Friday. June 9th

Scott’s in Victor’s office to request a change from these menial jobs (like compiling a list of media outlets Victor didn’t even look at. Seemingly in agreement, Victor makes a call to cancel the acquisition of the media outlet Scott recommended (and which he was to run) Hold on, Scott’s now interested.

Dr Harris continues to fuss over Chloe (and reiterate why she had to fake her death) I’ll never see my family – I’m stuck here, Chloe looks out the window into the darkness. In the bushes, Kevin pulls out his gun.

Over coffee at CL’s, Sharon worries to Mariah that Tessa will break Noah’s heart.

Yes, after what she just heard, Nikki does indeed think Tessa might be spying on her for Victor.

Assuring Graham that he’s not the ‘bad guy’, Dina sends him off to fetch his luggage – then is surprised when Ashley comes knocking.

Returning, Graham’s also surprised to see that Ashley’s dropped by but will leave them to speak in private. Ashley wishes Dina would stay – for Jack’s sake if not hers. Telling Ashley not to worry about Graham, Dina’s touched by her concern. Enough to stay? Ashley asks.

Younger John hangs up the phone and tells a teenage Jack that his Mom won’t be coming back. No, she won’t forget about you. I need your help son, I can’t do this alone. Jack hugs his Dad and is snapped out of his flashback when Abby drops by to say she’s not leaving until she gets what she wants.

Dr Harris thinks Chloe’s doing great while she detoxes from the strong meds he gave her. Perhaps soon we can try something that doesn’t make you ‘loopy’. Chloe plans to prove that she doesn’t need meds at all. As they chat, Kevin sneaks into the house.

Not wanting Nikki to be mad at her, Tessa will never speak to Victor again. Did he do something to piss you off? Nikki puts everything into her music; her emotions bubble up to the surface. But NO, she won’t back out – this is something I need to do. Tessa watches as a determined Nikki gets back to practicing.

I was going to put you in charge of this media company that’s been losing money, Victor now has Scott eager – when can I start???? Victor wants to get a few things straight – you won’t be traveling – you’ll be in charge of turning this company around but I’m the boss. Scott accepts those terms but has one of his own. He wants to run a credible news source (even if he’s reporting on the Newmans) Shaking hands, Victor knows Scott ‘won’t let him down’.

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