Friday, February 5th

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OK. Adam will tell Chelsea the big secret – he knows who was driving the car that almost killed Billy.

In the middle of CL’s, Luca wonders what changed the self-righteous Noah. One minute he’s ready to confess to the cops, the next he wants to take down his Grandfather. Noah won’t let Victor control his life anymore – he’s done. You and I want the same thing. Not for the first time, Luca quips (and wonders if Noah will try crossing him like Adam did)

At home, Vikki and Billy’s romantic evening is interrupted when she gets a text. Everything alright? Billy probes.

‘The keeper of all secrets’? What does that mean? Nick and Sage wonder. Some people here can’t be trusted, Patty says in an eerie tone.

No, it wasn’t a mistake for Sharon to summon Dr Anderson to her house – if she’s worried about Nick, Dr A is too (but he should have come to me, not you) Talk to me. Let me handle Nick – what’s going on? Dr Anderson persists. Sharon feels terrible betraying Nick’s confidence. Nick suspects …. Suspects what??

Who can’t be trusted!? Ignoring the question, Patty bounces onto Sage’s bed. She needs to rest, to heal, Nick tries to get rid of her. Yes, heal, Patty sneers; Dr Sandy Anderson did miracles for Sharon. What do you mean? Nick and Sage are riveted.

Sharon tells Dr Anderson that Nick suspects he’s having feelings for her. Thanking Sharon for confiding in her, Dr A claims it’s just transference. You don’t mind that he feels this way? No, Dr A’s trained to handle this type of issue. Nick will need to count on her. We can hope Sage gets better, but Nick must take care of himself. We’re all responsible for our own happiness.

Vikki’s tired of babysitting the problem child. Logging onto her computer, she can’t load the program. Billy comes over to turn it off (and give Vikki a kiss)

Noah ran over Billy, Adam stuns Chelsea. Luca found out about it, and now he can’t get rid of the Santori’s. Chelsea’s stunned that he’s covering this up because of business. Has your past not taught you ANYTHING?

Chelsea talks about Adam’s lies when covering up Delia’s death almost costing them everything – and now he’s doing it again?! Adam wasn’t there – Victor told Noah to keep it quite; Luca and Marisa know too. How is Noah coming forward going to help the family? Billy’s OK – what good comes of Noah going to prison?

Back at CL’s, Noah gripes about Victor controlling him (using this secret) Yes, but Luca is too – why only go after Victor? When he finds out you know he’ll crush you – getting him before he gets you is your only chance at surviving. Summer arrives – any idea where Grandpa is? She’s ready to come work for the family business.

Told to focus on her own health, Patty talks about little birdie Sharon – and what kind of bird are you? she asks Sage. Time for beddy bye sweetie pie, she sing songs – Dr Anderson’s special recipe – and there’s always more where that came from. Tweet tweet, Patty runs out. Sage is left to wonder if she knows something about Dr Anderson.

Sharon knows she put Nick through so much and now he has to go through it again with Sage – he’s such a good man. He always did the right thing. Mentioning high school, Dr Anderson disagrees – Nick didn’t do the right thing all the time.

Sage wants to get Patty talking – we’ll decide what’s real and what’s delusion. Nick thinks it dangerous (and so is Patty) Be careful and cautious – it’s the only sane way to go about this. Sage feels like she’s the only sane one in here ~hug~

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