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How does it work?
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What information do you have access to and is it safe?
I have no access to your credit card info or Paypal account. The most that can possibly be deducted from your PayPal account would be $12. It automatically expires after a year. I can always be reached if a refund is requested. Also, for the buyers protection, Paypal offers a comprehensive Resolution Center.

Will my email address be shared or sold for any reason?
Absolutely not. Your address will never be used for any other reason than emailing you daily spoilers.

What happens to my subscription if something happens to you?
Unless I train an apprentice, the spoilers will die with me. In that event, cancel your subscription. Or, you could try suing my estate for the $3 (but hurry, before my kids squander the estate on video games and McDonalds)

Information for existing subscribers.

My subscription expired years ago and I’m still receiving the daily spoilers. You won’t retroactively charge me if you find out will you?
No. I may have forgotten to remove your address. Also, I sometimes give subscribers lifetime spoilers (like if I took a few days adding them to the mailing list or their service was disrupted for any reason) Sometimes, I’ll just get an email that’s so sweet I want to express my thanks.

I want to unsubscribe (your spoilers are fantastic. You have terrific words, the best words, but the show sucks)
No problem at all. There’s an ‘unsubscribe’ button at the bottom of this page. Email me at if you have any questions or concerns.

I cancelled my subscription but am still receiving the spoilers.
Each payment entitles you to 3 months of spoilers. If you pay me one day and cancel the next, you are still entitled to those 3 months of spoilers. Because addresses are removed or added manually, I sometimes forget to remove addresses in a timely manner. If you just want them to STOP! and for the love of God they keep coming! email me and I’ll be happy to remove your address and put you out of your misery asap.

**So, don’t panic if you cancelled (through your Paypal account or with the Unsubscribe button) and still receive spoilers. No further payments will be taken from your account.

I signed up and haven’t received any spoilers. How long does it take? Have I been scammed? I knew it!
If you haven’t received your spoilers within 48 hours, please check your spam or junk box. If it’s not there, email me and ask what’s up?

I was receiving spoilers but they suddenly stopped. The site is updated so I know you’re not dead. So don’t even try to pretend you’re dead. 
Sometimes emails get bounced back to me due to a recipient’s inbox being ‘over quota’ or their server is down.

Can I change the email address I signed up with?
Yes! It saddens me when I get emails bounced back with an auto responder saying ‘Jane Smith is out of the office for the following week’. I’m more than happy to change your email address for any reason, even if it’s just while you’re on holiday for a week. I can easily change it back to your work address when you get back.

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