What do¬†fans think of GC residents and their antics? This is an overview of what’s being said on TELboards (the most witty and intelligent group online) Posts are abbreviated for um brevity.


We have Michael pimping out his own wife, “to make her happy”. Vile Victor is ready to pimp out Victoria to Billy to get information, what a loathesome thing for a father to do to his daughter and she’s too stupid to see it. Then we had Marissa, who was offering to pimp herself out to the pirate to save “Marco”, and speaking of Marco, unbeknownst to her, Phyllis is being pimped out to him to make the world think that he is Jack Abbott ~ teacat04


Where is the romance, the passion? All we have are liars and cheaters and deceivers lately.

Dylan and Sharon held some real promise and I was hoping for something exciting with them, but it’s just falling flat. He isn’t “there” with Sharon, just in hero protective mode. It’s more like a brother/sister relationship – not sexy ~ FloridaMommyof3


I like Sharon and Dylan as a couple. But the writing for the relationship is beginning to set up red flags. Pratt’s comment that Sharon needed a savior and Dylan was a rescuer was not a good sign for the direction of the relationship. ~ Meghan


They are going to keep putting Sharon and Nick back together again. It’s done like dinner/stick a fork in it, but they just want to repeat the same stories over and over again. I loved Sharon and Nick together back when they were younger but they have broken up and reunited so many times, the magic is gone. I do like seeing them as parents and friends ~ Torontotom


What I don’t get is why everything with him (head writer Pratt) has to be sensational writing, shock and awe. I do not think you need that kind of writing to keep the viewer interested. a disaster once in awhile is fine, but not all the time. why not write stories that are character driven. the whole thing is a mess. I cannot stand watching him demean women, look at how he wrote out kelly, that wasn’t necessary at all. ~ Dawn88