Monday, April 10th

Nikki’s surprised when Paul drops by – what’s wrong? Paul’s looking for Victor – there’s reason to believe Chloe killed Adam – she knocked Chelsea out and took off. The search is on.

At the airport, Nick tells Victor that Chloe killed Adam – you just helped her escape. Victor immediately gets on his phone.

Arriving at CL’s, Zoey and her pal are impressed that Reed was hangin’ with a college guy. He’s into music, Reed explains then offers to buy the girls coffee.

Vikki meets Billy at the club for dinner. It’s been too long, they agree. Billy’s reassured that he’s ranked above Cane due to shared history.

Outside his office, Jack’s impressed to see Ravi looking sharp – and surprised to hear that he’s been asked to accompany Ashley to the Prada conference in New York.

In Jack’s office, Ashley’s impressed with the presentation Phyllis has put together but doesn’t feel she ‘owes’ Phyllis for opening her eyes to Ravi.

Ashley claims that Phyllis is reading too much into this – she needs Ravi on this business trip in a professional capacity. You’re ging to the opera, Phyllis points out. We’re friends, that’s all, Ashley insists. Whatever you say, Phyllis scoffs.

Outside the office, Jack praises Ravi’s fine work (which has translated to outstanding sales figures) and wants him included in future meetings with the finance department. Jack would be an idiot not to value Ravi – good luck in New York. I won’t let you down, Ravi vows.

Nikki points out that Paul’s lost a son – you know how Victor grieves every day. If Victor gets his hands on Chloe …. Nikki can’t promise she can control him. Hoping Victor will let the police handle it, Paul must get back to work ~hug~ Nikki’s left to leave a ‘please come home’ message for Victor.

Victor informs Nick that the pilot will call him when they land. No, he has no idea where Chloe’s flying to. You didn’t want her connected to you, Nick accuses. Victor throws things around and in tears warns Nick to back off. I’ll deal with Chloe. Why did she confess now? When Nick shares the evidence he confronted Chloe with, Victor sits to absorb the news – Chloe tranquilized my son. Why didn’t you come to me? Nick couldn’t rule out that Victor was Chloe’s accomplice – he wanted all the facts before tearing the family apart. Can you deny that YOU put this chain of events into motion by helping Chloe frame Adam? No, Victor won’t deny it.

Reed sits with Zoey and Kendall at CL’s. Zoey bets he’s getting a car for his birthday – have you picked one out yet? No, but his Mom said he can use hers. Zoey pouts but Kendall thinks it better than nothing. Both agree to attend the party his Mom’s throwing for him at Underground.

Vikki asks the waiter for the dessert menu – she doesn’t want this celebratory night to end. Both are thrilled to have taken the hockey deal away from Jack – but Vikki doesn’t like being reminded that she fights like a Newman (which Billy means as a compliment this time) Challenged to think of something positive to say about Victor, Billy states that he had the good sense to marry Nikki and produce the beautiful, loving Vikki. Now, THAT’S a compliment, she smiles.

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