Thursday, April 7th

Kevin, Natalie, and Mariah are panicking over having to do depositions over Passkey; How do we get out of this? Simple concept – lie, Billy’s unconcerned.

Also with paperwork, Summer’s freaking on the phone to Luca when Nick arrives – and Aunt Vikki’s not behind the subpoena, he is.

Phyllis (with Jack) confront Mike at the club’s bar – angry that she’s being subpoenaed. No, the Abbott’s can’t help with Mike’s disbarment – just show up on time for the deposition. Phyllis wants Mike to forgive (and help) her. Oh, you need me, Mike’s sarcastic – go ahead Phyllis – what can I do for you today???

Seated at the club, Devon defends Hilary to the Ashby’s – Hilary knows she crossed the line (exploiting Ashley’s illness) She’s making amends with the lab team right now.

Ben, Abby and Ashley are relieved Hilary’s not at the lab – but where’s Neville? Ben’s impressed with Neville’s research – it’s incredible. Ashley couldn’t feel any better. Good – then stop chatting and get back to work, Hilary arrives to sneer. Run the other way, or Abby will take Hilary down herself.

Natalie, Mariah and Kevin continue to fret over going to prison (in a cell next to Victor) Billy reminds the kids that they’ve lied before. Natalie’s in – we can do this. Victor has no right to this program – it was Billy’s. If Mariah can lie about being a ghost, she can do this. But with Mike back in the Newman fold, Kevin will have to lie to his brother.

Nick IS concerned about Victor – and so wants to protect his company. Find someone other than Luca to confide in. Like you?! Summer balks – you want me to incriminate my own Mother!

Mike’s upset that Phyllis never bothered to mention how many millions she’d make from Passkey if Victor was locked up. You can’t think that’s why she asked for your help, Jack chimes in. Can’t I? Mike’s also pissed that his old crimes are all over the tabloids. He’s done enough for Phyllis. With a look of distaste, Mike leaves Jack to tell Phyllis that he’s going to straighten this out NOW (and exits too)

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