Thursday, February 11th

In bed, Billy assures Vikki that he does want to remarry her. Then why does she get the feeling he’s holding something back??

At Summer’s, Phyllis doesn’t like Natalie living there, or her ‘sassy attitude’. Explaining why it’s a perfect set up, Natalie wonders if Phyllis is really worried about Summer – or missing a chance to beat Victor. Phyllis warns that Summer better not get hurt.

In Victor’s office, Summer expresses reservations about her new roomie. Victor NEEDS her to keep an eye on Natalie. You can do this – you’re a Newman. Oh no, Nikki’s not interrupting – Victor was just welcoming their granddaughter into NE. She’ll fit right in.

In their ‘island paradise’, Marisa distracts Noah as one would expect; he’s not running or hiding – and someone, like Luca, will soon realize they’re together. Marisa doesn’t care. Careful, that’s my partner you’re talking about, Noah puts a pout on Marisa’s face.

At Top of the Tower, Luca doesn’t appreciate being pulled out of a meeting like he’s an ‘underling’. Yeah, well, he’ll like it even less when he hears what Adam has to say. Have a drink – you won’t like this news.

Adam warns Luca that Summer is off limits – pretend she doesn’t exist. Keep your ‘dirty’ hands off her. But the bad news is that Noah’s left the country, indefinitely. Have a good night, Adam gloats.

Luca’s not your partner – he’s a user, Marisa declares him a leech. Noah’s using HIM – to make his grandfather pay. Marisa wants him to let them fight it out – we’re free of this. We’re here – together. No cell phones (she tosses it aside) It IS easy – as easy as this ~kiss~ As she runs out with his cell phone, Noah gives chase.

Updated on Nick finding Dr Anderson’s body, and Paul’s poor sister, Nikki then asks what job Summer’s perfect for. She’s qualified to do the job she’s been asked to do, Victor evades.

Natalie’s done some research on the Newman/Abbott families. Yes, but you don’t know us – and Summer’s NOT to be hurt, Phyllis repeats (as Summer returns) We were just getting acquainted, she says.

Billy wants to marry Vikki. When? When he’s sure he can deliver on his promise to her and the kids.

After Nikki leaves, Adam updates Victor that Noah’s out of the country and Luca took the news like a baby. Now that he can’t blackmail us, let’s move on to something else. Pulling out the Santori dossier, Victor wants them out of NE – starting today.

Back from their swim, Marisa in the shower, Noah gets a call from Luca – congrats on making Victor and Adam think you left the country. Where are you? Let’s meet to discuss bringing Victor down. He then hears a familiar voice blathering in about a cute lizard on the shower wall. Marisa’s with you?! Luca snaps.

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