This Just In (updated November 22nd)

Updated November 22nd

Spoilers thanks to everyone who posts them on TELboards or mails them in. No guarantees of accuracy.


Not surprisingly, Cane will struggle with drug dependency when he becomes hooked on his pain medication.

Sully gone, Sharon may have to struggle to not to lose Dylan (though he does decide to spend Thanksgiving with her over the Newman gathering his Mom invites him to) This results in Sharon blasting Nikki for making Dylan choose between his wife and his Mom. Nikki blasts Sharon back – stay away from my family!

Invited to spend Thanksgiving at the penthouse (with Chloe and Mariah), Sharon and Dylan bump into Chelsea and Nick (taking the kids to the ranch gathering) This chance encounter makes Dylan want to fight for visitation.

Sharon begins to question Chelsea’s feelings for Nick (which is odd because she was pushing them together a few months ago – when it served her purposes)

Someone helps our favourite psych patient Patty escape.

Abby encourages Vikki to take a chance on Travis.

Can the Abbott brothers find a way to be thankful for one another this Thanksgiving?

Expect to see more of Moses (adorable Dax Randall has been hired to play the role)

Gloria Bardwell will be back in GC Christmas Eve (which is sure to cause her son’s some drama) Let’s hope she sticks around!

Abhi Sinha (last seen in Chasing Life will play an employee of another GC business (short lived I assume as no company will elbow Jabot or NE out of the way)

December also brings an appearance by Erika Girardi (who appears with Davidson on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills) She’ll play a businesswoman who interacts with Ashley and a few other characters. The cameo will also be featured on Real Housewives for anyone interested in a look behind the scenes.

Jill continues to her attempt to put Billy and Vikki back together – if only she knew the secret that would get rid of Travis for good.

Stever Burton (Dylan) is not renewing his contract. No word yet on how the character will exit or whether he’ll be recast.