Monday, June 12th

In Dr Harris’ house, Kevin’s sure he has an accomplice (the John Doe listed on his phone) How else would he be able to fake Chloe’s suicide, autopsy and send him and Billy letters from the Islands? Do YOU know who his partner is? Kevin addresses Chloe (who looks away, guilty)

In Victor’s office, Abby’s surprised to hear that her Grandmother’s staying in town. That’s wonderful – but wait, is my Mom OK with it?

At Jabot, Ashley updates that Dina’s sticking around. Abby will be thrilled, Jack’s sure – but also worries how Ashley feels.

Lily’s at home putting dinner on as she rants to her Dad about Juliet’s accusations against Cane. No need to apologize, but Neil does wonder if Lily’s telling him everything.

Mike’s meeting with Vikki and Cane at BnS. It’s a classic case of he said/she said. The Judge will throw it out if he’s not given solid evidence. There is none! Cane’s adamant.

Billy piles the last of his boxes into Phyllis’ condo. Now for a bottle of bubbly and kissing.

Leslie joins Hilary at the club to thank her for referring Juliet. The timing of her firing might make her look like a disgruntled employee with an ax to grind. If you have any info on the case or Juliet’s credibility, now’s the time to tell me.

Badgered on whether she believes Cane, Lily confides that she did hear him and Juliet arguing – supposedly about work. Lily knows they celebrated in Tokyo but Cane called the next day and didn’t seem to be hiding anything. Are you trying to convince me or yourself? Neil asks.

Back at BnS, Vikki worries there might be enough truth for Juliet to spin. She was hired because of Cane (who then didn’t seem to want her there) You think I offered her a job in exchange for sex! Cane’s indignant. Mike reminds that Juliet was fired for just cause – no way related to her allegations. If the Judge agrees they have no evidence, this all disappears. Vikki hopes so – the last thing she needs is another expensive scandal.

Phyllis and Billy are sweaty and out of breath as the chat on the couch. This is a new start for both of us. You’ll never be alone, they exchange I love you’s. With a quick kiss, Billy buttons his shirt and runs out for the meeting with Mike that he’s missing.

I have no idea who he’s talking to, Chloe claims that Dr Harris is a hermit – the only people who’ve ever come over is Nick and Chelsea. Kevin says there’s only one way to find out – let’s call John Doe back. Dr Harris grabs his phone back – I’m the only one who can help Chloe. You sure about that? Kevin gives Chloe Bella’s teddy bear and tells Dr Harris that HE knows what Chloe needs – I won’t let her be locked up again. And I’m not leaving here without her.

What are you going to do? Kevin challenges Dr Harris – call the cops? Go ahead. When Chloe asks to handle it Kevin worries she’ll be drugged up again. Reassured by both that Chloe’s safe, Kevin will ‘be right outside’. You can’t leave here with him, Dr H warns of prison or worse, Victor. Chloe needs Kevin and Bella to be healthy and whole. We’ll figure something out. Don’t tell Victor, just let us go.

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