Friday, October 7th

Vikki’s all in a huff because Travis and Billy got arrested for a bar fight. Discreetly signaling her cameraman, Hilary thinks that awful – do you think the fight started because of you?

Through the bar cells, Paul asks the bickering Billy and Travis how the fight started. It was his fault, the say in unison.

Neil joins Lily and the twins at the club. She doesn’t mind Cane working longer hours but misses him at the club. Brash n Sassy needs Cane now more than ever.

As the camera rolls, Vikki assumes (and Cane agrees) that Billy instigated a fight with Travis. They got themselves into jail, they can get themselves out, she tells Hilary.

Billy and Travis tell Paul how the fight went down; they were protecting themselves from a cheddar-head. The boys then bicker about who’s a better fighter and who drank more. While Vikki’s been called to bail out Travis, Billy’s annoyed when his Mom arrives to ‘fix things’ for him.

Vikki’s not going to the station – they’ll sleep it off and maybe be later for work tomorrow. Surprised, Hilary couldn’t help but feel responsible (if she were Vikki) When Devon also implies that Vikki should go, she agrees to go clean up their childish mess. After Cane goes to take a call, Devon wonders where Hilary’s going. To turn this story into a goldmine, she grins.

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Over Billy’s protests, Jill goes into Paul’s office to ask what it’ll take to make all this disappear.

Back in their cell, Travis nags Billy about not being able to walk away from the drunk. He’s not happy that Vikki will have to bail him out. Billy wonders why Vikki was in such a bad mood earlier. What the hell did you do to her?

Taken into the office, Hilary’s eager to publish this story. No, she didn’t try to manipulate Vikki – this isn’t trashy gossip. Devon understands the temptation to run with this – but – remember our original goal? We don’t want to profit off other’s misery. Plus, there’s kids involved. Hilary will watch her tone. Devon’s firm – shut the story down or he shuts GC Buzz down.

Taking Neil’s dinner tab, Lily’s not worried about Hilary interviewing Cane (Devon’s got her under control) Neil sends her off to see her husband – he’ll watch the twins.

Hilary will kill the gossipy parts of the story, not because Devon told her to – but because it’s the right thing to do. There’s not much of a story left though. Prodded by Devon, Hilary now wants to give Cane more airtime (since she may have shortchanged him earlier) Doing a good job, Cane claims that he, Vikki and Billy can put any issues aside to make BnS a success. Jill Atkinson made magic by putting the three of us together.

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