Monday, September 11th

Phyllis is having breakfast at the GCAC bar. She’s not interested in the bacon and eggs but enjoys her screwdriver and invites Hilary to join her. Nope – Vikki didn’t summon Billy to the office for an important meeting – she played an even better card today.

Billy arrives at Vikki’s. Neither can believe that Johnny’s starting school today. Billy’s glad they’re both taking him. Vikki wouldn’t have it any other way.

As Mattie’s admiring photos of her and Reed on her phone, Cane appears at CL’s to ask what’s going on.

At Jabot, Ashley updates Jack that Graham went back to Paris to deal with his apartment. Why now? Both find the timing interesting. He’s had access to Dina’s work and now poof; he’s gone. Jack thinks it a good time to get answers while he’s not there to interfere.

Ashley grumbles that Dina crossed the line sharing info with Graham; she’s disrespected our Father’s legacy. Maybe he pushed her – maybe he wanted us to find out, Jack suggests. He’s threatened by us, Jack doesn’t understand Dina’s loyalty to Graham – we must talk to her today. Ashley already confronted Dina. Now she’ll try a different approach. What? Jack asks. Something Ashley should have done a long time ago.

Cane joins Mattie at CL’s. He’s thrilled to hear that Erin’s picking her up and taking her to school – and that Mattie won’t be distracted from her goals. I’m your biggest fan, he says (knowing it’ll take a while for things to get back to normal. Reed texts – can you talk? Erin’s on her way, Mattie lies to her Dad. On his way out, Cane reminds they’re to have dinner together soon.

At Vikki’s, Billy and Vikki discuss Johnny’s future as a basketball or hockey player and the milestones that aren’t in the scrapbook; Chelsea giving up parental rights. Billy thought they’d be raising him together. He has two parents who love him – we’re still a family, Vikki says. Johnny appears to say he doesn’t want to go to school.

Over screwdrivers, Phyllis whines about Vikki taking advantage of Johnny starting school – she even talked Billy into going back to school shopping. Phyllis then reports how Vikki invited her to join them – acting contrite by apologizing for their tiff (for Billy’s sake) and making her feel like an outsider. She’s good, Hilary has to admit. Phyllis is the outsider but wants to fix it. You’re thinking about getting pregnant? Hilary asks.

A baby? No. Phyllis isn’t that woman anymore – she has other ways to fight for her man. Her plan is to get to know the kids better. Since they aren’t allowed at her apartment and she’s not welcome at Vikki’s, Phyllis plans to take them to some loud ‘kiddy place’. Nothing Vikki can do about that, a smiling Hilary clinks glasses with her new pal.

Reed joins Billy and Vikki in reassuring a nervous Billy. It’ll be OK, I promise, Billy and Vikki say in unison. Alas, Johnny still doesn’t want to go to school.

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