Tuesday, June 6th

Kevin, this is real, not a dream – listen, trust me and do everything I say – Chloe will explain. It’s OK, she tells an obviously stunned Kevin, who’s now scrambled to his feet.

On the CL’s patio, Billy guesses that Juliet’s claiming that Cane sexually harassed her (which is nuts) Juliet’s telling the truth and if Billy’s smart he’ll be on her side (since Cane’s been trying to get him fired)

Vikki spells out Juliet’s lawsuit. It’s patently false and Cane resents the accusation. Vikki’s not the one accusing him, Juliet is. Now look me in the eye and swear you didn’t sexually harass that woman.

Everyone back at the Baldwin’s condo, Mike hops up to fetch a bottle of Scotch when Gloria wants to know where Kevin is. How long can a ‘private goodbye’ last? The woman’s DEAD!

Kevin stammers questions – how!? You took pills – we had a funeral! They’re coming to get me, Chloe gives Kevin an address – meet me here – don’t tell anyone. She needs him to be a badass. Go to this address – I’ll meet you there. Watching staff roll out the now closed coffin, Kevin’s alone as he looks at the address.

Billy thinks Cane a tool but he loves his wife. What did he supposedly do to you? Juliet tells him to read the complaint, she won’t speak further without her lawyer present.

Cane was Juliet’s champion – I always defended her. No, nothing happened that could be misconstrued. OK, Vikki wants to know every detail on what happened in Tokyo.

Mike blocks Gloria’s exit – let Kevin get his thoughts together. Looking for support, Gloria gets none from the other Mothers in the room (Lauren and Sharon) She’ll be patient and hit the bottle instead. Aside, Sharon asks Paul if he’s heard from Dylan. She has, through her attorney – our divorce is final. Paul’s sorry – it’s been rough on you. It’s time to move on. Not happy to see Scott gazing at Sharon, Lauren questions him while Mike’s busy welcoming Mariah. Kevin then returns looking ‘white as a sheet’.

Alarmed, Hilary wonders why Juliet’s wheeling her suitcase out of the club. No worries, her lawyer just advised her to lay low. Turns out Hilary was the one to recommend Leslie – she’s a shark. Hilary smirks smugly to herself as Juliet leaves saying she’ll be in touch.

Cane tells Vikki about Juliet taking him out sightseeing – drinking (but not as much as she claims) When Reed comes in to talk to his Mom, Cane bolts so fast he knocks the kid’s guitar case over and snaps at him as he passes.

Failing to get the boy’s name out of Maddie, Lily does learn that he’s a musician.

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