This Just In (updated March 24th)

Updated March 14th

Spoilers thanks to everyone who posts them on TELboards or mails them in. No guarantees of accuracy.


As Jack and Ashley jockey for position at Jabot, Mom (Dina Mergeron) will make a timely appearance in May. Rumours swirl that Ashley’s paternity will finally be exposed.

Reed and Vikki continue to butt heads; her rigid rules vs. his laid back musician style no doubt inherited from his Dad.

Chloe is off contract and reportedly leaving the GC (which is odd considering the major storylines still on the backburner; her involvement in Adam’s ‘death’ and Bella being Billy’s daughter via the ole stolen sperm)

The new and improved Victor lite should not be underestimated – and Lauren owes him a favour; a big one.

Gloria and Jack continue their weird alliance/relationship that he does NOT want to be made public.

Trust issues plague the Ashby’s once more.

New to GC, Cait Fairbanks plays Tessa – a free-spirited musician hired to help Reed with his guitar playing. Expect Reed to be saying ‘Zoey who’? soon.

Does Juliet have a secret and a hidden agenda? Will Lily’s modeling career and interest in protecting Jordan from Hilary put a damper on the Ashby marriage?

With everyone throwing clues at Scotty, it’s no doubt his journalistic instincts will kick in. What happened exactly 6 months ago to cure miraculously cure Chloe of her mental issues?

If Scott agrees to help Victor pen his memoirs – how long before he connects the dots to Chloe and Adam – and maybe Christian’s paternity?

Reluctant to get involved with her new bosses ex-husband, Mariah finds herself enjoying spending time with Devon. He may convince himself that his interest in Mariah is genuine – but subconsciously, is he just trying to get back at Hilary – and have a reason loiter at GC Buzz? Time will tell if anything genuine develops between Devon and Mariah. If so, it’ll be accidental and a surprise to both.