Monday, May 16th

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At home, Mariah interrupts Sharon and Dylan kissing. No, there’s nothing she can do to help. Mariah realizes she bulldozed her way in without anyone asking Dylan. So, stepdad, how do you like the new set up?

Billy’s surprised when Hannah arrives – Vikki sent her to take Johnny to school. So that’s how she wants to play it, Billy frowns.

At the office, Vikki struggling with personal boundaries – but doesn’t want to burden Nick with it. Her problems don’t compare to his. Nick’s sorry he blew up at her the other day. His emotions are all over the place – a tsunami of anger and depression over what should have been – with Sage and Christian. Now I’m just alone.

After spending the night in Ben’s suite, Abby returns with breakfast. Ben appreciates her staying – and that she cares about Max, but he needs to go talk to the doctor about Max. Abby’s pleasantly surprised that he wants her to go along – we’ll face this together.

When Hilary interrupts Phyllis’s breakfast with Jack, she denies she’s swamped and would love to stay and hear what’s on Hilary’s agenda.

He’s just a little boy. He needs to come home! Ben grumbles to Paul and the doctor (who feels Max belongs in a long-term facility) Memorial can’t take him but there’s a special facility for children; a youth facility with an outstanding reputation. Abby takes Ben aside. I promised – how can I tell my son I don’t know when he’s coming home.

Dylan and Sharon were a bit embarrassed but not upset. Mariah promises to be a chill roommate from now one. You’re family – you’ll always have a place here, they insist.

Work is grounding – Nick needs to be here. Vikki agrees she’s been avoiding problems (yes, Billy and all the feelings that are driving her crazy) She won’t let Billy have any more power over her. And no, she won’t do anything crazy. They make a pact to take care of one another – and fend off Victor’s attacks. When Mike arrives, Nick has to go see someone.

Vikki needs Mike to help her with a Newman Abbott matter.

Hilary pretends to be happy about Phyllis improving on her PR ideas. As Jack and Phyllis get a bit lovey dovey, Hilary has more business to discuss. Billy arrives to stare at Phyllis.

Nick drops by to pick up Faith – thinking she was off school today. She doesn’t feel abandoned, Sharon insists. Getting a text from Abby, Dylan heads off to GCM. Nick announces that he’s moving back into the tackhouse and needs to sort through Sage’s things. I’ll do it, Mariah offers.

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