Tuesday, October 11th

After a school field trip, Nick’s brought Faith to CL’s. Sure, they can hang out a bit longer – he’ll call to let Mommy know. She probably won’t answer her phone, Faith tells her Dad about the crank calls that have her Mom ‘spooked’.

At the station, Paul needs Dylan to go out of town to testify in an armed robbery case. No, Dylan can’t leave Sharon right now.

Mariah warns Sharon that she can’t just ‘not think’ about the threat Patty poses. Take away her leverage – tell everyone the truth about Sully, she advises.

At GC Buzz TV, Hilary’s BnS interview is set to air in an hour. The former host, George, calls the Hamiltons over – I don’t mean to tell you how to run your show … But you’re going to right? Hilary scowls.

Cane has no time for Lily’s fruit plate – he’s busy cleaning up the mess Billy made yesterday (the interview and bar fight)

At Brash n Sassy, Jill’s set to launch the new campaign. Talk to Vikki and Cane about that – I quit, Billy announces.

George informs that Billy’s bar fight went viral. Why was it posted by the National Inquisitor when the guy who shot it offered it to us first? What’s that I smell?? Ratings!? he quips. Hilary and Devon are taking the show in a different direction. George is quitting for another job – hosting a game show. Hilary’s left to second guess not running the video clip; which Devon maintains is the right decision.

Dylan updates Paul where he and Kevin found the cell phone – but feels Sharon’s stalker is still out there. Odd, Paul was at the park with Sharon the other day – she didn’t mention it. Again at the mention of going to Oakland, Dylan’s more worried about protecting his wife than following protocol.

As Patty paints in her cell, Mariah warns Sharon that her secret WILL be exposed. Tell everyone before Patty does. Sharon won’t let the truth come out. Bury your head in the sand or take control, Mariah insists – Mom, you’re stuck.

Sharon plans to string Patty along until she figures something out. Perhaps she can get Paul to transfer Patty. That won’t keep her quiet, Mariah worries. It will if Sharon can get her transferred far, far away – where no one will believe her story.

Paul expects Dylan to do his job. He’ll have ranch security beefed up and check on Sharon himself. Nothing is more important to Dylan than his family.

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