This Just In (July 2nd, 2021)

Thanks to Ingrid for sending in some spoilers:

Chelsea needs to be written out soon to start her maternity leave. Of course an escape is in the works. And since blackmail is usually the go-to, it’s no surprise that Chelsea will record Dr Hedges incriminating himself and use that as leverage to get out of the facility, and out of town. Likely with Connor in tow. Victor will be infuriated and any sympathy for Adam is good for his redemption. No doubt, Chloe will be enlisted to assist in Chelsea’s disappearance; causing Mike and Rey to suspect her more.

Contract negotiations not going well could send Kyle off to Italy to join Summer. That will leave Tara in need of an Abbott man. Look for a quadrangle – three ladies vying for Jack’s attention. Is Phyllis really missing what she had with Jack or is she just trying to get him away from Sally. Either way, the battle of the redheads will escalate.

Ben struggles with Abby’s newfound happiness. Everything he wanted now belongs to another man. Who really believed that he came all the way to GC to spend 10 minutes at a retirement party?

Amanda’s determined to have her Mother recant her confession – but the powerful Sutton remains willing to let his daughter take the blame. Imani is the wild card (that also applies to Nate. Sure, he thinks he can recapture what he had with Elena. But how long before he remembers that she was never that into him?

Vikki’s attempt to bulldoze Ashland will hit a brick wall. She seems to have forgotten that he’s as ruthless as dear old Dad. With a trip to LA planned, how much longer will she be able to hold him off? Isn’t being the sole owner of a billion-dollar conglomerate ample reward worth faking love? Maybe – unless Ashland exceeds his 6-month expiration date.

Unfortunately for Lily, Billy will continue to be overly involved in Vikki’s personal life. How long will she believe he’s merely reporting the news or protecting the Mother of his kids?