Monday, December 31st

Twas New Year’s Day and the jail cells are full; There’s Nate, and Nick, and Victor. No bull. Rey’s at the station, Chris is too. He’s eager to press charges. She fears the risks if they do. Nikki’s back in the hospital and calls for a nurse. Not impressed when... Read more

Friday, December 28th

Wow! Devon’s impressed with the job Anna’s overseeing at the penthouse (where they’re hosting a party) Yes, he’s OK with celebrating New Year’s Eve. Bring on 2019, he clinks her champagne flute (but drinks alone) At Vikki’s, both she and Phyllis are frustrated that Nick’s not returning their calls. Could... Read more

Thursday, December 27th

Nick and Vikki are flabbergasted to find Nikki’s bed empty – maybe she was taken for more tests? No, Phyllis looked into that. Nick calls the police to report his Mom missing- she didn’t leave on her own – someone kidnapped her! Meanwhile, Nikki’s asleep, traveling in an ambulance. How... Read more

Tuesday, December 25th

On the air, Mariah talks about family; that’s what the holidays are about. This year, just like last year, everyone’s favourite billionaire, Devon, is running GC’s toy drive. She then talks about the dearly departed, Hilary. At home, as Mariah’s narration plays in the background, Devon displays a Christmas card... Read more

Monday, December 24th

After welcoming Jack and Kerry the party at CL’s, Sharon gets a scolding from Mariah for not making Tessa feel welcome. When Billy and Vikki stop by, Sharon wanders over and informs that Rey’s there – just to unwind like everyone else. Kerry and Jack offer Vikki a few supportive... Read more

Friday, December 21st

Nick rejoins Vikki outside their Mom’s room. Why isn’t Dad here? He must have heard how bad things are. Vikki worries Nikki can’t pull through without him. Hearing the kids giggling as they wrap gifts, Billy lowers his voice and pretends to be Santa checking that Johnny and Katie are... Read more

Thursday, December 20th

Nick at his Mom’s bedside, Nate has no good news for him. Yes, Nikki’s tough but the longer she remains unconscious, the worse her prognosis is. Reed sits quietly in the shadows while Billy chatters about Johnny (upstairs getting ready for the Christmas pageant – Hannah’s taking Katie to the... Read more

Wednesday, December 19th

Sharon’s brought a mac n cheese casserole to Vikki’s for her and the kids. We’re in this together – both worry that whoever ran Nikki over will come for them. Serving Mariah and Tessa their meal, Fen mentions that he’s leaving early to do something (that he won’t jinx by... Read more

Tuesday, December 18th

Jack comes home to update Kyle that Nikki was hit by a car – it doesn’t look good. What kind of low life would just leave her to die in the street? Kyle wonders. Reed’s at Mattie’s to check on Charlie – he’s pretty bummed about Shawna dumping him. He... Read more