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Today's Spoiler



Friday, September 19th

Copyright Toni's Spoiler Site. Not to be republished.

Next: Chris catches Dylan looking at a file he's taken off Paul's desk. What do you think you're doing? she asks .... Don't drink that! Nikki yelps (too late) It's vodka, Paul frowns ... Victor's called Dr Cutler - is there anymore progress with Phyllis? Dr C looks distraught - as Phyllis gives her driver a sly sideways look.

My Thoughts: Sharon needs to clean Faith's room before she's inundated with wedding errands? Like what? I'm sure the club will handle everything (that's what Lily and Kelly are for) And it's no wonder Faith just throws her stuff everywhere - why not if Mom's gonna pick up after her? ... I don't recall Nikki meeting Mariah before now. Odd that she didn't seem at all effected to see Cassie's mirror image ... Of course Mike 'heard all that' - as usual, Paul was loudly discussing a case for all to hear... Chris couldn't stay 'at work' a minute longer? Or she couldn't stay at PAUL'S work? You may work in the building Chris - but your office isn't IN the police station .. Given the situation, there's absolutely no need for Nikki to have private meetings with Paul at work. They aren't discussing their 10 year old who got detention for misbehaving at school. Does Nikki think that Chris won't ask Paul about it later? And that Paul won't tell Chris? That said, Chris' insecurity is ridiculous - she made her feelings crystal clear and said she'd be at the club. So why would she go back to the station? Keep in mind that this is all within the space of an hour .... Why does Summer need to get permission before she comes to the Georgia hospital? ? Visiting hours end at a certain time to enable patients to sleep (which shouldn't matter since everyone's asleep) ... Oh here we go - how convenient that Faith's backpack was left in the living room - and, of course it contains an easy-to-find hairbrush. Won't Nick notice his champagne glass missing? (even if Victor brought an extra one, Nick should notice that it's not been used) ... Did Victor have to put on such an act? Couldn't he just say 'I feel a headache coming on - could I have an aspirin?' An excruciating headache coming on that suddenly could be an aneurysm ... let's hope Faith's paternity is not called into question. Sharon's 'who's the Daddy' storyline was decades ago. And it would be ludicrous for Nick to have two daughters - then no daughters - then one daughter. I doubt Victor would do anything with the information anyway - he doesn't want to lose another grandchild to the Abbott's (I believe Faith would be Jack or Billy's if not Nick's) ... Is there any question that Phyllis will reappear as Nick and Sharon are about to say I Do? ... Let's all keep our fingers crossed that Mike's little blue pill remedies his case of blue balls.






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