Friday, December 30th

In Paul’s office, Chris preps Dylan… I mean ‘Derek’ – there can be no slip-ups in her case against drug kingpin and murderer Luther Fisk. ARE you ‘ready for this’? To not think about life in GC, or Sharon? Dylan vows that his personal life won’t be an issue. At... Read more

Wednesday, December 28th

All gasp as Hilary reads off a confession to tripping Mariah on live TV. It’s time everyone knew the truth about your wife, Mariah tells Devon. Payback’s a bitch, she snarls when confronted by Hilary. At the ranch, Nick and Chelsea detach briefly for the ‘what the hell are we... Read more

Tuesday, December 27th

Riley did this part….. Lily barks orders to caterers over the phone, making sure every detail for the Foundation Benefit party is perfect. Chelsea shows Abby the dress she’s made as her contribution to the auction. Neil, Jack and Ashley step out of the elevator dumbfounded by the outcome of... Read more

Monday, December 26th

A Jabot, Jack and Neil are both striking out on their phones – they’ve got everything in place for the Foundation’s fundraiser, except a venue (thanks to the landlord being foreclosed on) We will make this happen, Jack vows. It must be Victor’s lucky day (he’s meeting Ashley at Top... Read more

Friday, December 23rd

Nick and Christian are at Top of the Tower (Christian wearing his new ‘Newman Enterprises’ T-shirt; one of ‘MANY gifts’) Nikki and Victor share their favourite moments of Christmas Eve (Nikki’s being when Nick took Christian over to see Dylan – it could be a new beginning for you and... Read more

Thursday, December 22nd

Nick and Chelsea have brought their young sons to the park (before heading to the ranch; as is Newman tradition) Chelsea reassures Nick that Faith will come around. Tracking Santa online, Faith informs her Grandpa that it’s already Christmas in Australia. Nikki’s on the phone with Paul (trying to convince... Read more

Wednesday, December 21st

I’m a little pressed for time today so please excuse any typos and grammatical blunders. The Hamilton’s are preparing for their first Christmas in their new place (Hilary can’t call the penthouse ‘home’ and is determined to pursue a dynamic career) Wondering if she plans to go to LA or... Read more

Tuesday, December 20th

Victor finds Nikki sniffling as she puts a gift under the tree; a gift she pre-ordered and had wrapped and tagged for Sully. Yes, Christian is here but she worries about poor Faith. Victor talks about their time in the stables last night. Nikki’s glad Victor was there for her... Read more

Monday, December 19th

I’m back from Florida and trying to adjust from the sun to the snow; 2 feet of it. I’m a bit backed up but will get to my email inbox as soon as possible (and I haven’t forgotten you Ella!) Thanks once more to Riley for being such a good... Read more

Friday, December 16th

OUR apologies. Riley had to work her real job last night so I didn’t get the spoiler til after midnight (unfortunately we’re early to bed, early to rise in Florida so I was asleep) See y’all Monday!! Ashley races over to the elevator at Jabot before it closes. Victor’s hand... Read more