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Today's Spoiler



Friday, August 1st

Copyright Toni's Spoiler Site. Not to be republished.

Next: Lily taunts Hilary at the bar - Now if only I can get my Dad involved with a new woman. Shut up! Hilary dumps a drink on her ... Looks like the Traver's are celebrating Hawaiian style when Austin kills the mood - It's about my trial - a date's been set ... Mariah's on the phone. Why did you have me if you never wanted me Mom!! Nick appears - you told Sharon your mother was dead!

My Thoughts: Huh? 'Whether I decide between Ben and Billy' Vikki tells Nick. I thought she was done with both as a partner - and she has no choice when it comes to which fathered her baby ... Why hasn't anyone mentioned that Billy's likely also responsible for a man's death - he took Adam at gunpoint. Ben's actions may be just as 'justified' as Billy's (never mind that Austin almost killed the police chief - but is being fast-tracked as toast of the town). More hypocrisy - Vikki finds Mariah 'repulsive' for aligning herself with Ian Ward - and harassing Abby and Tyler - but it wasn't repulsive for Victor to orchestrate the gas-lighting that resulted in Sharon getting electro shock therapy? Cassie meant nothing to Mariah - but she was Victor's 'beloved' granddaughter .... Nick was adamant that until she can be trusted 100%, Mariah not be left alone with Faith. Can't he call Bonnie or someone else on staff to watch Faith? Or Noah? Or leave her with whomever's watching Johnny? Perhaps Nick shouldn't have made a promise whilst his Mom's awaiting the Judge's decision ... Ben's record at Memorial may be spotless - only because that incompetent DR failed to report that he'd illegally accessed Vikki's file ... Dr Shelby's never met Victor - why on earth would he obey his order to 'ignore what this man has to say'? ... Of course Nikki would assume Ben killed his father in self defense - it's the 'extenuating circumstances' of two of her three kills .... The Judge finds Ian repulsive for sleeping with a young girl behind his wife's back? Huh - I guess he wasn't convinced by Nikki's account that she was physically and sexually abused (you may have noticed - word of the day is 'repulsive') ... Duh Victor - it's still a 'closed trial' - otherwise the seats would be filled by the reporters (who're waiting on public property) ... I'm surprised Mariah wasn't wearing a Cubs T-shirt and ball cap by the time Nick got home. Nope - he's not goin' there and was clearly uncomfortable by Mariah's behavior... Oh yeah Gloria - the town of GC (which is a city, not a town) would totally fall apart if the Silver Chipmunk wasn't fighting crime ... I'm not surprised that Kevin gets away with it yet again. He's lucky - but will the habitual criminal really get to keep his job with the police?






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