This Just In (August 7th)

Updated August 7th, 2018

This Week

Victor considers calling a truce

Billy reveals his secret project

Nii pushes Sharon too far

Jack takes a chance

Summer smells victory

Phyllis loses patience with Billy

Cane vows to protect his family

Kyle challenges Summer

Ashley tests Jack’s loyalty



Oh, here we go – another ‘mysterious’ newcomer to GC. Jordi Vilasuso’s first scenes will air starting Friday, August 17. If ‘Rey’ looks familiar it’s because he has appeared on Days of Our Lives, Guiding Light and All My Children.

With Phyllis behaving more like his Mother lately, will Billy turn to someone too young, forbidden but much more his style? And with Sharon and Nick not seeing eye to eye on much of anything to do with the wedding, will Nick turn to the newly single Phyllis? Who’s a girl to turn to now that her BFF is dead? Her new best friend and former husband, Jack of course.

Could Albert Miller, Victor’s Father be the man Dina had an affair with that resulted in Jack’s birth? That would, of course, make him Victor’s half-brother.

Having moved on from Billy stealing Phyllis, Jack doesn’t take kindly to the way his brother is treating his ex. Seeing Phyllis leaning on Jack for support could cause Billy to do something (or someone) he’ll regret.

Neil’s caught in the middle when an angry Devon and a shellshocked Lily deal with her role in Hilary’s death (despite Cane’s best efforts to conceal the truth) Devon lashes out at anyone in his path and Charlie will also be put in an awkward spot as Shawna’s hatred for Lily grows.

Nick has an uncomfortable conversation.

After 36 years (off and on) of playing Ashley Abbott, Eileen Davidson is leaving the show in September. No word yet on whether the character will be recast or written out (though I assume the door will be left open)

Nick and Vikki may be able to put the past behind them and repair their relationship but Victor won’t make it easy. With Abby’s defection to Dark Horse, Victor seems only happy with those who prove themselves to be completely on his ‘side’.