Friday, November 10th

Top of the Tower is in chaos as Scott pounds on the elevator door. Abby!!!

What the hell just happened? That girl said Design Date is a front for prostitution? Abby’s nearly hyperventilating as the elevator takes them down. You’re going to blame this on Scott!? She wants to go back upstairs and straighten this out. Zack asks Abby to trust him – come with me, he takes her hand.

Zack got away – I just blew up his entire life – what will he do to me?? Crystal frets and wants to run. Tessa’s sure the cops will get him before he even leaves the building.

That lunatic stabbed me. HER Mother did this! Nikki points at Ashley (as Victor holds her bleeding arm) Sharon and Noah saw Dina leave. Victor wants to call the police. Don’t you dare, Ashley snaps.

As guests start to leave, Sharon and Scott wonder what to do next – Zack took Abby; he’s even more dangerous now. Tessa doesn’t know where her sister is. They don’t believe her – and this is no time for Crystal to be on her own. Scott will go search while Sharon’s to continue to question Tessa.

Noah thanks everyone for coming – the event is over – please exit in an orderly fashion. Ashley asks Nikki for more details – could it have been an accident? No – your Mother attacked me with a knife. Victor sees no point in arguing – find Dina until the authorities come. Ashley then blasts Vikki for calling the police. They need to speak to your Mother AND your daughter, Vikki replies.

Who was that girl and why did she say those things? Abby asks. Now driving, Zack explains that she’s Tessa’s sister – they lived in the same sketchy Chicago neighborhood he escaped.

Ashley continues to grill Vikki – why do the police need to talk to Abby? Neil comes along to report that she and Zack left. The allegations will be looked into, Neil says but won’t comment further. Also doing damage control, Vikki wants more details before they jump to conclusions.

Still in the car, Zack tells Abby that he opened a restaurant to help others out of a dead-end life. He hired Crystal and Tessa but they stole from him. When he ran into Tessa he thought she’d changed. She and Crystal are lying – maybe they’re jealous of me. Surely Abby can understand after the way her sister humiliated her. Abby doesn’t believe him.

Yes, Nikki’s absolutely sure that Dina meant to harm her. Vikki’s called Paul to personally handle this. Still holding Nikki’s arm, Victor will take her to GCM (and WILL be pressing charges) After the Newmans leave, Ashley tells Paul that she can’t believe her elderly, fragile Mother did this. She’s more worried about Abby.

As they continue to drive through the night, Abby doesn’t understand why Zack’s running instead of facing his accusers. Zack fought hard to become the man he is with Abby. His first business wasn’t a restaurant – it was a massage parlour. He tried to help girls out of dangerous situations – they were protected. It’s legal and regulated in some countries – he just provides a service. Nobody’s being forced into a sex ring. You’ve been lying and using me, Abby believed in Zack. I don’t even know you! You pimped out women – she’s read articles about girls being drugged and held prisoner. Zack won’t apologize for doing what he had to do. Abby is everything he ever dreamed of. He’d throw it all away for her.

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