Wednesday, September 13th

At Underground, Nikki watches as Nick insists that he didn’t let Faith win at chess. Boasting that she learned her moves from her Grandpa, Faith leaves Nick to now tell his Mom that no, he really didn’t let Faith win. Victor has too much influence on her, Nick needs a favour of his Mom.

Noah’s been summoned to the ranch. Having heard that he’s having a hard time getting a liquor license for the new bar in Ann Arbour, Victor offers to remove that obstacle.

Mattie joins Reed on the CL’s patio to report that she made it to school for second period – everything’s fine. No, it’s not – your Dad showed up after you left – we’re busted, Reed updates.

Cane’s taken his concerns to Lily (at the house) Reed is a problem – Mattie was with him and lied about it.

Vikki has Mike at her place to discuss her legal options where Cane’s concerned – he needs to be stopped.

Mike’s updated that Vikki came home to find Cane verbally abusing her son; Reed’s dating his daughter. Mike doesn’t see any legal recourse for Cane not approving the relationship. Listing all Cane’s done to try harm her business, Vikki whines that he has a vendetta. Can’t she file a restraining order? Mike wouldn’t recommend it – do Mattie and Reed really have to be in the middle of this dispute? They already are, Vikki sighs.

Cane fills Lily in on Mattie’s lies. He found her headband at Reed’s house. Please tell me you didn’t engage with my employer’s son, Lily’s scolded then scolded for not caring as much as he does.

On the CL’s patio, Mattie declares her Dad’s in no position to judge Reed (who’s sure his Mom will have something to say too) Knowing they’ll both be grounded, a melodramatic Mattie fears they’ll never see each other again ~hug~

Nikki asks Nick how things are going at the penthouse – has Faith adjusted. Nick’s working on it and humble when Nikki praises his parenting skills. Nick credits Chelsea – I don’t deserve her.

Victor makes it clear that he’s willing to help Noah (not Nick – though he doesn’t give a damn if he knows about it)

The bickering continues. Of course Lily cares about their daughter but Cane should have called her before barging into Vikki’s. You were in a photo shoot. Oh, you have a problem with my job now? Lily won’t blame all of this on Reed – our family’s in turmoil. Remember when my Dad tried to keep us apart? You may have just pushed Mattie into Reed’s arms, Lily warns.

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