This Just In (April 7th, 2019)

After returning from his unexplained absence, Paul’s spidey senses are all-a-tingle. What is Rey hiding? After lying and covering for the girls, it seems like he might be hindering the investigation into Lola’s attack. Rey’s about to get an interesting offer and/or an ultimatum.

It’s full steam ahead for Abby as the opening night of her new restaurant approaches.

Devon’s interest in Elana makes him feel guilty.

Lola asks Kyle to take her to bed – she wants to see what they could have been together.

Vikki’s barely washed the rock star off her when Billy seems determined to get her all mussed up again.

Victor’s up to something ‘weird’ (to do with the poker games Brandon’s seem him at) It’s up to Vikki to figure it out. No stranger to gambling, Billy will likely be eager to help investigate.

Determined to protect her daughter (and with little else on her plate) Phyllis focuses her interests on Kyle. But will what she learns be enough to blackmail him into getting her back into Jabot?

Out with the old. In with the old. Gina Tognoni is out as Phyllis – Michelle Stafford is back! Will another current GH/former YR alumni follow? Billy Miller’s contract is up mid-summer and the rumour mill is churning.

Sean Dominic will be replacing Brooks Darnell as Nate Hastings.

Mia might be pregnant with Rey’s baby – or his brother’s, but that doesn’t mean Sharon’s willing to bow out gracefully.

Just as the dust begins to settle at Jabot, Jack learns some new details that could result in changes.

Real life friend of Kristoff St John, Stan Shaw, will appear to play the reverend at Neil’s funeral on Thursday, April 25. Shaw and St. John also appeared in the 1979 miniseries Roots: The Next Generation together. Jess Walton (Jill) will return in the upcoming episodes focussing on the sudden death of Neil Winters. JW will also appear as herself in the tribute episode to honor Kristoff St. John. Christel Khalil (Lily) and Shemar Moore (Malcolm Winters) will also appear for the storyline involving Neil’s death on April 25 and 26. Victoria Rowell (Dru) and Mishael Morgan (Hilary) will be part of the April 29th tribute episode.

Kevin Fisher (Greg Rikaart) will be returning to GC this spring after a recent/short stint on Days of our Lives.

With all these returning cast members, let’s hope the glorious Gloria returns to oust the overly efficient Ted from his/her desk and nurse Jack’s broken heart after Kerry’s betrayal (not to mention his sister’s betrayal)