This Just In (September 21st, 2018)

Billy continues his downward spiral.

Nick meets Phyllis to tell her that he plans to tell Sharon the truth about their fling. It was a one-time thing and won’t happen again.

Jill returns home to participate in the intervention Traci’s organized for Billy – and to support another family member who’s struggling. Unfortunately, most attending the intervention are more interested in pushing their own agenda than helping Billy (except Abby and Traci) As most ambushed addicts do, Billy initially wants nothing to do with the intervention. When Phyllis convinces him to stay, Billy is told that Traci will step in as CEO while he goes to rehab.

Victor bonds with one half-brother and receives results on another half-brother.

Nikki and Abby form an alliance.

Cane’s visiting Lily when they get shocking news – Mattie’s been arrested!

Mariah overhears Kyle and Summer discussing Nick cheating with Phyllis. At first, she doesn’t believe Summer but Kyle’s reaction when she threatens to go to Sharon confirm it’s true. This puts Mariah in the unenviable position – does she keep her mouth shut and continue helping Sharon plan her wedding? Or does she tell her Mother the truth?

An unexpected visitor arrives in town.

Secrets still a secret, Nick and Sharon continue to plan their wedding and a happy life together.

Ashley makes a bold move (let’s hope it doesn’t involve Neil and a bed) ED’s last air date is mid-October – still no details on her exit.

Vikki’s world is rocked (again?)

Her relationship with Tessa is no longer a secret – but it becomes apparent that Tessa’s still hiding something.

Victor learns something that could benefit someone he cares about – but could threaten his company and legacy.

Victor’s pre-filmed scenes will be ending shortly. But don’t worry (or celebrate) Eric Braeden has just taken most of September off to travel to the Fatherland (Germany) He’s likely escaping town on another quest to find himself – and absorb the shock that Jack is his half-brother.

After a 40 year stint as Paul Williams, Doug Davidson has been let go. No word on final air date or exit plans.