Wednesday, April 12th

Lauren? Are you home? Phyllis rings the doorbell. Scotty opens it in a towel to update that Lauren and Mike are in Chicago for the night. Phyllis puts down her paperwork and asks if the police have any leads on Chloe’s whereabouts. No, and Scott suspects she had help getting away.

At home, Vikki updates Nick that she didn’t tell Billy anything. And he didn’t tell Chelsea that Dad brought Chloe to town. How are we supposed to play happy family? Nick can’t even be in the same room with Victor.

Victor comes home to find Nikki just as hostile as she was at the office. Her ‘declaration’ is not ‘ridiculous’. Vikki and Nick agree –
you’re no longer part of this family. The world will see a loving family – but that will never be the case. You finished? No, Nikki’s just getting started.

As Reed fiddles with his guitar on the CL’s patio, Tessa arrives to step aside and fix it. Kendall appears – knowing Reed got his license, she wants to go for a ride.

Devon’s escorted Mariah to GC Buzz in time to see Hilary guiding Jordan’s placement of a framed poster (GC Buzz – starring Hilary Curtis) Unimpressed, Mariah marches over – what the hell? You changed the name of the show!? Hilary’s ‘rebranding’ – SHE’S the star of the show. Your name’s right here (at the bottom – ‘featuring Mariah Copeland’). Mariah’s Pissed.

Hilary and Mariah continue to argue over who gets credit for Chelsea’s story. Hilary had to drag it out of Mariah – plus, I own the show.

Now dressed, Scott tells Phyllis that he’s researching Chloe’s story and writing Victor’s autobiography. Phyllis has nothing good to say about Victor. Taking a swig from a Scotch bottle, she declines speaking ‘on the record’.

Nick felt like an ass for lying to Chelsea (getting her to back off on the search for Chloe) He doesn’t like lying to everyone. Over beers, Nick sighs to Vikki – we’re just as two-faced as Dad.

Nikki lays out the rules. Victor will stay in the guest room and keep to his wing or go wherever he wants, Nikki doesn’t care where. The staff have signed non-disclose agreements. Nikki is NOT ‘overreacting’; you brought a psychopath into our lives! Victor’s upset about this whole thing – he needs Nikki’s help. No way – for once in her life, Nikki’s putting her family first. Don’t come to Reed’s party. Victor’s about to reply when Faith arrives – is everything OK?

Kendall found out that Reed got his license on Myplace. Sounding a bit stalker-ish, she talks about her Uncle signing him to a contract. After taking a selfie, Kendall’s about to ignore Zoey’s when Reed asks to speak to her. Kendall pouts in the background as Reed chats with Zoey. When Tessa comes in to fetch him for their music lesson, Reed clarifies that Kendall’s just a friend. After they leave, Kendall tells Zoey to walk into the party like she owns the place (to piss Reed’s Mom off)

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