YR Spoiler: Wednesday, December 27th

Chelsea’s all dressed up for the Newman re-nuptials while jokester Nick is wearing nothing but a tool belt (a Christmas gift from Chelsea) I had one beer, maybe two – Reed’s had enough lecturing from his parents on the drive back from the station. Vikki insists Reed get himself ready... Read more

YR Spoiler; Tuesday, December 26th

At the club, Billy assures Ashley that he has her back, 100%. What now? Ashley’s going to court. Jack’s not afraid to get down and dirty. Yes, but knowing Ashley as he does, Billy thinks Jack has no idea what he’s getting into. Jack’s at the Chancellor Estate trying (and... Read more

Friday, December 22nd

At home, Mariah and Sharon are stumped on what to buy each other for Christmas. While Mariah goes to Nick for help, Sharon seeks Faith’s guidance. Gift cards, a pony, reindeer slippers, giant mugs, a waffle iron, a puppy etc. are all ruled out. Now home, Mariah and Sharon exchange... Read more

Thursday, December 21st

Dina, Traci, Abby and Ashley set the table for Christmas Eve dinner. Hearing that Billy, Phyllis and Hilary are coming, Dina snarls about Hilary (‘quelle surprise’ that she’s alone this year) Jack comes in to ask Ashley if she wants to sit at the head of the table. She wants... Read more

Wednesday, December 20th

In their on again and off again marital home, Victor shows Nikki Devon’s press release – the angle is that the Newmans reunited to save Chancellor Park. And they lived happily ever after, Nikki sneers at the fabricated fairy tale. At NE, Vikki and Abby read the online news; both... Read more

Tuesday, December 19th

Now home, Phyllis forces a conversation on how Billy feels about her voting against him (and in favour of Jack) Billy believes Phyllis is throwing her ex a bone – you feel guilty for falling in love with his sexier brother. Denying he’s jealous, Billy refuses to let the vote... Read more

Monday, December 18th

At the club, Nikki’s distracted by thoughts of being locked up in an orange jumpsuit as Nick blathers on about his great rally at the park. Yes, of course, I’m OK, Nikki’s just ‘having one of those days’. Nick thinks it more than that – what’s going on? Victor’s at... Read more

Friday, December 15th

Abby taps, fiddles, slurps, then annoys Vikki even more by asking about JT’s investigation. Victor then barges in demanding answers on who transferred his funds – before JT finds out. On the CL’s patio, Nikki warns Kevin that it’s about to come out that she transferred Victor’s funds to an... Read more

Thursday, December 14th

No, no no, Phyllis is ‘swamped’ and has no time for elevator sex with Billy. That’s not what he’s at Jabot for – this is really ‘important’. At CL’s, Scott can’t keep his lips or hands off Sharon. He’s not even going to the office – his co-workers won’t let... Read more