Thursday, June 15th

At GC Buzz, Mariah updates Hilary that she’s done some digging on her assignment. A suit has been filed against Brash n Sassy but no names or allegations are available at the courthouse. Luckily, Mariah has a source, Devon. She also knows the parties involved, Cane and Juliet and that Hilary referred Leslie. You weren’t planning on me digging up that little nugget, were you? Mariah gloats.

Lily’s not surprised when Neil drops by to say that Hilary’s involved in the suit against Cane – but she knows something Hilary doesn’t – Juliet’s dropping the lawsuit. It’s over.

In the conference room, Vikki and Billy wonder how Cane knows the suit’s being dropped. You went to see her last night?! Both are horrified.

Sharon awakens to find her bed empty – Scott? Coming down in a t-shirt, she’s delighted to hear that he’s put coffee on and making breakfast ~kiss~

Ashley’s in Jack’s office for more talk about dear old Mom. Seems she’ll be staying on. Yes, at the club – she won’t leave Graham there to stay at the house. She wants to keep *him* happy.

Seated at the club, Dina reassures a dubious Devon that her staying in town won’t mean she’ll meddle in the company he now owns – but he should hire Graham – she’d hate to see his skills go to waste.

Sharon and Scott are back in her bed – never mind the eggs – we’ll make more.

Cane saw Juliet alone? Neil agrees that Vikki and Mike won’t be happy (nor should they) Yes, Lily knows it was risky but Cane got through to her. It will all be over, she reiterates.

Back at BnS, Vikki is indeed NOT happy that Cane ignored her advice – or that he didn’t tell her how Juliet saved the deal in Tokyo. How can I trust you!? Cane’s sorry – it was wrong but he can only apologize and promise it won’t happen again. Billy worries that Juliet just told Cane what he wanted to hear – and why are we hearing this from YOU, not Mike or Leslie?

After breakfast at the club, Lauren is bothered that Scott’s with Sharon (Mike seems cool with it) Juliet marches over – tell your client I don’t want any more surprise visits. Not Vikki – Cane came to see me last night. This won’t look good in court, she leaves Mike scowling.

Jack and Ashley are on the same page with regards to Graham. Confronting him didn’t work but Ashley vows to come up with another approach to find out what he wants with ‘our Mother’.

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