Friday, February 12th

Wow. Neil’s impressed with Lily’s Valentine’s Day decor (but his eye’s on a tray of champagne being poured) Having heard what happened at the lab the other day – and following Neil’s gaze to the booze, she suspects he’s drinking again.

At the lab, Hilary and Devon wonder if seeing them together will cause Neil to drink again. Devon’s weighing his options. Will you fire your Father? Hilary wonders.

In the lab’s office, Dr Neville stammers about Ashley’s Valentine’s Day plans. Of course she does – work and sleep. Neville has a present for her. For you M’lady. Ashley’s delighted with the bottle of pills with a bow.

Abby’s dropping off Ben’s Valentine’s Day gift at GCM. Why now? Because we’re not celebrating Valentine’s together, she says.

Long-distance-Kyle isn’t coming home for Valentine’s Day? No – he’s busy with work. Natalie wonders why he can’t hop on the family jet. You’ve spent days picking out your dress, jewelry and shoes for this party. Isn’t a boyfriend supposed to be with his girlfriend tonight no matter what? Summer pouts.

In his office, Victor complains about this computer nerd’s program – it’s a mess. Shutting the computer down, Nikki puts a Valentine’s card in front of Victor – tonight is about us and nothing else.

Now daylight, Billy rolls over to find Delia in his room. Happy birthday, he whispers as he hugs her.

Delia came to ask her Dad why he’s not asking Vikki to marry him. Billy needs to find the right time. It’s Valentine’s Day, duh! Delia gives him a card she made for them years ago (which she puts under his pillow) Wake up sleepyhead – happy Valentine’s Day, Vikki interrupts his dream. She has something to take care of at work. The party at the club? No, Billy wants a private celebration.

Summer defends Kyle. OK, OK, he’s God’s gift, Natalie’s interested in megabytes. not mega boys. Ignore me – at least you have someone. Summer pouts some more.

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