Wednesday, June 3rd

Sage has a nightmare – Adam delivers her baby; perfect – looks just like me. You’re OK, Nick asks if she had a bad dream.

In the lab office, Adam¬†invites Chelsea to practice her pitch (which he approves after one sentence) Yack will give her the OK. Now, let’s talk. About what? You and me.

After a night in jail, a well dressed Kevin is at Underground – reading the latest headline online; Valentine’s Killer May Still Be On The Loose. As Mariah gives him a pep talk, Summer, Abby and Kyle file in (as summoned) Kevin’s even more sure he’s right – and it’s time to get the cops to find the real killer.

At CL’s, Faith had such a great evening of glitter at her Mom’s, that she’s disappointed to be going back to Dad’s. And will Dylan be there next week? Yes – and every week from now on. Does that mean you live with Mommy now? *awkward silence*

Avery insists on going to get milk for Joe’s coffee (though he doesn’t want her waiting on him) As soon as Avery leaves, Joe gets out of his wheelchair – but quickly flops back into it when she immediately returns for something.

Back at Underground, Kevin tells the gang that a documentary on the murders will force the police’s hand. ¬†Yeah, like Summer really wants to be on TV, talking about her husband cheating, her friend drugging them; her BFF ending up dead. And Noah will go ballistic when you ask him. They want everyone or no one, Kevin persists – this can bring justice for Austin and Courtney. After Summer leaves to talk to Avery about the legal angle, Mariah disappoints Kevin by agreeing with Kyle and Abby – it’s a bad idea.

Chelsea didn’t think there was a ‘you and me’. Adam’s stormed off twice now (the last time after she asked if Sage’s baby could be his) I sound like a jerk, Adam admits – he’s just worried about Sage – that’s it. Having things to do, this time Adam leaves like a gentleman (and Chelsea smiling)

Sharon tells Faith that Dylan’s only sleeping over on Faith/Mommy nights. Sending her off to pick out cookies for her friends, Sharon grumbles about Nick being late to pick Faith up. Text him again, Dylan says.

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