This Just In (updated January 15th)

Updated January 15th 2018

Victor makes a shocking discovery about a family member (I hope he walks in on Vikki and JT ‘working’ on her desk and has a coronary)

Devon opens up to Mariah (I’m guessing he’ll confide what’s been very obvious from the start; he’s not over Hilary)

Nikki and Nick join forces for a passion project (likely inspired by Kathy’s homelessness dilemma)

Abby receives a surprise visitor in Paris (which is odd, because Lily’s getting a surprise visitor too. So, I’m not sure if this is a mistake or Scott finds a reason to follow his Plan B, soon to be Plan A)

Graham crosses a line (just now? He’s already crossed several lines. That said, killing Dina would obviously be the biggest line crossing thus far)

Tessa resorts to extreme measures (Oh my. Will she but her bangs shorter?)

Mariah’s world is rocked (perhaps she reacts badly to Tessa cutting her bangs again)

Cane and Lily reflect on their past (good news if you’re somehow still a fan of this couple, bad news it you’re not looking forward to flashbacks, flashbacks and more flashbacks.

Hilary has baby fever (the only question is – will she dupe Cane and his insta-family or will she dupe Devon into Fatherhood, which won’t be that difficult. Either way, someone will be duped. Because … Hilary)

Dina makes a confession (what else can this woman have to confess? Arson? Check. Assault with a deadly butter knife? Check. Child abduction? Check. I suspect a repeat confession that Dina cheated on John. A lot. And that Graham is a result. She probably pawned him off on Myrna as a baby – because … Dina)

Vikki is distracted by JT (JT and his magic Johnson it seems. Kudos to AH and TL for being able to do these scenes after divorcing in 2017)

Cane and Lily return home with news for their family (will they? won’t they? will anyone care? My bet it that they agree to give it another shot but the drama will continue as Lily fails to bond with Sam. Who wouldn’t grow resentful having to go back to changing diapers because your husband cheated?)

January 4th

Graham’s return spells big trouble for the Abbott’s. According to spoilers, while Jack and Ashley focus on keeping Graham away from Dina, Graham’s working on even more nefarious plans. Claiming that he has proof that HE is a blood Abbott, Graham intends to swoop in and steal the CEO’s seat right out from under Jack AND Ashley. Can the siblings who’ve been fighting each other for the job fight together to keep it from Graham? Remember too that Graham may still be Dina’s medical power of attorney. Jack was only able to retrieve Dina in Florida because the paperwork wasn’t valid outside GC. Assuming John had an affair with Myrna Bloodworth that resulted in pregnancy, we can now all remember that John Abbott was a good man, but he was not a Saint. Jill would have aborted Billy if he’d had his way. He felt he was ‘too old’ to Father a baby. Ironically, he ended up with custody of Billy when Jill was caught having an affair. Hopefully, Jerry Douglass is doing well. He hasn’t visited Jack in a while.

Congrats to Melissa Ordway. She and hubby Justin Gaston welcomed baby Sophie Jolie Gaston on December 9th. As she’ll be off the show for a bit, it’s hard to say whether Scott will use the time groveling to Sharon or go off somewhere with Abby (who will also reportedly ask Sharon to forgive her)

Perhaps Sharon should stay single. With Nick and Chelsea’s relationship on bided time (it’s only a matter of time before the truth of Christian’s paternity comes out) she may finally get another chance to reunite her family.