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Today's Spoiler



Friday, August 29th

Copyright Toni's Spoiler Site. Not to be republished.

Next: I'm a man who has a job - and I'm gonna get back to it, Neil insists to Hilary ... You're willing to stop working for yourself and come back to Jabot? Yes - because you're going to make me co-CEO again, Ashley tells Jack ... What were you and Abby just talking about? Vikki demands to know. She kissed me, Ben blurts out.

My Thoughts: Kelly doesn't want to be surprised by Phyllis? That's too bad - she's about to be very surprised by Phyllis... Why are Jack and Kelly still debating her moving in - AFTER everything she owns has been brought to Jack's house? .... Good ole Newman security on the job again. And why are Harding and the cops taking orders from two dolts like Nick and Sharon? ... After Nikki shouts 'whatever you got from me, you TOOK', there's a clatter - and it appears a cell phone is thrown under the door (??) But then it never appears again - so the only answer is, I'm hallucinating .... If good guy Joe is still so fond of Avery, why wouldn't he have called before now? Congratulating Avery on her new partnership seems like a flimsy excuse. Why wouldn't he have called to say 'hey - glad your kidnapping worked out OK' .... Why does Dylan immediately become an 8 year old when in the presence of Paul? Who gives a rats ass if he has a cold? He survived Afghanistan - and just donated half his liver. I'm sure the sniffles won't slow Dylan down. Where was Paul when Ricky and Heather were sick?.... Why exactly does Sharon NEED to know whether Mariah was sexually assaulted? ... Yes - Sharon said some horrible things - but, in fairness, Mariah was busted trying to seduce Sharon's man - in Sharon's home - then for added insult, tried to play her for an idiot by lying... Victor's sooo pompous. I know you know who I am, he tells Phyllis. Oh really? That's quite an assumption, considering Phyllis may not even know who SHE is. As for her 'fiancée', Jack - if she refused to accept an Abbott Family Christmas ornament - chances are, she's just not that into you! ... Yeah - I'm sure there's many a Phyllis 'joystick' story... Wow - Dylan appeared at the ranch like a superhero (with his perpetual befuddled look - and minus the cape and cool three point landing) ... Oh look Baldwin and Clark have their first client to defend; Dylan. That won't be a conflict of interest at all. Is there any chance that Leslie WON'T be the prosecutor?








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