This Just In (April 13th)

Updated March 26th, 2018

This Week

Four unlikely co-conspirators must dispose of a body and keep a secret

Hilary’s determined to win Devon back

Neil returns!

Jack is cleared while Paul searches for JT

Ashley prepares for a fight with her nephew. She has to protect Jabot while holding down the fort at Newman

Kyle makes a risky move

Victor’s condition continues to improve

Neil disapproves of Devon’s plans and tries to steer him onto the right path

Hilary faints in front of Devon and Simone (who are out on a date)


Lily’s wasting her time trying to derail Hilary’s insemination. Devon and Hilary will try to conceive a baby the old-fashioned way. His only goal is to have a baby (he claims) but if Hilary wants more there’s little doubt Hilary will get more.



Could Albert Miller, Victor’s Father be the man Dina had an affair with that resulted in Jack’s birth? That would, of course, make him Victor’s half-brother.

Learning that Nikki’s having an affair with the much younger Arturo, Victor seeks to punish her. With Ashley out for the revenge against her brother, the logical (?) plan to avenge both is for Victor and Ashley to hook up and have an affair. Watch for revenge to turn to real feelings the longer Victor and Ashley work and play together.

Lily comes up with a plan to keep Hilary away from her brother; a plan Hilary won’t see coming. If I had to guess, we’re in for another sperm sample swap.

Victor’s attacked and hospitalized with serious injuries. Reportedly (and not surprisingly) Jack is the number one suspect. But that’s way too easy. With Jack facing years in prison, it’s up to Paul and Chris to prove his innocence and find the real culprit.

Nick and Sharon team up to try and keep Christian away from Victor; who’s all about (destroying) family and taking anything Nick loves. Because Chelsea has dirt on Victor, it’s very likely he’ll yet again help her escape with Adam.