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Today's Spoiler



Wednesday, October 29th

Copyright Toni's Spoiler Site. Not to be republished.

Next: Halloween isn't just for kids. Now tell me where it hurts, Lauren sashays out to greet Mike in a sexy nurse's costume ... What, are you grumpy that Nick and Sharon are finally making it official today? I didn't know that was happening, Victor replies to Mariah .... Still home with Sharon, Nick gets a call from Phyllis - Tell me I caught you in time, before you ruined your life.


My Thoughts: 'No man has stood by' Sharon as much as Nick? I dunno about that; Adam actually hired an arsonist to torch a few businesses (including Gloworm) to cast suspicion away from Sharon (when she torched the ranch) ... I'll get it! Sharon sing-songs up to Nick. Of course you will - he's upstairs and you're about 12 feet from the door. Why wouldn't you get it? (other than being in a very short robe) ... Drama queen to-be Faith needs to be taught that a scream like that is saved for emergencies (which a missing tiara does not constitute) - and that she should go to her parents, not have them rushing to her whenever she screeches ...Faith couldn't possibly be a zombie princess without a tiara? Nice that Sharon's so quick to manipulate to get her own way - never mind if it upsets Faith. Why didn't she just nix the costume? ... It's unnerving to see a very pregnant Vikki teetering about on high heels (but I guess she's more used to it than the average pregnant woman) The lab sure is accessible - why bother with a security system when it's grand central station for unauthorized personnel during business hours. Does Ben not have a cell phone? Had Vikki and Maureen called him, they'd know he was out of town and not waste a trip to Jabot looking for him ... It was ridiculous the zombie-ish way Mariah lifted her arm towards Sharon. WTH was she thinking? Of course Sharon's going to freak out. What exactly is she dressed as anyway? ... 'Benji' sounds like he was a real little twerp/mama's boy when he was a kid ... Great - Lessons on love from Maureen, a woman who killed her husband (per the anvils hitting me in the head) ... Watching unBilly trying to crack jokes is just painful to watch. I felt the same way Connor looked - unamused ... If both Nick and Mariah are off, who's serving all the themed drinks at Underground? ..... Easy Jill (you'd devour Joe whole) .... And how exactly does Collin plan to csh in on a commerical real estate deal conducted by a man he just met? ... Where did Lily take the twins trick or treating? And why wasn't she dressed up? ... Billy moving in with Chelsea wasn't a 'spur of the moment' decision, he want off to think about (including a chat with Vikki) ... Why do couples always have to 'take the next step' or 'take things to the next level'? Dylan and Avery are just fine living together (although it seems Avery's not as over Joe as she claims) ... Sharon's a beautiful woman, but please do something with her hair already ... It's really not Jill's place to be outraged at Collin for the way he talks to (and about) HIS son - especially given the way she bullies her own.









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