Friday, June 5th

I could go to prison. You’re blackmailing me, Avery’s in tears. We were happy – give us chance, Joe’s sure if they make love, she’ll feel the same way she once did.

Lily leaves Cane yet another message – of course she knows there’s nothing going on with Lauren. Just call me.

Through the bushes, someone’s watching Cane and Lauren kiss. Where did that come from? she asks when they pull apart.

Ending a call, Paul updates Harding; he’s got the FBI working on who posted as the killer. Even if it’s a fake, that person could lead them to the real killer.

At Underground, Mariah’s a nervous wreck – if the cops don’t come after her, the killer might. Ben marches in with Abby – she’s NOT doing the documentary. Well, it was all of them or nothing, so Kevin must find another way to flush the killer out. Abby has an idea.

Agreeing that Kevin’s probably cyber sleuthing right now, Harding tells Paul that the kids were offered (and declined) an interview. How is this guy staying one step ahead of us? Paul wonders.

Ben and Abby want Kevin to find out who posted – then guess he got caught and fired. Ben wants Kevin to back off and stay out of the spotlight. After they leave, Kevin has Mariah’s back, but no, he can’t cover her tracks on GC Buzz.

Lauren and Cane sputter – it was a mistake – we were both emotional – there’s nothing between us. It won’t happen again.

Mike and Ashley are at the lab. But it’s her will she wants to discuss, not Jack’s. Mike thinks that wise. Now? No, but soon. After he leaves, Ashley gobbles another pill and winces as she again reaches for her neck.

Arriving at the lab, Ben and Abby are discussing the killer. Hearing them, Ashley reads the ‘killers’ post online – and worries that Ben can’t keep Abby safe! Mom? Are you OK? Ashley murmurs and looks weak as she leans against the desk.

On the patio, Mike flashes back to seeing Lauren and Cane kiss in the park. Lauren arrives to refuse to sign the divorce papers. Nothing Mike can do will push her away. OK, so let’s look at what YOU’VE done. Lauren has no idea what he’s talking about. Don’t you? Mike sneers.

At the bar, Lily finds Cane, his head in his hands. She apologizes for being jealous. I should have believed you. Is Lauren OK? Did you catch up to her? Lily was just lashing out. Cane didn’t mean to …… Don’t apologize, Lily loves and trusts her husband.

Avery and Joe continue to argue. He wants a chance to prove that they belong together. OK – let’s make love (but Avery’s tone is defiant, not loving)

Yeah, Avery’s sure – one night of sex, I mean love coming up. Let’s have some music, candles, wine – she runs around the apartment. Have some wine (she chugs down a glass and pours another) To a night neither one of us will ever forget! she downs her second glass.

You’re talking funny, Abby notes. It’s side effects of Ashley’s migraine medication. Ben abruptly leaves Abby to question her Mom’s headaches. Would they go away if I stopped seeing Ben?

Good work ~click~ Paul then takes Harding off to pursue a lead on the ‘catch me if you can’ post.

Kevin can’t help Mariah – Paul and the FBI are all over it. Come forward. Mike will help. Mariah can’t do that. Her ‘better idea’? Run.

Mariah knows how to disappear. Kevin’s not OK with leaving. And the FBI will be after us, instead of whoever killed Courtney and Austin. Mariah understands, and is heading for the door when Harding and Paul arrive; Mariah Copeland, you’re under arrest.

Would Abby stop seeing Ben if Ashley asked her to? Gushing about their wonderful relationship, Abby’s relieved that her Mom would never ask that of her ~hug~ Ashley’s a grown woman and this is a silly conversation. You and Ben care deeply for one another.

Ben catches Dr Shelby at GCM (having seen his name on Ashley’s meds) He relays the slurred speech and dizziness – maybe more tests are needed. MR Rayburn is reminded that he’s no longer a doctor – you don’t belong here – remember that!

Lily knows things have been tense – she has to work through her issues with Devon etc. Cane doesn’t want to discuss it right now. You believe that I love you right? Yes ~kiss~ Lily’s forgiven – and now wants to call Lauren to apologize. No! Don’t – don’t push it – I gotta go, Cane leaves Lily confused.

Back on the patio, Mike doesn’t blame Lauren – she’s a passionate woman and he can’t fulfill her needs. I love you – we don’t need to be physical, Lauren insists. YOU do – I saw you kissing Cane, Mike smiles triumphantly.

Ben’s back – things are fine at the warehouse, he tells Abby. In the office, Ashley’s on the phone with Dr Shelby (who didn’t tell Ben anything but is concerned about her dizziness and slurred speech) OK – Ashley will come in tomorrow for more tests. She then busts Ben – you went to see my doctor behind my back! Don’t be ‘concerned’ about me. Be concerned about my daughter!

Posing as the killer? What the hell were you thinking?! Paul blasts Mariah. They WERE investigating. Now she and Kevin have screwed everything up. Taking Harding into his office, Paul admits Kevin’s right – the killer’s made a move every time he’s been cornered. After making a call, Paul says both are free to go – but don’t insert yourself into this investigation again. Harding looks pissed as Kevin leads Mariah out.

Mike knows Lauren needs a man. YOU did this, Lauren talks through her tears – your cup in the sink, clothes in the closet, it’s all gone. You took the stroking of my hair, the rubbing of my shoulders, the holding of my hand. Your words, your laughter – you left me with nothing; unwanted and untouched. Lauren didn’t kiss Cane because she’s sexual, she kissed Cane because she’s human. Divorce me!!! Mike shouts as Lauren hurries out.

Avery angrily starts removing her clothes and shoves Joe on the sofa. No, Joe gets up and grabs her arms – damn you! Avery flashes back (audibly) to a another time Joe grabbed (and slapped) her. I want you to want me – I still love you, Joe implores. Get out! NOW! Avery shouts.

All these years I blamed myself, Avery weeps – but it was you. Get out of my house! Thinking I’d make love to you after lying and manipulating me!! You hurt me! And the lies – what they cost me! Walk out of here! Get out!!! At the door, Joe says he may have made a mistake tonight, but I wasn’t the only one. Avery locks the door and sobs.

Mike saw us kiss in the park, Lauren tells Cane at the club’s bar. Oh no – OK, well Cane better go tell Lily before Mike does.

Lily’s glad to run into Mike on the patio. She thinks he should reconsider the divorce – Lauren loves you. It’s no more your business than your problems with Cane being mine, Mike replies (but he’s not the one she needs to talk to) What problems? Lily’s again left puzzled.

Back at Underground, Kevin gets Mariah to admit that she’d miss him if she left town. Both phones beep – Paul’s holding a press conference. They go online to watch as Paul announces that the murder investigation is reopened. Tobias Gray is in fact the third victim. New information points to another perpetrator. They have Austin’s tablet – it’s being analyzed at an undisclosed location. Impressed, Kevin knows Austin didn’t have a tablet; Paul’s using the power of the press to lure the killer out of hiding.

Abby and Ben follow Ashley into her office. Admit you have feelings for Ben, Abby badgers her. Just stop! Ashley almost faints, then slumps into a chair looking blank and bewildered. Mom!?

Next: Ben confronts Dr Shelby at GCM; Ashley had a seizure and left the hospital without telling anyone. I’m not leaving here until you tell me why…… The captain updates Jack: We have the highest bidder, and from the price he’s willing to pay, he gets to choose if he gets you alive or dead … At the club, Yack reads a text; You win. Marco Annicelli is yours. Wire money today. Do you want your prize dead or alive?

My Thoughts: Ben has no business asking Dr Shelby about Ashley’s health. And he did absolutely nothing to help Ashley when she almost fainted … If Ashley’s so concerned about how Mike is, why DID she have him come ‘all the way over’? Couldn’t she have made an appointment and gone to his office instead of wasting his time? … Kevin doesn’t seem to be too worried about being unemployed. Shouldn’t he searching for a job, not a killer? Today he says he’s ‘suspended’, but Paul said ‘if Kevin still worked here’, like he’s fired (which he should be) … So NOW it comes out that Joe was an abusive husband? How could Avery possibly forget that? And gush about him supporting the Better Days charity for abused women; a cause that ‘meant a lot to him because of his history’!? … How stupid is Mariah? If she ‘panics every time someone comes through the door’ why doesn’t she just lock the door!? If she thinks the police, FBI and killer are all after her, locking Underground’s front door should be a no brainer. In fact, nobody seems too concerned despite being persons of interest to a three time killer … Wow – Paul sure threw that press conference together in a hurry. If Mariah and/or Kevin were using the bathroom when their phones went off, they’d have missed it entirely. They must have an app that alerts them to press conferences? Perhaps the rest of the gang should download it too…. Yes Lauren, there’s other ways to be close that aren’t sexual – but there’s also ways to be sexual that don’t include sex. How I wish the Baldwin’s had just been allowed to deliver a powerful cancer storyline. The writing has done more damage to their characters than cancer ever could. Mike’s triumphant look (when busting Lauren) was nauseating. How does he have the time to stalk her? Has the law firm closed? It’s not like Avery’s holding down the fort .. Odd that Lily, a cancer survivor herself, wouldn’t have included THAT in her chat with Mike. And as annoying as Lily is, it’s selfish of Mike to use her and the twins as collateral damage in his mission to torpedo his marriage. Being a Father himself, I’m disappointed Mike hasn’t thought about what his ‘win’ could cost the Ashby twins