Tuesday, September 12th

As opera music plays, Vikki and Billy watch three women marveling as they remove their facial masks to admire their glowing skin. Honest opinions on the ‘Sassy Mask’ are overwhelmingly excellent. Despite being in Jabot’s building, Vikki assures that the new product has nothing to do with Jabot.

Phyllis is in Jack’s office to update him on BnS’s spike in sales at Fenmore’s. Jack concludes that BnS’s figures are being manipulated at Jabot’s expense – and this has your boyfriend written all over it.

At Sharon’s, Tessa’s quietly freaking out about Alice driving to the airport last night. Maybe Alice does have a job that includes traveling, Mariah gives her pal a supportive hug.

Zack’s on the phone with Alice. Yes, she put Crystal on a plane – she’s gone as you ordered. Good – Zack has more news. DesignDate’s kicking into high gear – the trick is to lure customers we want and discourage those who know what we’re about. Uh oh, Abby arrives on the CL’s patio and has clearly overheard.

As Cane’s at the park leaving a message for Mattie, she’s making out with Reed on the sofa. Cane rejoins Hilary unable to believe that his daughter may have cut school. Back on his Mom’s sofa, Reed asks Mattie if she’s really OK with this. Mattie’s response is to pull him back for more kissing.

As Reed fumbles with her skirt, Mattie jumps up. It’s time to go slow – and discuss Hilary keeping their secret and Mattie’s Dad being old fashioned (and the other obstacles in their way) Enough talking – Mattie wants to kiss some more.

What kid hasn’t skipped class? Hilary shrugs it off – then wonders if Cane thinks Mattie’s with Reed. As he goes off to call the school again, Hilary’s thumbs get busy on her phone. Mattie’s surprised to see her name come up on her phone. What’s wrong? Reed asks.

Who do you want to lure and who do you want to discourage? Abby grills Zack. She’s easily distracted and soon gushing about DesignDate making a million dollars. She wants to run more upscale ads; companies our users know and trust. OK, Zack will work on it. Abby already did – we have two pitch meetings today – the first one is at Jabot – now.

Devon calls Mariah to apologize. He wants to talk things out – right now. It’s not a good time, Mariah tries to use Tessa as an excuse. Noah’s here, Tessa sends Mariah off to see Devon. Squirming as Noah comes in to kiss Tessa, Mariah pauses on the front step to look sad.

Ending their kiss, Noah and Tessa discuss Mariah and Devon (Tessa confiding that they have some issues but will figure it out)

At the club, Devon asks for a do-over. Evading his kiss, Mariah takes a seat to hear more apologies (which don’t make it all better) You ditched me to hang out with Hilary – but it goes deeper than that. Mariah feels humiliated – Hilary’s so sure Devon will never feel for Mariah the way he did her. Maybe she has a point since one of us can’t use the ‘L’ word.

The three ladies leave with compliments and gift bags. The ‘groups’ in Chicago, Houston, Atlanta etc. agreed, Billy and Vikki are enthused – it’s a good product. Vikki’s still troubled about the damage Cane and Hilary did to BnS. When do we launch? Now, Billy’s also eager to catch Jabot off-guard. It’s better off Vikki doesn’t know about the little plan he pulled off. And Billy’s sure Phyllis will never find out he accessed her computer.

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