Monday, November 13th

Arriving at the office, Vikki’s puzzled when she passes NE’s head of security. He’s searching for Abby, Victor says. She left with Zack willingly, Vikki points out – then raves about the event being a success – there’s no mention of Dina stabbing Mom or the prostitute … Victor’s preoccupied and barely listening.

Mike’s concerned when Sharon drops a glass at CL’s – and tends to her bloody finger when she tries to clean it up. Have you heard from Scott? she asks. No, we haven’t, Lauren appears to coldly say.

Nick’s at GCM while his Mom waits for her checkup. Who knew Dina was so dangerous? Nikki hopes they put her away for a long time,

At Jabot, Jack and Ashley have so many questions – where’s Abby? Where’s Mother? On cue, Dina walks in.

Victor apologizes for ‘earlier’ and appreciates Vikki taking care of things. But, no, he won’t go home and get some rest. Zack will regret the day he messed with this family. Victor has no idea what’s going on with Abby. Vikki changes the subject – Mom’s doing well and she’s glad to see that Victor still cares about her.

On the patio, Lauren assures Mike that she won’t go after Sharon. We have something in common; we both want Scott home safe. Lauren can’t help but comment that Mike’s already consoled Sharon.

Seated with Jack and Ashley, Dina explains that she ran to the parking garage and hid in the back seat of a car and stayed hidden when people got in and drove away. When the car stopped and the people got out she snuck away. A lovely police officer found her. Jack and Ashley explain that she’d have been arrested if she wasn’t outside that officer’s jurisdiction. Dina’s sure her wonderful children will help her get away – to Paris.

Ashley and Jack quietly discuss Dina’s predicament – we have to tell Paul. Perhaps he’ll go easy on her due to her age and state of her health. We have no choice, they agree.

On the patio, Lauren and Mike butt heads over how to deal with Sharon. She tried to pass off Sage’s baby as her own, Lauren doesn’t understand why Mike’s defending her. Scott’s a grown man, Mike points out – he knows how to take care of himself. Lauren’s frustrated – he can’t stay out of danger (or even call or text his Mother) Mike suggests Scott might just be preoccupied with his investigation. With a kiss and assurances that she’ll be fine, Lauren sends Mike off.

Paul arrives at CL’s to tell Sharon that her numerous texts and calls are taking up time better spent looking for Scott. The department is doing everything they can to find Scott, Abby and Zack. Give us space. Paul will do whatever he can to bring Scott back to Sharon. After Paul leaves, Lauren comes in to say that none of this would have happened if Sharon hadn’t seduced her son.

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