This Just In (December 11th, 2019)

Thanks to Shondra and Connie for these spoilers:

The bad news; Chance isn’t interested in being Abby’s head of security but he is interested in going out on a date – which leads to a kiss.

Phyllis is determined to find out what Chance was doing with Adam in Vegas. She knows it includes a small man with a big duffel bag and a gun.

Despite reconnecting with Vikki in bed, Billy continues to drift further away from her – and towards Amanda and his dark side.

No surprises here – Nate finds himself attracted to Elena while Devon fixates on Amanda.

The kids are home for Christmas! Faith and Fen come home to spend the holidays with their parents.

Chelsea sets boundaries with Adam (but as the holidays approach feels pressured to go along with his plan to give Connor what he wants most for Christmas – his parents back together)

Phyllis isn’t above using a man to exact revenge – but who will she use Nick to piss off Chelsea or Chance to pay Abby back for trying to fire her?

Rumours indicate that Amanda might not be up to anything nefarious – the mysterious ‘he’ she’s tracking via GPS could be an abusive ex she’s hiding from (and is the reasons for her trust issues)

Nate and Elena look forward to a Christmas miracle (oh no, not a baby)

Chloe gives Kevin the ultimate Christmas gift (oh no, not a baby)

Nikki and Victor discover the true meaning of Christmas after the arrival of an unexpected delivery (oh hell no, not a baby)