprising that Kevin hasn't managed to ass-proof his computer (and why is he typing in a size 48 font?) ... Right Ian - Chancellor Park is a great place to drop a bag of money - hardly anybody EVER uses that park.






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