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Today's Spoiler



Thursday, March 26th

Copyright Toni's Spoiler Site. Not to be republished.

Avery's on the phone with Joe; Gabe Bingham is much different than he is on paper. After she hangs up, she notices two distinctly different signatures.

Dylan's worried about Sharon - we need to go to the police. No, Abby marches out - if we go to the police, I end up dead!

Things get heated at Summer's - Kyle wrote the message to flush Sharon out, Mariah and Noah are pissed (Kyle gets a punch in her mouth) Noah's updated; we found evidence that points to Sharon - or Victor - or Nick!

Visitation is at my discretion, Nick reminds. Sharon accuses him - you wrote this! Stop threatening to take my daughter away from me! You can't! Nick can - he'll have Noah check on Sharon tomorrow. If you keep Faith from me, I'll tell everyone how you broke that girl's neck! Nick stops and stares back.

Next: If I don't let you see Faith, you're going to tell the whole story. That's your choice, Sharon confirms for Nick ....I'm very happy for Ashley, Victor mumbles. It didn't bother you that she threw Jabot's success in your face? Vikki asks. She'll be working for me soon, Victor claims .... I think we should put off the wedding, Billy and Chelsea say in unison.


My Thoughts: OK. So I'm just catching up. Doesn't seem as if I missed much; Nick slept with Sage (shocking) Kelly dead? (ya right; as dead as Adam is) She's probably hiding out with Austin. Odd that Victor would be the first one notified of Kelly's suicide? Shouldn't Ben take a break from babysitting and arrange his sister's funeral? Maybe locate Maureen? ... Hypocrite much Abby? She'll rip out the eyes of woman, the tramp, who cheated with her sister's boyfriend - but her sleeping with her cousins' husband is something she hopes Summer can 'get over'? .... Dylan's never bothered to call the cops when it's his own ass on the line (unless he's calling Daddy) ... Of all the people in GC to keep your secret - why Abby? Sister of Vikki - and the daughter of the 'skank' Ben cheated with. This won't end well .... Sage is absolutely right about all the lies (and whether Chelsea will forgive him) BUT - he stands a better chance than Sage does of Nick forgiving her. Adam and Chelsea were married; they share a child. Nick and Sage had sex in a dilapidated broom closet ..... Ben may not be a full blown alcoholic - but he obviously has drinking problem. Good thing he's making rapey perfume instead of performing operations and amputating limbs etc..... Kevin can handle 'ransacking' but not the 'bashing'? Oh please - locking someone in a freezer then setting it on fire isn't any better than bludgeoning someone .... But is filling Gabe's shoes EXACTLY what Adam's doing? Fortunately they were the same shoe size .... Sounds like a worthy cause, Gabe grins at Avery (after hearing ebsolutely NOTHING about the cause except it's name) ... I think someone onset needs to start up a donation fund to remove or cover up Ben's HIDEOUS prison tats.... Thanks once again to Meghan for providing spoilers in my absense (most of you don't know she made the ultimate sacrifice in not calling Victor 'Victurd')... I always laugh when a betrothed has 'wedding jitters' (even more silly considering how many times they've all said I do - and I don't) ... Oh here we go. We don't have enough crimes on the go - let's import one Nick comitted decades ago. I'm guessing he broke a girls neck with hickies.



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