Wednesday, October 5th

At the park, Ashley denies sending Travis flowers. She did tell her friend Michelle that he’s working at NE and doesn’t think he’s being honest with everyone about why he left Wall Street.

Nikki and Vikki are at the club chatting about Travis getting along well with Victor – he even gave him Adam’s old office. Vikki can’t help but wonder if Dad has an agenda.

In his office, Victor notices that Abby’s distracted then chuckles that she’s asking him for marital advice.

Hey, girl-in-the-gloves, you left your phone (the waitress at Hank’s hands it back to Mariah) She then bumps into Kevin; who wonders why she’s there and looking so nervous.

Handing the plumbers’ list to Sharon, Dylan notices that her hands are shaking – this stalker really must have her rattled.

The orderly gives an unresponsive Patty a paintbrush – so she can express whatever’s on her mind. Now alone, Patty’s eyes focus – on her blank canvas.

OK, Mariah’s nervous – she was meeting a guy here. In this dump? Kevin laughs – he’s checking every place on the list to track down the plumber’s phone. If it were turned on, he’d be able to triangulate the signal. Blaming her mood on being stood up, Mariah escapes. Kevin asks the bartender if anyone left a phone there. The woman who just left almost did, he’s puzzled to hear.

Sharon can’t just ignore having a stalker – what if he comes here? Dylan won’t let that happen ~hug~

Back at NE, Abby confides that she hoped she and Ben would be in a better place by now – how do Victor and Nikki do it? We fight a lot. Yes, Victor’s serious – getting too comfortable is boring. One has to decide whether problems are worth delving into to save a marriage.

Vikki relays Victor’s denial that hiring Travis is a way to lure her back to NE. Nikki understands her skepticism but has a different theory. Everyone thinks Travis is wonderful – maybe Victor does too. Vikki would like to believe it’s as simple as that – but the sudden camaraderie unsettles her.

Yes, Ashley’s friend Michelle told her that Travis slept with her; his boss’ wife – he was blackballed from Wall Street so could be using Vikki to reenter the corporate world, she suspects.

Vikki knows her Mom’s using reverse psychology on her but is glad she confided. Nikki’s surprised that things have happened so quickly with Travis. No, Vikki can’t bug the office but how about the four of us having dinner together – tonight?

Abby’s not sure if her marriage is worth saving. Victor could say that love conquers all but that’s not real. One forgets what attracted them in the first place. Learn to accept each other, weaknesses and all. On cue, Nikki calls to arrange dinner at Top of The Tower) Given a lot to think about, Abby thanks Victor and leaves.

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