Friday, November 3rd

Outside GCM, Billy switches his wheelchair for crutches and watches with envy as a happy couple leaves together. No one here to pick you up? Jack appears to ask.

Vikki bumps into Abby at NE. She too can’t believe Nick’s been ‘burned’ again (the first time being you moving into the tackhouse) Vikki’s here to visit Dad. Abby’s surprised and curious as to the reason why she’s meeting with Victor.

Hilary confronts Jordan at the club. Furious at the way he treated her, she warns that he won’t see her coming for him (and marches off)

Where to? Jack asks. My apartment, Billy replies. Oh, you mean Phyllis’ place? Jack points out that he’s picking him up, not Phyllis. Maybe she’s forgotten I’m a hero, Billy quips.

Opening the door to his destroyed club, Nick flashes back to all the great times he had there and frowns at a broken framed photo of a dollar bill.

At CL’s, Sharon and Scott try to convince Paul that Zack drugged and framed him. He’s working with Victor and Abby; he doesn’t fit the profile; Paul needs more proof than a prostitute advertising on a dating site. Watching from the patio, Zack leaves.

Abby and Vikki bicker. How does Vikki have time for visits with her company going under? When Victor arrives to take Vikki into his office and send Abby off to take a conference call, Abby’s annoyed and Vikki’s smug.

Phyllis isn’t happy to find Billy and Jack at her door. She’s glad Billy’s OK but he’s still a bastard. That’s what you love about me, Billy claims.

Scott and Sharon now tell Paul that per Tessa, Zack ran massage parlours in Chicago. Paul will look into it but they’re to back off and leave it to the experts. Scott and Sharon are left frustrated but he’s touched by her support. Sharon will keep Scott around because Faith adores him. When Noah and Tessa arrive, Sharon takes Tessa aside to update on their chat with Paul. Tessa wishes she could see Crystal. Sharon thinks she could be the key to solving this case.

At GC Buzz, Hilary’s going over a rack of Chelsea’s dresses. Updating that Lily friend-zoned Jordan and he tried to come running back to her, Hilary plans to expose the ‘users’ shady past. Chelsea should start talking if she wants to ‘control the narrative’. As a journalist, it’s Hilary duty to report the facts, warts and all. Is that a threat? Chelsea doesn’t look threatened.

In Victor’s office, Vikki appreciates her Dad not telling Abby that he’s buying BnS just yet. She’ll meet with her PR team to decide how to proceed – this can’t look like a bailout. Victor’s only sorry she fired Billy before he did. Vikki then wonders why Victor’s talking to her like she works FOR him. He wonders why she’s talking like they’re equals.

We belong together – Billy could see that in her eyes when he walked out of Underground last night. That was soot, Phyllis hasn’t forgotten that Billy betrayed her. Nothing will change her mind. Get out! Tagging along as Billy’s all but shoved out the door, Jack asks ‘where to now, sport?’

Hilary’s sure Chelsea would be more supportive if she heard the way Jordan spoke to her – sisters have to stick together. Sisters don’t blackmail one another, Chelsea won’t pick sides. Her and Jordan’s past must stay in the past. Chelsea won’t let anyone screw up what she’s built. Leaving, Chelsea doesn’t realize she’s tipped Hilary off that there’s a story to be uncovered.

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