This Just In (April 20th, 2021)

This week:
Victor shares a secret with Nikki
Devon and Lily butt heads
Jack must protect Jabot
Summer puts Tara on notice
Billy gets the upper hand
Rey sets a trap for Chelsea (possibly paving the way for her maternity leave)
Nikki has a frank discussion with Faith about her alcoholism
Lola plays matchmaker

Amanda and Imani have another encounter

No wonder Chelsea’s been wearing tracksuits the past few weeks. Melissa Claire Egan is expecting a baby in August with husband Matt Katrosar who, due to Covid social distancing restrictions, played her kidnapper in January and more recently an EMT. Those following the actress’s Instagram are aware that MCE had suffered two miscarriages. Congrats!

Other real-life couples who don’t have to socially distance? Sharon and Adam! (No wonder Rey feels there’s a connection between the pair that he can’t overcome) Likewise, there’s a reason Devon and Elena were able to get so close when filming their recent tryst.

Amanda, Mishael Morgan, will temporarily be played by Karla Mosley (ex Mara, B&B) due to MM having emergency surgery on her eye.

More news from Instagram. After a year-long struggle, Greg Rikaart (Kevin) shared good news. ‘The long-covid issues I was having all but went away following my vaccination. I feel like myself again for the first time since last March. Science is the sh*t.’