Tuesday, November 7th

Lily and Mike are in the courtroom, as is Cane’s lawyer – but where is her client? (After last night, Lily knows being in limbo is no good for anyone)

Spotting Paul, Cane whines that he’s still being held (Billy was bailed out) He must get out or call his attorney. Paul can’t give him special treatment. Cane’s then left to complain to a nearby officer; there’s no one he can count on. Juliet appears; there’s one person, and soon there will be two. In the background, Paul barks into his phone – apparently someone’s mistake has put their lead in the sex trafficking case and a young girl in danger!

Someone’s entered the dark and dingy CL’s patio – but who is it???? Dun dun dun dunnnnnn…

At the club, Tessa’s giving Noah a pep talk. He hasn’t talked to his Dad since the fire. On cue, Nick appears to hug his son. Helluva thing huh? he joins the pair. When do we start rebuilding? Noah’s eager. Honestly, never, Nick replies.

Jordan shows up at Paul’s office to ask why Lily’s ex is behind bars – but he’s really there to report a burglary. Granted a minute, Jordan describes his room being ransacked. Yes, the club has cameras but they weren’t working – he suspects an inside job.

As Sharon digs in her purse for keys to CL’s, Mariah gets a call from Hilary, demanding that she get to the station for a live show. Sharon’s left puzzled to find the patio door already unlocked. Cautiously, she enters to look around, grabbing a coffee pot to use as a weapon when hearing a sound behind the counter.

Neil and Devon are at the courthouse to support Lily. She worries Cane’s not coming (in an attempt to stall the divorce)

Putting his belt and watch on, Cane thanks Juliet for coming. Grabbing the garment bag she brought containing a fresh suit, Cane rushes off to court (leaving Juliet looking disappointed)

The lights and coffee now on at CL’s, Crystal asks Sharon not call Paul – she can’t go back there. She swears she saw Alice and a car parked outside a couple of times. It might have been the boss or Leon. Crystal knows she’s a threat they want to get rid of. Sharon understands why she’s scared but why not tell the police? Crystal doesn’t trust anyone except Sharon and Tessa.

As Noah tries to talk his Dad into rebuilding Underground, Tessa gets a text from Sharon (re: Crystal) and leaves. Nick’s mind is made up – he’s done with ‘that place’. You can’t do this to me! Noah’s angry.

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