Monday, September 14th

At Underground, Abby leads a toast to herself and the world wide domination of Newman. Noah and Mariah set their glasses down. Kevin’s stunned when she blabs that he’s in the middle of the titans – and reveling in the power.

Jack joins Ashley at the club – to admit he was wrong about getting involved with Victor. But Paragon is real – and happening – we must be ready.

At the cabin, Phyllis arranges her flowers while ‘Fred’ sharpens his knife to prepare the fish for dinner.

As Emma’s being reprimanded for losing her ID badge, Ben comes along to say the med closet was unsecured. Emma insists she IS responsible; she doesn’t leave her badge lying around.

At the boathouse, Neil shows a sleeping Hilary the badge – you know what I did to steal this? He wonders how the IV tipped over. If someone came in, they wouldn’t understand that I’m only getting you healthy to tell everyone what happened. This isn’t what Neil wanted – but he can’t take it back. How many laws will he have to break?

Neil does the ole ‘wake up’ – then takes a call from Gwen. He feels happy, but guilty about feeling happy. He’s put on hold while Gwen answers Emma’s call – look for the ID – her job depends on it! Back to Neil, Gwen tells him about the missing ID. He’s more than happy to come over and help her look for it.

Back at Underground, Kevin downplays the computer work he’s doing for Victor (which he can’t talk about) Starting with Marisa, all take turns listing Victor’s schemes. Sure Abby once sued her Dad for half a billion, but she’s now responsible for increasing Chelsea 2.0 sales. Kevin now explains why he was hired – your business coup might just be a glitch.

Jack updates Ashley that Gabe discovered a breach of NE’s computer system. He gave Victor a chance to share info or lie (Victor of course lied) Jabot’s system is well protected, but let’s back everything up. Ashley texts the IT department, but grumbles about giving Gabe (or Jack) credit – we don’t even know who the real enemy is.

On the patio, Phyllis squirms as Ian guts fish. She finds the way he sees the world refreshing. She then mentions the name Victor (but he’s not worth talking about) And why did ‘Fred’ come to dinner’? You got me – I’ve been holding back crucial information, he declares.

Ashley’s eliminated Joe Clark from the list. Now it’s narrowed down to the hundreds of other enemies Victor has. Jack’s heading back to his wife. Ashley finds Jack annoying but is glad he has her back.

Phyllis knew it – you’re a marriage counselor? No. ‘Fred’s’ secret is that he was looking for her. He wanted to run into Phyllis again. He’s been adrift since his wife died – the world has moved on without him. Phyllis can relate – she missed a year. She lists her family. Summer, what a beautiful name, Ian gushes. He has one child too – but she turned on him when he needed her most.

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