Thursday, October 6th

Be safe South Carolina, Florida and anyone in the path of Hurricane Matthew. My thoughts are with you.

At Brash n Sassy, Cane wants foul-mood Billy to be on his best behavior for their interview with the new GC Buzz (they only want good publicity for the new campaign) Billy turns on the charm when Hilary and Devon arrive, sure their behind the scenes look at BnS will be a hit. But, she wants to wait for Vikki – no offense boys but we need a Newman on camera.

Still at Top of the Tower, Vikki and Travis both have drinks in hand as she hisses that he’s been lying to her (now knowing that he slept with his boss’ wife)

Vikki is furious that Travis lied to her – claiming he left the cut-throat business world on some high moral ground. Travis didn’t like the person he was. Vikki doesn’t know the kind of person he IS. Travis made a mistake and learned his lesson. Plus, Tori the receptionist lied. No, he’s not trying to get back in the game by sleeping with the boss’ daughter. I love you, Travis says – as Jill appears to watch with interest.

Victor manages to convince Nikki that he didn’t hire Travis so Vikki would come back to NE – then saying he’ll be ‘cordial’, makes a beeline for the bar when Phyllis arrives. Tough day at the office? he taunts as Nikki purses her lips and frowns at him.

About to leave a note on Jack’s desk, Summer looks at his laptop. Something I can help you with? Jack walks in to ask. Yes, why are you researching Newman Enterprises?

Jill interrupts Vikki blasting Travis to send her off for the BnS interview she’s late for – then tells Travis that the first big blow up was bound to happen eventually.

Hilary won’t be persuaded to start the interview until Vikki NEWMAN arrives. But no, she doesn’t plan to ambush them in this interview. That’s not what GC Buzz is about anymore, Devon chimes in. Billy then manages to offend Hilary and Devon (by saying Hilary won’t hesitate to embarrass him with gossip but she’ll spare Jack)

Jack claims to be working on the paperwork for the faux NE/Jabot merger a year ago – it’s complicated. Summer then needles him about working her Mom so hard. Her office is a closet. Your Mom wanted to work here, Jack reminds. Don’t punish her for too long, Summer implores.

Victor just wanted to tell Phyllis how sorry he and Nikki are for what she’s going through. After a resigned Nikki clip clops off, Victor talks about keeping personal and business separate. How’d that work for Adam? Phyllis doesn’t want ANY advice from Victor. She blames him for the hell her family’s living. Victor’s tired of being blamed for the feud (and brings up the Paragon virus) – how dirty are your husband’s hands?

It wasn’t a blow-up, Travis sulks. OK, it was a painfully frank conversation, Jill just knows that Vikki’s one ticked-off woman. No, it’s none of Jill’s business. As she walks off, Travis follows to stun her with his confession.

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