Wednesday, November 8th

As Lily looks over at Cane sleeping in GCM’s waiting room, Juliet lays motionless in a hospital bed as her monitors start to beep.

Jordan marches into the station as Hilary’s looking at his fake ID’s that she’s posted on the GC Buzz website. What the hell did you do to me? he growls. What could delusional little me and my vanity show possibly do to you? she sing-songs smugly.

Jack stops by Vikki’s table at the club to assume that BnS is on the rebound now that Billy’s gone and she complied with the FDA. He’s surprised that Vikki misses the sarcasm and jumps up to hug him – and ask for a favour that will benefit both their companies. Jack’s jaw is on the floor.

Nikki’s in Victor’s office to discuss Vikki and debate whether her firing Billy was a good idea. Victor claims to be distracted by a text from Chelsea; Christian and Connor in their Halloween costumes. Never mind that – our kids have had one helluva week – a frustrated Nikki passes Abby as she huffs out. Abby wonders why she was summoned to urgently. Victor hands over ‘spectacular’ numbers on Design Date and will plan a celebration party at Top of the Tower. Abby’s thrilled.

Now seated with Vikki, Jack agrees to let her out of the lease but wonders why she’s not more upset about walking away from her lab, office and losing her company. Who says I’m losing my company? Gotta go! Vikki makes a run for the door but is intercepted by Scott – is it true that Victor’s saving BnS? Eyeing Jack, Vikki takes Scott into a corner to wonder how word got out. It came from inside NE, Scott confides – and is told to keep the info to himself. Vikki then hurries out.

Hilary just reports the facts. In your tabloid-gossipy style, Jordan warns she doesn’t want to make an enemy of him. Unconcerned by his threats, Hilary checks for reaction to her story. She has zero regrets after his threats to post her nude photos online. Jordan wouldn’t have ruined her life but just might report her for felony break-in. Hilary doubts that after all the juicy stuff she found.

Abby can’t wait to tell Zack (whose involvement is downplayed by Victor) When Vikki arrives needing to speak to Dad, Abby boasts about the party he’s throwing for Design Date. And look at these numbers, she shoves paperwork in Vikki’s face. Good for you, Vikki couldn’t care less. Sent off to invite people to her party, Abby makes one more jab about Vikki’s company failing and leaves her to relay that Scott heard a rumour that NE is buying BnS. Victor makes a call to the PR department.

Lily wakes Cane up – they rushed Juliet into surgery; it looks serious. Their divorce officially on hold, Cane wonders what they’ll do.

Victor’s summoned the entire PR team into his office. Furious that one of them leaked him buying BnS, he fires them all. After they scurry out, Vikki worries that now they have no one to help them through this crisis. Victor pulls out a contract and signs it. You want to be NE’s COO – you’re NE’s COO. So, COO, what do we do now??

Still in the waiting room, Lily reads breakfast choices available in the cafeteria. You know how you get if you don’t have breakfast. If it gives Cane one less thing to worry about she’ll agree to postponing the divorce. After Neil arrives, Lily consoles Cane as he now feels bad about once wishing the baby didn’t exist.

As Juliet’s prepped for an emergency c-section, Neil’s called away to work. Cane’s been given Juliet’s things – and told to reach her family. Her Mom’s dead but her Dad’s still around (he makes a call)

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