Monday, February 8th

No time today – I have an appointment.

Sharon? Hello? Dylan comes home to an empty house.

Sharon gasps. Sandy? Nick feels for a pulse. OMG, OMG – is she? Sharon says they need to call for help. No – just a second, Nick hesitates.

Did Dr Anderson do something to you? What did you mean about Sharon being drugged and confused. Is that why you’re like this? Are you OK? Sage gasps when Patty moves the stuffed toy to show a bleeding puncture wound in the abdomen.

Noah tells Luca that he’s staying in town for payback – Victor’s wrecked a lot of lives in the name of protecting the family. He won’t know what hit him. We don’t like or respect one another, but must work together. We want the same thing, Noah reminds his ‘partner’.

Adam and Chelsea discuss why she didn’t tell Billy that it was Noah who hit him. When Victor joins them in the office, Chelsea won’t be dismissed – Adam’s told her about the blackmail. And you’re still here? he seems surprised (perhaps thinking she knows that Adam fathered Christian)

Luca admits it’s an alliance no one (including Victor) would expect. Be ready – Victor will come at you with all he’s got. And stay away from Summer – she’s off limits. Understand? So protective – what would Summer think of big brother’s plan to take down Grandpa?

You ran to Billy to expose Adam Victor reminds – what’s to say she won’t tell him about Noah? Chelsea’s standing by her husband – they have no secrets in their marriage. That’s wonderful – especially when there’s a child involved, isn’t that right Adam?

She’s dead. We have to call the police! Sharon doesn’t think Sage did this. Maybe she did in self defence. Nick must go find Sage. Sharon gets a call from Dylan – where are you and Sully? Nick grabs the phone – get to Fairview , now.

Everything’s going to be OK, Sage reassures Patty then bumps into Nick and Sharon in the hall. Blood? Don’t worry it’s not mine, Sage says

It’s Patty’s blood – she’s in there – out of it. It’s not Patty’s blood either – it’s Sandy’s. NIck’s already called the police.

Adam and I have made mistakes – but no more lies of secrets – that’s the key to a successful marriage. Victor hopes Adam appreciates his wife (who he tries to dismiss again) What can’t you discuss in front of me? It’s just number crunching. Fine – but we continues this later. Adam’s left to scold Victor for bringing up Sage’s baby. It’s not Chelsea he needs to worry about blabbing, it’s Noah.

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