Thursday, September 14th

Nikki surprises Sharon with a visit to ask if she can pick her daughter up from her riding lesson. Yes, Nikki’s sure Nick will be fine with it (it’s his day with Faith) Yes, something is wrong – and yes, it involves Victor. He won’t get away with it this time, she storms out.

At Underground, Nick takes exception to Victor implying that he’d let his pride interfere with him helping his son. If you want to see that guy look in the mirror. Victor just wanted to help Noah (who appreciates it) You still have a lot to learn, Victor tells Nick.

At BnS, Vikki updates Billy on what transpired with Cane and Reed. Billy danced around a mine field of his own – Phyllis ‘casually’ mentioned that Jack suspects BnS has planted a spy upstairs. Does she suspect you used her computer to access the server? Vikki asks.

In his office, Ravi and Phyllis wonder if there’s a mole in Jabot – or did someone accidentally tip Vikki and Billy off that Jack was trying to have BnS removed from Fenmore’s shelves? Questioning their sudden spike in sales, ONLY at Fenmore’s, Phyllis needs Ravi’s help to find out why.

Impressed that Ashley managed to get a copy of Graham’s personnel file from Mergeron, Jack goes through it – surprised at how many times his application was rejected before being hired. Hearing that Dina met Graham at a social event, Jack thinks he stalked/targetted her. But why her?

Jack finds Graham’s behavior disturbing but knows Dina will defend him while he waits to inherit her millions. It seems that Graham’s Father left the family when young – he and his Mother were homeless for a bit. Both his parents now dead, Graham zoned in on Dina (who then arrives to again be warned not to share confidential business) Ashley chimes in her agreement as Jack asks if Dina can live with his terms.

Back at Underground, Victor advises Noah and Nick to grandfather in this type of agreement with future liquor licenses. Opening clubs is different than coffee houses. Nick’s plenty experienced thanks very much. Cultivate some connections, Victor thinks Nick naive if he doesn’t know that palms have to be greased. Call on me again if you need more help, Victor basically says – leaving Nick to curl his lip.

Billy assures Vikki that Phyllis doesn’t know he accessed her computer and Jack’s thinking spy. No, it won’t backfire – trust me.

Ravi thinks corporate espionage a bit far fetched. Not with a Newman involved, Phyllis denies she inadvertently let something slip to Billy. There’s a leak and Phyllis needs Ravi’s help to stop it. Did someone access the info electronically? Maybe Jabot’s server’s not as secure as we think. Now concerned, Ravi leaps into action (on his laptop)

Pleased that they’ll be able to serve more than water in Ann Arbour, Nick chuckles. Noah knows it must be hard for his Dad to tolerate Victor’s criticism. Meh, Nick’s had practice and would rather focus on the positive (and club number 3) Nikki arrives for a private word with Nick (who tells her about Victor pulling strings) He’s making every effort not to let his negativity affect Noah and Faith. Nikki’s sorry to say that Victor’s not playing by the same rules – he went to see Faith at camp the night before she came home.

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