Thursday, October 13th

At BnS, Cane ends a call with Vikki – tonight will be as big as it gets. He then reassures Billy that his ad buys aren’t a gamble – sales will go through the roof. We don’t have a roof – literally, Jill frets that the roll-out scheduled to take place on the club’s rooftop tonight might get rained out. Vikki’s working on it, Billy reassures.

A glum Lily updates Neil, Devon and Hilary that Cane’s big night might be rained out – and the conference and ballroom are booked. She’s not cheered up by Devon’s pep talk (which praises Hilary’s job at GC Buzz) Neil then joins Jack – how you doing? Putting a flashdrive in his briefcase, Jack grins – never better.

In his office, Victor warns Abby, Summer and Travis to be on the look out for security breaches – keep your ears to the ground. Vikki then arrives to ask for a favour – for herself and Billy.

Having brought a salad back to her office, Phyllis tries to log on to Jabot’s secure system. And as Ashley smirks in Jack’s office – a pop up with the word ‘Busted’ appears on Phyllis screen.

It’s not what it looks like Jack! Phyllis bursts into the office – and is surprised when Ashley spins the chair around to confront her. Of course Jack needs to know – but Phyllis must be the one to tell him.

Jack doesn’t want to talk to Neil about the foundation he’s no longer involved in – repairing the damage his soon to be ex-wife and brother did is a full-time job. Neil guesses that Jack doesn’t see Phyllis as the enemy though. Hilary comes over to persuade Jack to agree to an interview. After he leaves, Neil warns her not to mess with his friend. Hilary wouldn’t – even for ratings. Lily joins them with bad news – Cane’s event will have to be rescheduled.

When Billy supports Cane going over budget, Jill’s pulled onboard (but still worries about tonight’s roll out being rained out)

No, Vikki doesn’t need Travis to leave her Father’s office – we have no secrets. In the hallway, Abby thinks Victor had a specific threat/target in mind. Summer lies by saying she has no idea. Back in the office, Vikki’s pleased when neither Victor or Travis have a problem with Brash n Sassy’s roll out taking place at Top of the Tower. Getting the good news, the Brash n Sassy team are relieved (if not annoyed that Victor’s bailing them out) Seeing Vikki onto the elevator, Travis assures her there won’t be a problem with Billy tonight – then is summoned back into Victor’s office.

Precious briefcase in hand, Jack returns to his office – what’s going on? Ashley leaves Phyllis to explain. There’s an issue with your computer – someone accessed info without your permission. One of Victor’s minions, Jack fumes. No – it was Phyllis.

Thanked for his discretion, Travis wonders why they don’t tell Abby and Summer that Jack’s the suspected threat. He’s Summer’s uncle – Victor doesn’t want her to know. Travis guesses that Victor hopes Phyllis will spill something to her. Yes, it makes him uncomfortable that he’s using his granddaughter (but meekly agrees to follow orders) Off to the party, Travis is warned that if there’s an altercation tonight, Vikki may side with her ex this time.

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